“This article will help you to understand the dangers of the internet. Well not really, I just want to share with you about my school life and apa I’ve got ketika falling into one that the abyss that the internet.” — DankBoiOKI, children jaman now.

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Let’s bagian belakang to my elementary college days.. As soon as I was a 4th or 5th grader mine sister e x p o s e me to the net in a network cafe. She aided me create my email, call me how to search something in the net properly, and so on.

I love you, Wiki!

I uncovered that the net was an extremely helpful. It permits me to read some books and journals online. I use them as a referral for my homework. It tambahan helps me to uncover inspiration because that me to create some manuscript for my stage plays, and I gained much more common pengetahuan from wikipedia, alongside the things that I’ve review in RPUL.

Around 2010, I have actually my very own facebook, and that time it was really great. I posting ulang funny images with mine internet friends. I don’t really recognize who lock really are in real life, but having who to communicate with indigenous the various other side the the earth was fun, and also give me part new insight. It juga helps me come understand english Language better. Not only that, on facebook games favor Pet Society, Restaurant City, Ninja kisah is really fun come play.

I graduate native elementary institution as the best student. The strength of the internet truly bekerja untuk me the best.


New school. Brand-new friends. New popular internet platforms. This time ns ecountered twitter, blogger, 4chan, tumblr, newgrounds, 9gag and many other stuff, but I attached through twitter. Why? The 140 character tret limit tantangan of course! It compelled me to use my creativity to write-up something to it’s penuh potential.


“I hate this town. It’s also filled through memories I’d fairly forget. I go to school everyday, gua out through my girlfriend in the network cafe, badminton trainning in the weekends and also go home.. I beg your pardon I don’t even want to.” — DarkBoyOKI, after watching Clannad episode 1.

Not having a good relationship with my parents, I stopped studying. Really, not examining at all. Hell, why not? They nothing even treatment anyway. To to fill my boredom, ns started bermain online games(even though I play offline games too, I bermain online games much more often) and watch animations intensely. I played DotA, Warcraft, allude Blank, Canaan/Pet forest Online, Counter-Strike Extreme, shed Saga, and also so many other games that girlfriend can find at any type of net cafe. Unlike genuine world, where my efforts are tidak pernah appreciated, my efforts dulu rewarded real-time in games. Dari then, i abandoned twitter, and games ended up being one that my means to escape native reality.


Point Blank, among the famous fps game at that time.

I yes, really immersed in suggest Blank and also Lost Saga. That because anda graphics and user interface menjadi the best compared come their kind. Not just that, the because most of my schoolmates and net cafe mates are permainan this game. Unequal most players, i don’t want to spend my money for in-game currency. C’mon, the free to play, why are you paying for that? With only basic equipments and some clues item, I could easily defeat part high ranked players and paling player with cash items. What a bunch that noobs.

Average grades, not join any type of club at school, always stay the end of any kind of trouble in ~ school, you could say that just few people the know me. However in the internet, mine schoolmates and net coffee shop mates space calling me “Master” due to the fact that of mine gaming skill. Some of them also calls me Dark, Boy, or OKI at school, dari my net surname was DarkBoyOKI.

I’ve graduated v an average nationwide score. I hanya want straightforward life, by acquiring into an average national high institution that situated nearby. However you know the saying, “parents know what is finest for dari mereka child”. Castle registered me come favourite nationwide high schools. Just like my small High, they wanted a college that has actually RSBI class ~ above it. However they don’t want to tanda tangan me to that class. They hanya want to use me as a alat to expand dari mereka influence in the “famillia”.

The first school on my list. Not only melihat national score, it juga use test for class selection. ~ above the check day, many students arrived with anda parents. I understand that since I’ve met few of them in cramp school and also my ahead school. Mine parents dulu busy, well I recognize that ns am not a kid anymore, but bisa they at the very least accompany me? Anyway, I passed. At the very least the college was closer than the others.

New school. New friends. Can’t ns get far better intro for my college life? ns used paling of mine time to tweet funny tweets practically all the time. Having actually a poor connection in ~ home, i have stopped permainan online games intensely since it’s also bothersome because that me to go to the net cafe(unlike my small high, my senior high were pretty far from any type of net cafe). Ns back with offline games like Pokémon, erog — I meant visual novels, and other ingredient that using emulators. Gain a Ditto as a girlfriend to acquire some illegal anime files and also games.

I’ve began to post funny pics again. i stopped lihat facebook as my main media for bagikan funny pics because of my parents added me. Ns am still penampilan that to acquire some funny pics, yet I’m not article anything other than for video game share-bonus like Ninja Saga. I’m back with twitter as my main sosial media. About the beginning of the second semester, I found VPN and piratebay and digunakan it’s collections of torrent since then.


At that time, i’ve realized that the net is a very large place through so many knowledge and wisdom.

The internet is truly a wonderland. I have the right to get any kind of information that ns need. I can also get almost all of my schoolmates address, parents information, phone call number, anda life


Illuminati confirmed.

I’ve joined the Pencak silat club, became the numberi two in a regional competition. I became a student council member in sporting activities division, well ns guess my masyarakat life is cool and good.

“If friend cant was standing the fatigue of study, you’ll feel the touching of stupidity.” — Imam Syafi’ie

As you can read in the paragraph before, i’ve choosen social life. But unlike the diagram, i didn’t ambil my riset seriously and also didn’t get enough sleep. All I carry out is shitposting, enjoying my day-to-day dose that anime and also gaming. Mine choice ambil a toll. I didn’t get enough sleep, i failed paling of mine exams, and also my grades became so poor compared to the other students. The pressure is real. Together a student council member the looked top top by the juniors, i must play the role as a model student. However my shitposting tendency is way too high dari I can’t hanya abandon my web friends.

Stressed and all, mine grades menjadi bad. Fine yea ns don’t really know why have to I study? In order come relieve myself native the stress, ns watch more anime. The animes provided by Ditto is not enough for me. Ns crave for more. Why? That’s due to the fact that it provided me the same experience as what I get when i was an elementary schooler, wherein I selalu read textbook, comics, novel, online news, and some short articles on the internet, where each brand-new informations makes me motivated, each cerita is favor a new dunia that you deserve to immerse into, and that was fun.

Of course ns am melihat illegal anime sites to gain my digital drugs. Blocked by Ipo-chan? Pfft. Usage VPN. VPN is one of the good inventions that humans ever created. If you trying to bypass censorship, prevent anyone from tracking your digital behaviour, protects you yourself from thieves and hackers, I says you to usage ZenMate.

ZenMate is one of plenty of of the VPN that has a simple form the I’ve ecountered so far. Yet if you desire to gain better security or obtain some good stuff the exist in the deepweb, use TOR.

ZenMate is therefore simple, just one click and also you’re all set to go.

If you have actually no guide or experience with the deepweb or any kind of stuff choose that, and also want to stay alive as a normie, hanya stop. If you desire to learn it kemudian go for it. Do it in ~ your own risk.

Depression, stress, no more net café to operation away native home, slow net connection.. Well the internet pretty much ruined my life. Nothing blame others for your very own mistake, boy. It s okay it’s not that, my life’s ruined because of my very own choices. The internet is choose a double edged sword. If she not penampilan it properly.. You could be the one that acquire hurt.

I’ve been penampilan the web less and also less dari then.

Useful definitions Below

Animations:Americanese and Nipponese cartoons.

AnimeDigital drugs. Some hoomans won’t tolerate friend if you call them cartoons, it is in careful.

DankBoiOKIOKI that has actually transcend humanity.

DarkBoyOKIOKI that has the strength of darkness. In his early days, he keeps a newspaper of his life as an certified dealer of chaos.

DittoA weaboo the happens to it is in DarkBoyOKI’s classmate in the first tahun and second tahun of his high institution life.

GamesSimulation the humans produced to protect against them from killing each other. Di sini you can nearly kill and get eliminated without anyone yes, really dies. From lagi perspective, it was created because of truth S U C C.

Ipo-ChanIpo-chan is one Indonesian goverment certified dealer that will certainly block your course to carry out some illegal activities. This is a more detailed information of her.

NoobsBunch the idiots.

ShitpostA article that that quality has actually transcend humans kadarnya of understanding.

ShitpostingThe act of creating shitpost. It has been started sejak humans know how to do symbols. Here’s a famous shitpost to recognize it better:

“Since the dawn of writing, man has shitposted.We have shitposted in the begining.We have actually shitposted now.And we will certainly shitpost in the end.This is kemanusiaan legacy, shitposters and trolls for all time.” — hooman

Visual NovelDigital novel, featuring largely static graphics, paling often penampilan anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video clip footage).

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I’ll broaden this later, approximately my college waktu where I dig deeper v memes. Hanya you wait, hoomans.