JAKARTA - Hande Ercel was liked as the paling beautiful mrs in the dunia 2020 by optimal Beauty World. Who is the mrs from Turkey?

Ercel was born ~ above November 24, 1993 in Bandırma, Balıkesir, Turkey. Personal from gift an artist, the is tambahan active as a model.

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A pan of the Fenerbahce soccer club, he menyelesaikan his pendidikan at From mimar Sinan well Arts University. His father wanted him to menjadi a doctor, yet he was tidak pernah interested in academics.

The 100 most Beautiful ladies Of 2020The Winner"s HANDE ERCEL native TurkeyWith 9168 allude - CongratulationsLink: https://t.co/RFW6DFx4DJ#TBWORLD2020 # HandeErçel pic.twitter.com/oSF79Gd29z

- optimal BEAUTY world (
Dtopbeautyworld) December 20, 2020

The career of this 175 centimeter tall female model started once she won the Miss human being of turki pageant in 2012. A tahun later, she began to akan a television star.

Ercel starred in the series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (2016-2017) together Hayat Uzun, the opposite Burak Deniz. The event made him and Deniz renowned in southern Asia.

She juga played the duty of Hazal in Siyah İnci on Star TV and also had the duty of Müjde in Halka ~ above TRT 1. Her paling recent appearance was the role of Azize Günay in Azize"s broadcast on saluran D, paired with Buğra Gülsoy.

In 2020, Erçel played the main character in Sen Çal Kapımı through Kerem Bürsin. The collection debut tercapai high ratings in turki and received positive reviews in Latin America. Sen Cal Kapımı is tambahan sold in more than 70 nations which has made Ercel"s popularity soar.

Launching Bingepost, Tuesday, December 22, Ercel is at this time the brand ambassador of top companies sebagai as L"Oreal Paris turkey and DeFacto. His network worth is us $ 5 million (Rp71 billion).

In terms of love life, Ercel had actually a relationship with Turkish actor Ekin Mert Daymaz in 2015. After two years of dating, lock separated.

Previously, he tambahan dated Burak Serdar Sanal, a famous Turkish actor. Milik mereka relationship didn"t last long either.

In February 2020, this beautiful mrs got involved to singer Murat Dalkilic. However, they made decision to different after three years the dating.

native the info shared top top the YouTube channel TB World, there is a pretty traditional scoring system that they set to choose the most beautiful ladies every year.

The details, based upon 50 percent the the face ratio, have actually a value of 5,000 points. Then, 30 percent that the votes v a value of 3,000 points and also 20 percent of the an international beauty conventional this tahun with a worth of 2000 points.

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There space three Los Angeles plastic surgery clinics the have an important role in determining the 100 deals with that are taken into consideration the most beautiful in the world. Ercel himself got a bruto of 9,168 clues to optimal the perform of the most beautiful females in the dunia in 2020.

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