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"A Sky jenuh of Stars" is a song by the brothers rock pita Coldplay. It to be released in 2014 together the third solitary from dari mereka sixth album, Ghost story (2014). The tape co-wrote and co-produced the track with Avicii and received production tolong from Paul Epworth, Daniel Green and also Rik Simpson. The was videotaped at The Bakery and also The Beehive in utara London, England. Upon its release, "A Sky full of Stars" garnered greatly positive reviews from music critics and also charted within the height 10 in end 16 countries seperti as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, new Zealand, the unified Kingdom and United States. A music video clip for the tune was directed by Mat Whitecross and also was exit on 19 June 2014. The single peaked at numberi one in Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Portugal, Lebanon, and also the Walloon region of Belgium. It juga topped the Billboard warm Dance Club songs chart. It was nominated for finest Pop Duo/Group performance at the 57th Grammy Awards. Much more »

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"Cause you"re a sky, "cause you"re a sky penuh of starsI"m gonna give you my heart"Cause you"re a sky, "cause you"re a sky jenuh of stars"Cause you irradiate up the pathI don"t care, go on and also tear me apartI don"t treatment if friend do, ooh"Cause in a sky, "cause in a sky penuh of starsI think I experienced you"Cause you"re a sky, "cause you"re a sky sepenuhnya of starsI wanna dice in her arms"Cause you obtain lighter the an ext it gets darkI"m gonna give you mine heartI don"t care, walk on and tear me apartI don"t treatment if friend do, ooh"Cause in a sky, "cause in a sky sepenuhnya of starsI think I watch youI think I view you"Cause you"re a sky, you"re a sky jenuh of starsSuch a heavenly viewYou"re kemudian a heavenly view

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Coldplay Coldplay room a British alternative Rock band formed in 1996 by command vocalist chris Martin and also lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at college College London. After they developed Pectoralz, male Berryman joined the team as a bassist and also they changed anda name to Starfish.Will Champion joined together a drummer, backing vocalist, and also multi-instrumentalist, perfect the line-up. Manager Phil harvey is often thought about an unofficial 5th member. The tape renamed themselves "Coldplay" in 1998, before recording and releasing 3 EPs; safety in 1998, brother & Sisters as a single in 1999 and also The Blue Room in the exact same year. The latter was milik mereka first release on a kepala label, after ~ signing to Parlophone. More »

Written by: Tim Bergling, man Berryman, chris Martin, Jonathan Buckland, william Champion