Visit Mr. DIY in ~ AEON mall BSD City, in Tangerang, Indonesia. Gain promotions and coupons. Discover reviews, photos, videos and related write-ups at Mr. DIY in ~ AEON shopping mall BSD City in Tangerang, Indonesia.

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Mr. DIY at AEON shopping mall BSD City Information

Since the very first store MR.D.I.Y. Opened in July 2005, MR.D.I.Y. Always committed come bringing beneficial changes in the hidup of our consumers.

MR.D.I.Y is a retail firm that has much more than 400 stores in Asia Pacific. There are thousands the practical and innovative assets from 9 department that carry out a comfortable and also fun family shopping experience.

With an ext than 5,000 employees, MR.D.I.Y. All set to serve an ext than 110 juta consumers annually throughout MR.D.I.Y. Stores. I m sorry is managed directly by the firm MR.D.I.Y.

In addition, MR.D.I.Y. Also works through Tesco, Giant, AEON, and AEON large as mini anchor tenants.






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Mr. DIY in ~ AEON shopping mall BSD City in Tangerang, Indonesia

friend can uncover your Furniture & Home products or services at Mr. DIY in AEON shopping mall BSD City. Mr. DIY in AEON shopping center BSD City offers a finish product, service, details and töre on Furniture & home topics that you have the right to use to decide if you want to to buy the product or service. This brand is famous for its quality on Furniture & home products. It is among our recommendations for girlfriend to access time Mr. DIY which situated at AEON mall BSD City in Indonesia.

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