Say Something is a song by AmericanpopduoA good Big Worldfrom their debut album,Is there Anybody the end There?(2013). Tertulis by the duo members—Ian Axeland Chad King—alongside Mike Campbell, the track was originally recorded by Axel for his solo albumThis Is the brand-new Year(2011). The was later on released as a single by the duo top top September 3, 2013, byEpic Records. Following its consumption on American reality TV showSo girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance, the track acquired attention from singerChristina Aguilera, who wanted to collaborate with A great Big world on the song.

Say other by Christina Aguilera

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Say other by Christina Aguilera

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Say miscellaneous by Christina Aguilera

Say Something text by Christina Aguilera

Say something, I’m offering up on youI’ll it is in the one, if you want me toAnywhere, ns would’ve adhered to youSay something, I’m providing up on youAnd i am feeling so smallIt was over my headI understand nothing at allAnd I will certainly stumble and also fallI’m still learning to loveJust starting to crawl

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Say something, I’m giving up ~ above youI’m sorry that ns couldn’t acquire to youAnywhere, ns would’ve adhered to youSay something, I’m giving up top top youAnd I will swallow mine prideYou’re the one that ns loveAnd I’m speak goodbye

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Say something, I’m offering up top top youAnd I’m i m really sorry that i couldn’t obtain to youAnd anywhere, I would have followed youOoh, ooh to speak something, I’m giving up ~ above youSay something, I’m giving up top top youSay something

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