The dunia Of The Married perfectly records the imperfections in the life of a married couple.

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The dunia Of The Married was sometimes confounding; other times it to be saddening and there menjadi times as soon as it was very frustrating. Nonetheless, it to be a highly satisfactory watch and worth all the attention.

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Quick merencanakan Round-up

Ji sunlight Woo (Kim Hee Ae) is a successful medical practitioner, who has actually been life a happy life with a love husband and an lover son. But things dulu about to ambil a turn as soon as she starts having suspicions that her husband, Lee Tae oh (Park Hae Joon) is having an affair.

On investigating lebih jauh into the details, Ji sunlight Woo to learn the bitter kebenaran of betrayal. Maafkan saya ensues is scorned woman’s revenge; comes in kondisi with the failure of marriage; and also learning what is truly vital in life.


Realistic explicate of the kompleks web that marriage, love and also relationships

Human relationship are never easy come understand especially the people that mengandung marriage and love. The collection successfully manifests the berbeda facets of seperti relationships.

Throughout the series, over there is a lingering question about the depth that a marriage relationship. Marriage, though together per legal regulations is bounded by hanya a item of paper, the feelings go far past that.

In this twisted marital relationship story, the is displayed how also after whatever got destroyed, the main leads retained clinging to every other. Castle hated, hurted and also broke each other yet at the very same time, they quiet found anda way in the direction of each other.


Forgoing a link as spiritual as marital relationship is much easier said 보다 done. I beg your pardon is why, also after acquiring cheated on, Yeo Da Kyung (Han therefore Hee) and also Ko Ye pickled in salt (Park sun Young) bisa not break away from dari mereka respective relationships. Even, Ji sun Woo thought about forgiving Lee Tae oh for the services of dari mereka son.

But as soon as the seed of doubt has actually been sown, the is complicated to relocate on choose nothing ever happened. The tree has currently been poisoned and also it will only bear poisonous fruits.

As for Ji sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh, they had an unhealthy obsession through each other that seemed to it is in unending. The problem tambahan seems to it is in rooted from milik mereka scars of milik mereka past.


Assemblage that a mainly cast

A display is only complete with the contribution of its actors who can make or break the show. One of the factors why The dunia Of The Married managed to fully engross the viewers is because of the praiseworthy acting delivered by the cast.

Almost every the characters are evil but they are berbeda kinds of evil, i m sorry is clearly distinguishable. However, they possess some great traits and also care because that the ones they love. This is apa makes them feeling so real and human.


Kim Hee Ae perfectly executes all the expressions varying from the revenge-driven rage to the vulnerability confronted by loss. The actress enacts the hurtful emotions therefore beautifully that it makes viewers root because that her senang ending.

Playing the duty of a selfish man, who appears to view no error in his wrongdoings, Park Hae Joon absolutely draws a many hate in the direction of his character. ~ above the other hand, breakout star indigenous this drama, Han therefore Hee, shines in the middle of all the veteran actors.

Meanwhile, Kim Young Min and Chae Gook Hee include to the laughter and also anger with their portrayal that two-faced characters. These are the personalities you hate – yet you love come hate.

As because that Jeon Jin Seo, he proved his potential as an actor with his portrayal of Lee Joon Young. That is rather amazing, that for a young actor of his age, he bisa grasp and also evoke the facility emotions that his character to be going through.


Memorable scene with powerful lines

There are countless impactful scenes and also dialogues in this drama that would certainly still it is in remembered because that a an extremely long time. The monologues at every ilustrasi are relatable matches with the existing mood that the episode.

“When it comes to married couples there are no assailants nor completely innocent victims for sebagai things can’t it is in established,” Ji sun Woo said in the last episode. This sums increase the intense love-hate battle that has been walk on in between her and also Tae Oh.

Among every the scenes, one scene that an especially stands out is in episode 14, once Jin sun Woo is so damaged that she almost tries to finish her life. Having lost everything, she perturbed appearance mirrors on how she has provided up ~ above everything.


Then, the emotional stress and anxiety surges together she bursts into uncontrollable tears through feelings that have been pent increase for also long. Fairly an agonizing episode, lainnya highlight from here is as soon as Ji sun Woo stand strongly kembali on feet for she son’s sake.

Besides the emotionally scenes, there were tambahan savagery in some scenes that were quite pleasing. The dinner table step in episode 5, where Ji sunlight Woo exposes the cheater and also the mistress ushers an tremendous pleasure. Dessert was offered well!

Heartbreaking yet a reasonable conclusion

Continuing v its streak the unpredictability, the finale bawa pulang a how amazing turn. In a sequence of events, Tae Oh ideologies Sun Woo and Joon Young again.

Tae oh still believes the they bisa get kembali together however Sun Woo shuns him immediately. Realizing that he has actually hit batu bottom, Tae five tries to end his life and also rushes in front of a bergerak truck. At the moment, in a concerned state, sunlight Woo rushes in the direction of him and also they adopt each other.

However, after ~ observing all these, Joon Young feels a kepala disappointment. Ascertained that the fact, that there is no end to the toxic push and also pull in between his parents, he operation away. This was inescapable as sunlight Woo and also Tae Oh had crossed every the boundaries of milik mereka obsessive relationship.


Joon Young was tired of gift tossed approximately because his parents’ confusing affair. There was a limit to exactly how much he can endure, forgive and forget. Sunlight Woo’s selection at the end, was the terakhir straw.

Though, really saddening, perhaps this was the only way to lug Sun Woo and Tae Oh bagian belakang to dari mereka senses. The toxicity of dari mereka failed marital relationship which melanjutkan even after dari mereka separation was progressively consuming them. But, they mungkin only discern the after losing maafkan saya was paling precious come them.

Leaving an open up ending, the creators the the drama carry out not show if Joon Young came back home. At the end of the final episode, a faceless malu is viewed entering sun Woo’s home whom she welcomes.

This bisa mean the either Joon Young really came back home or it was a figment of sunlight Woo’s imagination. Regardless, of whether Joon Young reverted or not, that is a satisfactory ending.


The world Of The Married collection Afterthoughts

Dismantling a complicated marriage relationship and also portraying it on screen is tidak pernah easy and also has plenty of challenges. Consists of personalities who space selfish, lustful and also morally wrong, the drama access time differently.

Up come a details point, Ji sunlight Woo’s actions menjadi justifiable but when she resorted come cheating and also manipulation, she was currently threading on something dangerous which pertained to bite her bagian belakang later. Proving the karma is real and brutal, the series melakukan justice by produksi everyone suffer reverberation for dari mereka wrongdoings.


Shifting the focus away indigenous the main couple, in the later episodes the drama juga proceeds to show the aftereffects of anda actions on their kid. When there is a tension between the parents, children are the innocent bystanders, who room expected come act favor nothing happened.

Lee Joon Young’s arc shows how his parents’ negligence in the direction of his feelings caused him to compromise as a human being. The continuous malignancy pengarahan him to make sebagai a rash decision of berlari away.


The dunia Of The Married is not just about infidelity or revenge. More thick layered, the drama consists topics the are lot deeper 보다 these.

The series began with Lee Tae Oh’s secret affair v Yeo Da Kyung and Jin sunlight Woo’s thirst for revenge. But, as the story progresses, the viewers gain to check out the aftermath that followed.


The stare of The world Of The Married can be split into three parts: the infidelity and also repayment for the same; menangani with the consequences of separation and alternative emotions; and results of previous mistakes.

In each of this parts, the present presents a life-changing class that rather of hold on come an irreparable relationship, it is better to permit go, relocate on and forget around it sebelum it is also late.

A warning here though – the drama is an extremely distressing. The personalities make questionable decisions there is no reason, shot to justify dari mereka mistakes and also are incredibly hateful. Few of the characters relate so lot to real-life rakyat that its scary.

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Nevertheless, The dunia Of The Married that s right traces top top the complexities of umat ​​manusia actions.