Angry and also frustrated. This is exactly how I felt throughout the city hall of episode 12 that The dunia of The Married.

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Let’s first start with Ji sun Woo. I know she is the lead and also we are claimed to root for her. I know she is trying her best to it is in a good mum but there are waktu when I hanya don’t agree through her actions.

A Presumptuous Ji sunlight Woo who Cannot reduced Ties Off through Lee Tae five

First and foremost, why need to she go and shot to deal with the issue for Lee Tae oh at the step of the Go mountain murder? offered that Lee Tae five is seperti a jerk and totally who to avoid, based on recent escapades like just how he will certainly hire setiap orang to scare her, she should hanya steer clear of him. And also not butt in for matters not concerning her.


I don’t like just how Ji sunlight Woo has actually the tendency to be presumptuous and take matters into her very own hands. Also resorting come lying because that Lee Tae oh to prove his alibi. I get it that she is do the efforts to stop her child from being labelled as a murderer’s son hanya in case Lee Tae five is involved in the murder but I quiet think she should hanya cut herself turn off from him uneven absolutely necessary. She does not have to complicate worries by lying for him. ( in fakta while ns was watching i was even wondering if there might be the opportunity of the tables turned and Lee Tae five accusing she of murder rather after she aided him. That is how much i distrust him and also his father-in-law.)

JI sun Woo’s negative Communication with son Joon Young

Next, allow me rant on about Ji sunlight Woo’s inept communication skills with her son. I really feel frustrated whenever ns see how she treats her son. She doesn’t quite recognize him and also overly compensates by being very nice to him also when the is gift an annoying brat.

When the sometimes ultimately acts up and also spills a little bit on why the is upset eg.due to the rumours the her involved with the deceased guy, she turn off him off and doesn’t bother explaining an ext to victory his trust. Kemudian once again, she untuk mengambil matters into her own milik and went straight to threaten his son’s classmate’s mum because that spreading sebagai rumour.

I do acquire it the she is really cool and also ballsy and proactively puts setiap orang in anda place because that rumour mongering. But she demands to discover to be an ext sensitive come Joon Young due to the fact that this will kerusakan her son and also may even cause more trouble for him in school. Together such, seeing the way Ji sun Woo reacts to her son’s matters deserve to be extremely frustrating and I don’t wonder why her boy likes to provide her perspective from time to time.

Joon Young – A Disloyal boy that Annoys Me

Another exceptionally annoying orang – sunlight Woo’s son!

I around an ungrateful and disloyal son. How have the right to Joon Young even think that listening to the woman who broke up his family and also choose to relocate in v her and also his father? How exceptionally hurtful would it be to his negative mum!


Ji sun Woo may have her faults..but she is clear the party who gained cheated on,so there is no way he need to be siding through the mistress and also even gift polite and also nice come her.

Da Kyung – A Conniving Mistress

Da Kyung is hanya as irritating by having actually the bile to satisfy up with Joon Young individually and goading the to leaving Ji sun Woo and to guide his mum to leaving town. How really manipulative and also selfish, by branding it together doing it for Joon Young’s good.

Hence it was nice to see her gift yelled at by Tae Oh.

Interestingly, lastly Tae Oh does not annoy me in Ep 12. He appears to have actually realise the good of Ji sunlight Woo in ~ long last after realising the she is the just one to pertained to his rescue as soon as he was detained in the police station for the murder investigation, with the contrast being especially prominent as soon as his calls for tolong to his now brand-new wife and father-in-law went unanswered.

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After all the ups and also downs that this episode, it finished with sunlight Woo and Tae oh rekindling milik mereka passion because that each other. Sigh..nothing would have happened if friend guys hanya continued with your marital relationship in the an initial place and Tae five to have actually the sense to wake up indigenous the lame affair right from the start.