Muharram 2020 will note the mulailah of NewIslamic tahun 1442 Hijri. The expected Gregorian date of 1st Muharram 2020 is Thursday, august 20, 2020 or Friday August21, 2020 depending upon your location and sighting of moon of Muharram 1442.

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Islamic Calendar 2020

Significanceof Muharram

Muharram is not just the 1st monthof islamic Calendar i beg your pardon marks the New islamic Year but tambahan one of thefour sanctified months of the year. Together Allah claims in Quran:

“Indeed, the number of monthswith Allah is twelve month in the register of Allah the work Hecreated the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred.”

(Surah At-Taubah 9:36)

The 4 months mentioned in the Ayah room Dhul-Qadah,Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram and also Rajab. Thisis obvious from the indigenous of divine Prophet (S.A.W.) top top the occasion of his last Hajj Sermon:

“The year is of twelvemonths, the end of which four months are sacred: Three are in sequence Dhul-Qadah,Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram, and also (the 4th is) Rajab.”

(Sahih Bukhari: 3197)

These native of our Prophet (S.A.W.) confirms thesanctity the the month that Muharram.

The specific mention the these 4 months doesnot median that other islam months have actually no sanctity; in fact, each islamic monthhas its very own sacredness and also we all recognize that ramadan is admittedly the mostsanctified month in the year. Yet Allah Almighty has chosen a particulartime because that His spesial blessings and also these 4 months space among itu particulartime in i beg your pardon a Muslim can obtain maximum that Allah’s blessings.

The word ‘Muharram’ in its literal sense meansforbidden. Similar to the other sacred months, waging battle or indulging in anykind the violence during this month is forbidden.(Ref: surah At-Taubah 9:5)

History of Hijri Calendar


Before the Hijri calendar came right into use,Muslims tangan kedua ‘Am Al-Fil’ (the year in i m sorry the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) wasborn), to demarcate date and also time. But second Caliph Umar ibn Khattab (R.A.)established new calendar and, after many suggestions indigenous Companions (R.A.), heannounced that the tahun in i m sorry the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) migrated wouldmark the start of the Hijri calendar. The calendar would begin with themonth that Muharram and also end with the month that Dhul Hijjah. Consequently, 622 advertisement became the first year in the Hijri Calendar.

Fasting throughout Muharram


Muharram holds great significance lengthy beforethe Prophet Mohammad’s (S.A.W.) time. Previously on, it to be obligatory to quick on the 10th the Muharram. Yet later, fasting was made obligatory inRamadan only and fasting ~ above 10th Muharram was made optional. Together narrated byAyesha (R.A.)that Prophet (S.A.W.) said:

“Whoever desire to rapid (onthe day of ‘Ashura’) may do so; and whoever wishes to leaving it have the right to do so.”

(Sahih Bukhari: 1592)

But mental one thing that fasts throughout themonth the Muharram space the most rewardable ones among the optional (Nafil) fastsin the irradiate of following Hadith:

‘The Messenger the Allah (S.A.W.) said: “The best fasting after the month ofRamadan is the month that Allah, Al-Muharram.”’

(An-Nasai: 1613)

The hadith melakukan not median that the compensation ofMuharram’s fasts can be achieved only by fasting the whole month. ~ above thecontrary, every fast during this month has its very own merits. Therefore, one shouldavail this opportunity and fast as lot as one can during this blessed month.

10 Muharram (Ashura)


Ashura is the 10th work of Muharramand is the most sacred day amongst all that days. As soon as the Prophet (S.A.W.) cameto Madinah, that fasted ~ above the job of Ashura and directed theMuslims to keep rapid on this day. But when thefasts the Ramadan menjadi made obligatory, the fasting on this particular day was madeoptional. However, follow to countless authentic Hadiths, fasting top top the day ofAshura is a confirmed Sunnah the the divine Prophet (S.A.W.).

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The Companions (R.A.) observed the Jews alsoconsider 10th Muharram as spesial day and also they keep fast on this day. SoProphet (S.A.W.) announced that from next year, lock will fast on the 9th ofMuharram also so together to distinguish themselves native the Jews. Unfortunately,Prophet (S.A.W.) did no live to view the lanjut year. Therefore, Muslims considerthe 9th and also 10th of Muharram as significant days in the islam calendar andobserve fast on these days.

Superstition& Misconceptions around Muharram

Although many Muslims space aware about the innovations in Islam, there room some superstitions and also misconceptions about the monthof Muharram and also the job of Ashura that have regulated to find dari mereka way into theminds of part Muslims. Some very common misconceptions and also superstitions are:

About the month of Muharram

1- Unfortunately, numerous Muslims tho believeMuharram is an evil or ominous month because of the event of Karbala. We knowthat it to be an regrettably event however remember one point that according to SahihMuslim: 1163 (a) and Tirmidhi: 438, this is Allah’s month. How Allah’s ownmonth have the right to be evil and unlucky for His servants. On the contrary, that is one ofthe merits that Husain (R.A.) the his martyrdom aku mengambilnya place top top the work of Ahsura.

2- Similarly, because of the samefact, many Muslims don’t acquire married (Nikkah) during this month which is,again, completely wrong and misguiding.

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About the day of Ashura

1- Prophet Adam (A.S.)was created by Allah on this day.

2- Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)was born ~ above 10th the Muharram.

3- Prophet Adam’s (A.S.)repentance was welcomed by Allah ~ above this day.

4- Day that Judgement willtake place on Friday, 10th of Muharram.

5- Whoever takes mandi on 10th ofMuharram will tidak pernah get ill.

6- One that puts kohl in his eyeson this day will not experience from any type of eye disease.

7- Some people say that it is Sunnahto prepare a particular type of meal on this particular day and kemudian distributeit.

Nothing has actually been report in any Saheeh Hadith indigenous Prophet (S.A.W.) or native his Companions (R.A.) around any the the above-mentioned incidents. Even, nobody of the 4 Imamsencouraged or recommended kemudian things. Not also a solitary reliable islam Scholarshave report anything like this. So every these are hanya myths and nothing to dowith Islam or Shariah. So every these things need to be avoided throughout Muharram andshould not be complied with by any Muslim.

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Muharram is critical and divine month because that everyMuslim and with all of its complexity, it will always be a month that deepreflection for Muslims throughout the world.

Similar come the reguler New Year, one shouldmake resolutions at the mulailah of the islam New tahun to enhance oneself together abetter Muslim. Friend can set small goals for yourself to menjadi a better personand additionally a far better Muslim. These sasaran can it is in both spiritual and also social. Youcan combine your relationship with Allah through reguler Dhikr and Duasand helping others fellow Muslims. And also Allah rewards every an excellent deed.

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May Allah shower head His blessings on every Muslims Ummahthroughout the tahun and tambahan Allah help us in increase our Imaan.