When looking in ~ this matchup between AC Milan and also Udinese, one would expect the Rossoneri come be at the peak of the Serie A table.

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That isn"t the case, though. It might only be two games into the new campaign, however Udinese is 2-0 and only a few goals behind Napoli. AC Milan, ~ above the other hand, are toiling at 17th in the table ~ a disappointed draw and loss to open the campaign.

The defending Italian champion did occur to earn a draw versus Barcelona in dari mereka opening group enhance in uefa Champions league play, but they have actually yet to bring that form of intensity come Italy this year.

This is the game the Rossoneri should kick awal their Italian campaign, and also Udinese hanya happens to it is in in the way.

Where: mountain Siro, Milan, Italy 

When: Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 14:45 P.M. EDT (2:45 P.M. EST)


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Betting line (via Bodog): AC Milan -145, Udinese +375, attract +260

Key Injuries

AC Milian: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Mathieu Flamini, Massimo Ambrosini, Gennaro Gattuso and also Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Udinese: Kwadwo Asamoah, Damiano Ferronetti, Giovanni Pasquale and Antonio Floro Flores.

Biggest Storyline: Can AC Milan Pick things Up despite Injuries?

The Rossoneri did enough to earn a draw versus Barcelona, yet they have yet to lug that type of strongness to organization play.

That demands to change immediately, and boss Massimiliano Allegri kenal that injuries cannot reason his formation to come undone.

The Italian outfit still has a numberi of talented players and Udinese is a side they must beat. 

Alexandre Pato and Antonio Cassano will should step up and make things occur for this team to knife a win.

Player come Watch for AC Milan: Clarence Seedorf, Midfield

The belanda veteran is quiet a serious memaksa in the midfield because that the Rossoneri. In ~ 35 years old, he has been a kepala part of Milan"s kesuksesan this decade and he has not slowed down.

With all the injuries up top, the is necessary for Seedorf to maintain control of the game in the midfield.

He"ll have membantu from note van Bommel and Alberto Aqualani, yet he"ll be the key.

Player come Watch for Udinese: Gabriel Torje, Winger

The 21-year old Romanian is most likely to function up front when again and also he"s been tasked with becoming a playmaker fast in his job after the sale of Alexis Sanchez this summer.

This will certainly be only his 3rd appearance for the club dari coming end this summer, but he"s to be capped 11 times by his national team and scored 3 goals.

He is a young, talented playmaker the still has actually his best football in front of him.

What They"re Saying

ESPN quoted veteran centre kembali Alessandro Nesta from the team"s website, saying:

We have plenty of players the end injured and we are playing a match every three days, we perform not have many spare players and also now we"re enduring a bit and we require players to recoup ... We have the right to beat anyone and we have the players to do that. Seven sasaran conceded in 3 games, however, is as well many.

And that couldn"t be lebih jauh from the truth.

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The society is too great and too talented to continue on the method they have been going.