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This unique biography the the santo Imam Abdallah al-Haddad bawa pulang readers into the fascinating dunia and spiritual life that 17th-and early 18th-century Yemen. The life of this an excellent spiritual master is examined, native his early on attraction to sufi poetry and visit to the tomb of the prophet Hud – to his increase as a menjatuhkan master and also his Hajj trip to Mecca.

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The biographical truth of al-Haddad’s life room interspersed through his spirituality teachings, including his take on the ripe stages of certainty, the five investitures of taqwa, the step of gnosis, and also supernatural events. Sufi practitioners, historians, and anthropologists will come to a deeper knowledge of this timeless and enduring heritage with this fascinating record of a seminal sufi master’s life and also death.

Foreword by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Two paths to God exist because that the setiap orang of this world, the course of salvation and also the route of sanctification. For itu who seek an ext than the minimum, who desire an ext than the average man, who want and yearn because that intimate pengetahuan of anda source and ultimate destiny, sanctification enables them the possibility. The Prophets room sanctified souls that room specially all set by their Lord, not just as a courage of divine pengetahuan but tambahan as the means of send it come others. Because that the men and women who bawa pulang from them and come after castle heeding dari mereka call, it is through the route of sanctification that the prophetic path is lanjutan in this world for others to walk the course of salvation. Without sanctified souls in the world, the route would eventually be lost, and itu seeking salvation destroyed. For those who the saints call, sanctification is a process that continues throughout one’s life on earth and also is finalized through a purified heart that is isi and ready to go back to God in a sanctified state. This souls are then able to act as turning points for itu on the route of salvation. They accumulate us and direct us to strive on and also keep the goal of God’s visibility in our hearts. Imam al-Haddad was kemudian a soul. He, v his very own teachers, tended to his soul and also journeyed top top the course of sanctification in bespeak to establish the true alchemy of the hearts, transforming the diri sendiri from a basic element, prone to corruption, into pure spiritual gold, totally free of the corrosive elements of this world.

This book, while a biography of one of the greatest saints in islamic history, is more than that. It is a book of alchemy itself, to fill from mulailah to end up with the scientific research of tasawwuf, i beg your pardon is and also has always been the heart of the islamic tradition. It was written by a practitioner that the outward science of psychology and the inward science of the nafs or soul, which, in the route of salvation, functions to confine itself to the laws of the sacred order as articulated through the prophets, and, in Islam’s case, by the terakhir and last messenger, Muhammad (peace it is in upon him), and, in the path of sanctification, functions to move through the well-established states and also stations the the wayfarer till true pengetahuan of God is realized.

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Dr. Badawi was a student of a straight descendant that Shaykh ‘Abdallah al-Haddad, Habib Ahmad Mashshur al-Haddad, who itu of us fortunate sufficient to have known him sendiri consider a realized spiritual master and also sanctified soul, and none deserve to sanctify conserve God. Habib Ahmad Mashshur was an antidote for the insanity that accompanies so much spiritual imbalance in our times. Hanya as his ancestor, the topic of this book, lugged renewal and also light to the Islam of his time, today’s masters keep that same light in a time that might be described as ‘the endarkenment’. This book is a compelling testimony come the spiritual power and influence that the sanctified spirit on the world. That is, perhaps more importantly for us, a step toward reintroducing the desperately necessary path the sanctification. If over there was ever before a time the saints menjadi needed, the is this time.-Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

"At a time once the Muslim world is suffering from false teachings being spread by extremists, the message of al-Haddad provides a precious way of go back to the high ethical and also spiritual criter of timeless Islam. The publishing of this important book should prove a milestone ~ above the way of furthering that blessed effort." T.J. Winter
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