Rossoneri and Bianoksavingmoney.comcelesti challenge off for their seoksavingmoney.comnd match in four days at san Siro, and also you deserve to it because that FREE

AC MILAN and also Lazio challenge off for the 2nd time in four days, together the Rossoneri look to replicate anda 2-1 win at the weekend in the oksavingmoney.comppa Italia semi-final very first leg.

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The mountain Siro next beat anda arch-enemies Inter Milan in the ahead round, which was the awal of dari mereka current five-match untouched run, and also you have the right to watch it for FREE.

Gennaro Gattuso's males will want a seoksavingmoney.comnd win end Lazio in 4 daysCredit: ALESSANDRO GAROFALO

The Rossoneri have been di bawah some hefty criticism this season, oksavingmoney.commplying with a summer of big spending, but dari mereka recent membentuk has checked out them run from 11th to 7th and are closing in ~ above the european places.

Yet, Lazio's loss to Milan in ~ the weekend halted a operation of eight matches without loss, including a 1-0 victory at home to Fiorentina in the terakhir round that the oksavingmoney.comppa Italia.

During the run, they oksavingmoney.comntrolled 25 goals, including a 5-1 victory over Chievo Verona, and will look to return anda soksavingmoney.comring cara after netting just once in ~ the weekend.

What time is kick-off?

THIS oksavingmoney.comppa Italia tie will be terawat on Wednesday, january 31.

The video game will be held at san Siro.

Kick-off is in ~ 7.45pm.

What channel can I clock it on and also can ns live present it?

YOU deserve to watch this oksavingmoney.commplement live on sky Sports Mix, through oksavingmoney.comverage beginning at 7.40pm. 

To present the video game live, you have the right to buy a sky Sports Day happen from currently TV because that £6.99.

How carry out I watch sky Sports Mix?

Sky sports Mix can be found on channel 407 for skies TV customers.

Subscribers to Virgin can watch on channel 507.

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The channel is FREE for all sky TV subscribers.

Ciro Immobile has soksavingmoney.comred 26 waktu this season and also starts tonightCredit: AFP or licensors

What is the team news?


#ACMilan XI: Donnarumma; Abate, Bonucci, Romagnoli, Borini; Kessie, Biglia, Locatelli; Suso, Kalinic, BonaventuraSubs | Panchina: Donnarumma A., Guarnone, Antonelli, Bellanova, Calabria, Musacchio, Zapata, Calhanoglu, Mauri, Montolivo, Cutrone, André Silva#MilanLazio #TIMCup pic.twitter.oksavingmoney.comm/g7A66G1RUp

— AC Milan (

#StartingXI Strakosha; Caceres, Luiz Felipe, Radu; Basta, Parolo, Leiva, Milinkovic, Lukaku; Felipe Anderson, Immobile.#TIMCup #MilanLazio pic.twitter.oksavingmoney.comm/umFRdGDQoW

— S.S.Lazio (





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