Company owned By Conglomerate Aburizal Bakrie Is focusing On emerging Electric Vehicles, all set To expropriate Orders indigenous Transjakarta
Anindya Bakrie. (Photo: Instagram

JAKARTA - PT Bakrie & brothers Tbk (BNBR), which has actually relied greatly on industrialization as its resource of growth, has begun to emphasis on developing the sustainable energy sector as part of the company"s initiatives to enter a sustainable and also environmentally friendly masa depan business.

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The company"s appointment is also in line with the targets set out in the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs).

"In stimulate to accelerate growth, the agency implements a "buy, build, partner" strategy that provides business development options with strategic partnerships with 3rd parties, in addition to independent evolusi options and also inorganic business development options," said presiden Director of PT Bakrie & brothers Tbk, Anindya Novyan Bakrie, in a virtual tekan ke bawah conference in Jakarta, quoted indigenous Antara, Saturday, June 25.

He said, one proof of the focus on a sustainable masa depan business is follow the perkembangan of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, especially electric buses, and new renewable energy/EBT projects, as well as exploring numerous technology-based businesses that are lugged out, among others, bersama with venture capital companies. And private equity, Quantum undertaking Fund.

The company sejak 2018 has actually collaborated v a Chinese automotive company, BYD Auto, to build the electrical bus industri in Indonesia. The company has together agreed on four stages of perkembangan and production of electrical buses in the future.

The an initial stage, import and show products. The 2nd stage, pasar penetration. The 3rd stage is conducting early commercialization and manufacturing. And also the fourth stage, full commercialization.

The Bakrie Autoparts-BYD electrical bus is the first electric bus in Indonesia that has passed all the requirements for the homologation procedure and fulfilled all legal and technical requirements to be experiment commercially through Transjakarta. This bus is also the an initial electric bus that has actually been commercially experiment on the Transjakarta route.

"Other regions are supposed to follow bugar soon," stated CEO the PT Bakrie Autoparts Dino Ryandi, that was juga present in ~ the tekan ke bawah conference.

As the very first order, Bakrie Autoparts will supply 30 units of electrical buses, 20 of i beg your pardon are prepared to be used by Transjakarta in June 2021.

"The specifications and capacity that the buses used are the exact same as the buses during the trials, through low decks, and are planned for use on existing Transjakarta routes," Dino described again.

In the future, the agency is ready to provide lainnya 70 systems to meet the DKI jakarta Provincial Government"s membidik of 100 electrical buses in 2021. The devices to be developed will it is in in the form of totally Knocked down (CKD) which will be assembled through a regional assembly agency (bodywork).

Currently, Bakrie Autoparts has lengkap work top top an electrical bus unit in ~ the body company and also is all set to accept orders indigenous Transjakarta.

"We have juga collaborated with regional charger manufacturers and also providers, this is done in order come promote an increase in the Domestic isi Level (TKDN). This charging terminal manufacturer is juga ready for ukuran production and has complied with applicable electrical power regulations," claimed Dino.

By the finish of this year, the company plans to command a groundbreaking for the electric auto facility on an area the 5 hectares in Bakauheni, Lampung. The building of this assembly line facility is to plan to terakhir for 6 months with an investment worth of about 50 juta US dollars.

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The amount of working resources prepared because that the perkembangan of this electric bus task is roughly 30 juta US dollars.

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