“The dunia Of The Married” has actually finally finished its run and also I just finished crying so di sini I am to talk around it.

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“The dunia Of The Married” was one hell of a rollercoaster ride, it was filled with ups however mostly downs. There were bumps along the way, however overall, ns can’t complain about it since there is still truth to it… also if it was exaggerated at times, a most the things a married and also divorced pair do rings true, and also to me, those emotions menjadi all that mattered.

Note: this is a spoiler recap and formulir penilaian of “The dunia Of The Married” ilustrasi 16.Related: “The dunia Of The Married” Final episode Breaks Cable TV history Records anywhere Again, one Astonishing Feat

The fast recap

Nothing lot happens because that the first 30 minutes aside indigenous the actors reconnecting after sunlight Woo and also Joon Young get kembali to town. Je Hyuk and Ye Rim have gotten kembali together yet at the 30 minute note we begin to see cracks in anda relationship again. She doubt him again and also despite her love to him, she states she doesn’t understand if she can ever forget and forgive.Around the 40 minute mark, the asshole Tae Oh mirrors up at anda house and ambil Joon Young with him, once Sun Woo finds the end she panics and is afraid for the life of her son and also the ex-husband.He eventually tells her wherein they are and also she come to take them. She offers to buy lunch to Tae Oh, lock eat in ~ a restaurant but Tae Oh starts to spit nonsense again saying they should forgive each other and also get kembali together, together you’d expect Joon Young isn’t senang with the situation and breaks dibawah crying in the bathroom sebelum asking his mommy to leave.Sun Woo speak Tae five that that is over between them and there is no chance ever before that they will do get kembali together. Castle part cara and Tae five asks his child not to finish up like him, as the mother and son berjalan towards the car, Tae oh decides the a great idea to just commit suicide appropriate in prior of castle by jumping in front of a control car. Very sewing or not, he doesn’t get hurt, sunlight Woo operation over to him and also embraces him, Joon Young sees that and decides it’s finest to ditch the crazy couple and leave.A tahun laterIt looks prefer Tae Oh obtained his shit together again; he is going approximately places pitching his script to media companies and also getting rejected.Sun Woo is kembali to work, she hasn’t provided up on recognize her boy who ran away from home, yet she has actually no selection but to wait for him.Ye Rim and also Je Hyuk have actually apparently divorced and Ye Rim has actually opened her very own café, she is law well.Je Hyuk is dating another woman and also appears to have moved on with his life, yet you can see regret in his eyes.Da Kyung is back to college, a male offers her coffee but she it s okay up from she seat in ~ the library leaving his coffee behind.Dr. Kim and Sun Woo it seems to be ~ to have nothing going on between them and remain colleagues.Sun Woo wakes increase the lanjut day come eat breakfast and also her son finally walks in bagian belakang to her, she says, “you’re home?” sebelum running come hug him.

My thoughts

Apparently, according to fans that saw the original, the korean version had actually a more joy ending. Ns really prefer this ending and I to be so glad they didn’t sugarcoat it. Everything about the ending bekerja untuk sense come me and rings true come the characters emotions and also feelings, apa a beautiful ending.It is not a senang ending by any method but I choose this to the overly happy cringy ending that “SKY Castle” for example finished with. Quite than satisfaction the audience, display them exactly how real life aftermath unravel.Fans room going so hard on Joon Young and it annoys me, he is 13 years old and his parents are fucking crazy, maafkan saya do girlfriend expect? setiap orang expect him to act favor an adult and also make responsible decisions the aren’t selfish when his parents fucked increase so bad; there is no suggest of return.And rakyat found problems with Joon Young untuk berlari away however I would’ve done the very same if I menjadi him. He to be disgusted and sad by his mom and dad actions, once she embraced him after that attempted suicide, that could’ve felt, at least to Joon Young, that they menjadi always walk to it is in tangled bersama and that would desire to continue to be in seperti an unhealthy environment.People say sunlight Woo should’ve tried to uncover him, but it shows up that she is doing she best, however at this stage, together a parent I recognize her, also if she did discover him, trying to force herself and also get him kembali will not carry out him good. He should decide because that himself. It’s much better that way; she fucked up raising him and digunakan him so countless time… he’s tired, giving him an are is the ideal thing to do.Runaways operation away for a reason and also dragging them kembali to the setting they tried to operation away from isn’t always the best choice, besides, i think the suits sunlight Woo just right.People tend to shot and protect her actions but in my opinion, she is deeply flawed and selfish together well, therefore selfish the she ruined hidup and discarded so many others feelings because that the services of she own. I recognize Tae oh was the beginning, yet her handling technique was so trashy and unlike what she insurance claims to be.I’ve been in a comparable situation to maafkan saya happened v this family and it broke my life, so I can understand much better than ns think the young kdrama fans that have never experienced kemudian a thing do. Divorce no only ruin the cheating spouse yet the entire family and also the way the mother handles she cheating husband will certainly either do or break her family.Also, i loved loved that Ye Rim and Je Hyuk damaged up eventually. It’s the best part of the finishing for me, since it shows that as soon as you rest someone’s heart and break anda trust in you, there is no return.Personally speaking, I recognize where Ye Rim comes from and I percaya that Je Hyuk to be over cheating, yet he cheated for this reason many waktu that ns would’ve reaction the exact same way. The suspicion tidak pernah truly goes away and its very an overwhelming to lug a kesatuan relationship with him ever again.I also loved that Dr. Kim and also Sun Woo didn’t finish up together. Sunlight Woo is far from end Tae Oh. She loves and hates him at the exact same time. When you’re married come someone because that so long, its difficult to hanya cut points off and also move ~ above fully, particularly if you have a boy together.Dr. Kim deserves much better than sunlight Woo in my opinion, the collection didn’t really explore the reasons behind why she did maafkan saya she did fully which I komandan was a shame, obviously, something deep scarred her as a child. Sunlight Woo requirements a long long time come heal and getting into a partnership with who after sebagai a devastating breakup is tied to reason friction and also issues.People were juga upset through Da Kyung seemingly leading a normal life but you gained to remember, homewreckers who come from wealthy family members will not need to ‘pay’ the price for this reason fast. In reality, homewreckers don’t selalu get karma the way you think they do and definitely not that fast.Da Kyung is not really living a happy life either, she’s left through the son of someone she risked so lot for and also it will take her a yes, really really long time to acquire over him and also be able come love again. Also, she won’t easily discover a great match who willing to tambahan care for her child and also that’s going to be she karma. Trying to fit a resolution one tahun later would’ve feeling forced and also unlike apa reality would certainly wind up. This is an ext realistic.

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I am juga glad to discover out that sun Woo realizes she fucked up pretty bad; I liked the terakhir things she said around marriage, kids and forgiveness.I would’ve love if they proved Joon Young’s face at the end, but again, ns am glad he’s back. He truly woke up his parents to the terrible things they had actually done come him and he’s the biggest causality of this divorce.Related: exactly how Much Kim Hee Ae it s okay Paid for Her work-related On “The dunia Of The Married” ultimately Revealed, K-Netizens Think she’s UnderpaidRelated: “The world Of The Married”- get To recognize The cast Behind The greatest Korean Cable DramaSo maafkan saya are her thoughts on “The dunia Of The Married” ending? go you favor it?