Anders Ericsson, whose research helped create the so-called "10,000-hour rule," talks to the Podcast native his office, via Zoom.

Anda sedang menonton: 10,000 hours to years

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You’ve most likely heard of the 10,000 hour rule, which was popularized through Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book “Outliers.” together Gladwell tells it, the ascendancy goes choose this: it untuk mengambil 10,000 hrs of intensive practice to attain mastery of kompleks skills and materials, like permainan the violin or obtaining as great as bill Gates at computer programming.

Gladwell describes one central untuk mempelajari in particular, around which he writes: “their research suggests that when a musician has enough capability to get into a peak music school, the thing that differentiate one show from lainnya is how tough he or she works. It is it.”

But that’s not it, follow to the researchers. It’s a bit more complicated when girlfriend dig into it.

For this week’s podcast, talked v the co-author that the riset Gladwell is talking about: Anders Ericsson, a professor that psychology at Florida State University.

And it turns out his study shows that there’s another important variable that Gladwell doesn’t focus on: how great a student’s teacher is.

Practice is important, and it’s surprising how much it bawa pulang to understand something complicated. Yet Ericsson’s research suggests that someone could practice for hundreds of hours and also still no be a master performer. They bisa be outplayed by who who exercised less however had a teacher who showed them just what to focus on at a key moment in dari mereka practice regimine.

So maafkan saya lessons deserve to educators untuk mengambil away indigenous this scholar’s research study on teaching and learning? And apa advice melakukan Ericsson have actually for professors shifting to virtual teaching throughout COVID-19?

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In a 1993 paper, Ericsson and also two partner described milik mereka research right into the function of “deliberate practice” in the kesuksesan of violin students. Together Gladwell noted, they uncovered that it took a amazing amount the time on such practice—some 10 years’ precious or 10,000 hrs to obtain mastery. But maafkan saya Gladwell left the end is the function of the “deliberate” practice, definition work under the indict of a teacher.


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What worked finest for that, says Ericsson, is for students to receive personal instruction v a teacher that is may be to evaluate them individually and also determine “what would certainly be the lanjut step for to in reality develop and also improve.” Otherwise, students can stall out, regardless of hours the practice.

One takeaway from the research study is that course time at colleges would often better be invested on having professors occupational with student in a more interactive way than a lecture. He suggested techniques prefer the “flipped classroom,” wherein students room assigned to watch videos that lectures in development so that more class time deserve to be spent on hand-operated work.

Does the think that great teaching could help teachers obtain students come expert negara in much less time than 10,000 hours?

It counts on what colleges desire students to learn, that says, noting the for many subject areas, there isn’t typical agreement on maafkan saya it is students need to know in stimulate to earn a terutama or diploma. That makes it daunting to design intervensi to rate up that mastery.

Does the scholar store in touch v Malcolm Gladwell? Actually, he says he still has tidak pernah talked to him, and also only uncovered out the book mengutip his job-related when it hit the shelves.

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