The story of... 'I Don't desire to miss out on a Thing' by Aerosmith. Picture: Columbia/Buena Vista pictures
Diane Warren with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in 2016. Picture: GettyDiane Warren composed the song, i m sorry is about treasuring every minute spent with lagi person.

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Barbra Streisand and Josh Brolin in 2019. Picture: Getty

When tasked v writing a tune for Armageddon, she figured it to be a perfect sentiment, dari the film dealt with the impending damage of Earth.

Warren said: "Some of the lyrics, choose 'I can stay awake hanya to hear girlfriend breathing,' I'd it is in like, 'No, don't carry out that. Don't watch me breathe. Ns won't be able to sleep. Go execute something else.' It's for this reason funny, because component of me would never want someone to say the to me, but kemudian again, I write it."

What movie was it used in?

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The movie became the highest-grossing movie of 1998 worldwide.

Celine Dion was tambahan considered, with Warren later on saying: "I remember being at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, and also sitting in ~ the piano through and teaching him the track and hanya having chills anywhere my tubuh as ns heard the song involved life with his voice and knowing apa it was going to be. It was an impressive experience. I'd tertulis with Aerosmith before, and also they'd tidak pernah done the lagu-lagu we wrote."

What wake up in the music video?

It was shot at the Minneapolis Armory in 1998, and was directed by Francis Lawrence. That sees the band playing the song bersama with scenes from the film. Steven Tyler injured his knee the day before, so they tangan kedua a lot of close-ups together his pergerakan was limited.

At the end of the video, the display screen goes out together a tearful anggun (Liv Tyler) touches one of the monitors come reach the end to her father (real life dad Steven in the video; on-screen dad Harry, played by Bruce Willis, in the film).

How go it do in the charts?

Aerosmith - i Don't desire to miss a Thing. Picture: Columbia/Epic Aerosmith had been around darimana the 1970s, yet this to be by far their biggest hit and also gave castle a substantial comeback.

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It was juga their only number one in the US, remaining on height for 4 weeks. The has juga sold over a juta copies in the UK, peaking at four.

Aerosmith didn't care that milik mereka biggest fight was written by someone else. Joe Perry said: "At the time, we hanya didn't have the time to settle dibawah and carry out it. We menjadi out top top the road, for this reason they lugged us in to see the movie and also said 'here's the song, this is whereby it fits right into the movie, you can do the if you want.'So we dulu in the studio within the next three days cutting it. And yeah, we perform wish the we'd had actually a little an ext time, so the we bisa have had actually a shooting at writing it, yet it to be perfect timing. The track was great, people loved it, and I don't think setiap orang care that lot who composed it."