Thanks again because that recommending Dr. Dhanita. She seems to understand what I’m walking through. Exactly how is Kupang? I hope it’s safe and also peaceful there and that you adjusting well.

Anda sedang menonton: Alasan orang membuat rumah panggung antara lain untuk


I enrolled in one intro french course today. It’s in ~ the cultural center in Salemba, right across the jalan from your alma mater. I thought it’d be an excellent to learn something new.


Last week I saw some abandoned buildings in ketidakbahagiaan where addicts and also runaways sleep. I met a girl there who likes to scar it s her with safety pins. I showed her my very own scars and also told her i was feather for people like myself—people who must feel pains in bespeak to feeling alive. She let me ambil her picture, as long as ns promised ns wouldn’t display her face. Since kemudian I’ve been asking myself: how can I sever her head without acquisition away her soul? I must make the tubuh manusia speak. Look in ~ the pictures I’ve enclosed here—what perform you think?





Dear Juli,


I’m happy to hear you’re taking photos again and also that she trying new things—but promise me you’ll save going to therapy. Listen, if you ever think of—well, you know—doing that again, just panggilan me, OK? No matter how late.


Kupang is more secure now. The churches di sini spoke out against seeking revenge for the bombings last Christmas. Thank God. It’s quiet tense sometimes, especially due to the fact that there space a the majority of refugees from eastern Timor, yet I feeling safe here. I occupational at the province hospital, and also I share a home with 2 other brand-new residents.


I like your photos, specifically the milik offering a bouquet of flower-shaped scars.






Je m’appelle Bela.” The ethnic-Chinese girl waved across the room, her bangs skimming her eyebrows. “I’m di sini because lanjut summer I’ll it is in attending pastry school in Geneva.”


Je m’appelle Desti.” She to be stocky with short hair and a sweet, sponge-like face. “I’m twenty-four year old and a new mother. I love mine baby really much, but staying home all day long gets boring, so I’m di sini to make new friends.”


Je m’appelle Ibnu,” said the tall, handsome guy with the lebar chest and sculpted arms. “I’m di sini because I’m bergerak to Paris to live v mon petit ami.”


Excusez-moi,” interrupted the teacher, madame Aryati, an older woman wearing a silk pashmina draped artfully over her shoulders, “the correct membentuk in this case would it is in the feminine form, ma petite amie. You nothing want setiap orang to think that you have a boyfriend, instead of a girlfriend, execute you?”


Ibnu nodded, but kemudian he gotten rid of a U-shaped ring from his left pinky and clipped the on his appropriate ear. Julita to be fascinated. She’d tidak pernah met anyone that would volunteer intimate info so easily to a classroom penuh of strangers, as if every he’d stated was the he ate chicken congee for breakfast. She observed the other orang in the class. Laras common the fact that she functioned for a umat ​​manusia rights organization, and Bowo said that he’d failed the entrance exams at the military akademi and was in search of a brand-new career prospect.


After class, Desti argued they all have actually coffee together, so they overcome the courtyard to the café. Once Julita went back from the bathroom, Desti was already telling a story.


“I finally managed to gain my baby out when, all of a sudden, the doctor’s confront went pale. Ns asked him apa was wrong, and he said, ‘Your baby’s white.’”


While the others laughed, Desti explained to Julita, “My husband’s Dutch, yet the doctors didn’t know that. The bastard to be late, he stated he obtained stuck in traffic.”


“You’re yes, really lucky, Desti,” Bela said. “People space so nice to blended couples if one of them is white. Castle think it’s so glamorous, castle think the babies space so cute – yet when ns told mine parents the I favored a Malay boy, they dulu beside themselves.” 


Once again Julita to be fascinated.


“It’s not simple for us either,” Desti said, “but it does help that Adriaan and I space both Christian.”


"Yes, i think it’s harder to date someone indigenous a berbeda religion than from a berbeda ethnicity,” Laras agreed. She dug a box of candy out of she purse and also shook some candies right into Bela’s hand sebelum setting that in the di antara of dari mereka table. “My boyfriend’s Christian, and I’m Muslim. We’ve to be hoping to gain married for six years, yet our parents store saying lock won’t come to our wedding.”


“Why space parents choose that?” Bela sighed.


“My very first lover to be Muslim and also Javanese, hanya like me, but my father to be furious,” Ibnu added.


“Because he to be a boy?” asked Julita.


“Yeah, the course,” Ibnu answered, straightening his chop orange T-shirt.


Bowo to be the just one that cringed. “I’m certain your father to be disappointed. Nothing you feel negative for him? If your family members or neighbors discover out, he’ll be humiliated.” the leaned kembali in his chair and also lit a cigarette.


Pretending to scratch his cheek, Ibnu slipped his earring off. “He kicked me out years back … and also still won’t ambil my calls ...”


“Come on, Bowo,” claimed Laras, “it’s hard to discover happiness in this world. If Ibnu found his, who space we come say the can’t have actually it?”


“I knew you intentionally said petit ami,” Julita said.


“What about you, Julita? are you see someone?” inquiry Ibnu.


Julia shook she head. “I have actually a nearby friend, however he’s functioning in kupang now.”


“Where room you from, Julita?” request Laras.


“My dad’s Javanese and my mom’s Madurese, but I was born and raised in Jakarta.”


“Thank God you don’t live in Sampit, huh?” claimed Laras. “Even our organization refuses to go there. We’re make the efforts to membantu the refugees, but most of castle don’t even have any family left in Madura. They’ve lived in Sampit all their lives, yet everyone still thinks of them as immigrants.”


Bowo leaned in. “My father’s stationed in Poso, he’s an army captain. My mommy insisted top top going with him. Last month, she was on a bus heading to the pasar when a bunch of rioters surrounding the bus and started rocking it back and forth, trying to flip it over. Suddenly, one of the men shouted, ‘Stop! yes sir a mrs in hijab top top the bus!’ And just like that, castle scattered. Everyday I say thanks to God the my mother wears hijab.”


By the time he perfect his story, Bowo was trembling. That stood up. “I need to go. My mother’s house now, she doesn’t like to it is in left alone for as well long.”




Dear Rizky, this is a photo of mine left arm. You can see that the scars are healing and there aren’t any kind of fresh ones. As lebih jauh proof, I’m sending a picture of my ideal arm, too. —J


I’m happy to view that, Juli. But how can I be certain that you’re no cutting other bagian of her body? Send me picture of your whole body. Otherwise, okay be too worried about you to get any sleep tonight. ;) —R


I’ve never showed my eight to anyone else before. It is in satisfied with that for now. Promise you’ll tidak pernah show those pictures come anyone. —J


I promise, Juli. Exactly how was your very first day the class? A girlfriend told me there were bomb threats approximately my old campus. Please be careful.



Wednesday after class, Desti said going out for lunch together.


"Let’s go to the med school across the street,” said Julita. “My ideal friend stated the kiosk behind the geriatrics faculty offer the best pecel ayam in town.”


Even despite the job was lot too hot for spicy food, anyone agreed, except Bowo, who had to walk home and also check in ~ above his mother. The roadway in former of the social center shimmered from the heat, producing a mirage. Dare darted past like stole sharks in perak water. On the far side of the road, Julita experienced police officers carrying billy clubs and shields. She to be still watching as soon as Bela traction her toward the rushing traffic.


“Why don’t we usage the bridge?” Julita shouted together a vehicle sped by, blowing dust into her face.


“It’s quicker this way.” through a raised finger Bela ordered each automobile to stop, prefer a schoolteacher scolding her unruly pupils.


Desti clasped Julita’s left arm. “Don’t be scared, the cops room too far away.”


“I’m not scared. It’s the untuk merevolusi era, let’s be responsible citizens.”


“Too late for that!” Desti grinned together she pointed in ~ Bela and also Ibnu, who menjadi jumping end the road divider like experienced gymnasts.


They reached the campus’s main gate and walked di bawah a banner proclaiming, “Welcome to the Campus the the People’s Struggle.” Julita mental Rizky had told her the the banner tangan kedua to say, “Welcome come the Campus the the brand-new Order’s Struggle,” but three year ago, in ’98, students had actually torn turun the old banner and replaced it through the new one.


A few minutes later, they uncovered the chicken kiosk, which to be packed v customers. The ground was bare beneath the wood tables and also benches that menjadi arranged around the small kitchen. A plump mrs was bent end a soot-covered kerosene stove that hissed every time she to reduce a piece of chicken right into the hot oil. Behind the counter, a man crushed tomatoes and also chilies right into a bloody pulp in a wide tidak hadir mortar.


Julita memikirkan Bela, since she was memakai brand-name clothes, would certainly hate come sit ~ above a dirty bench choose that, however she you re welcome asked setiap orang to make room for she group, and kemudian she placed her animal leather bag ~ above the ground di bawah her seat.


“Bel, have the right to you obtain me part Chinese herbs that’ll help my husband obtain weight?” Desti request after they placed their orders. “He doesn’t like Indonesian food, so he’s acquiring really skinny.”


“I’ll have to ask mine dad whereby to uncover them,” claimed Bela, “but I’m certain it i will not ~ be a problem.”


“Thanks, Bel. I’ll provide you part eggs indigenous our farm in exchange.”


“You have a farm?” request Ibnu.


“We have an egg farm in barat Java,” claimed Desti. “Adriaan tangan kedua to operation one back in the Netherlands. Us met when I visited visit mine sister that was in institution there. Once I got pregnant we relocated to jakarta so I mungkin be near to my mother.”


“What about you, Ibnu? just how did you meet your petit ami?” asked Julita.


“I’m a traditional dancer,” he said. “My troupe was performing in Paris, and also after the show, several of us went the end to this bar, i beg your pardon was an alleged to it is in the meeting place for setiap orang of my kind. I was wishing and wishing for a Tom Cruise lookalike, however I gained a dad instead. Oh, well. Philippe’s good to me.”


Ibnu fished a picture of a showgirl in a glittering, feathered costume the end of his wallet. “That’s me in ~ night,” Ibnu pass it to Julita, that squeezed between him and Bela top top the narrow bench, “my phase name is Linda.”


Julita gaped. Ibnu asked she to pass the picture to dari mereka other classmates, but she hesitated. She eyed the sweaty strangers around them, tearing off piece of flesh, crunching into crackers, red sauce dripping from milik mereka fingers. Every now and then a lone serial of rice or piece of onion would certainly cling come the edge of their lips, prefer a lonely outcast or scapegoat, only to be obliterated through a swipe of dari mereka greasy hands.


Bela snatched the photo. “Oh, girlfriend look therefore pretty!”


Ibnu beamed. “How around you, Bel? How’d you accomplish your boyfriend?”


Julita had asked for a spoon and a fork, however Bela was eating with her fingers choose everyone approximately them. “I met anwar at culinary school in Kuala Lumpur. He sat next to me in class, and we started gantung out after school. He and his friends were the very first Malay friends I ever had. Mine Chinese friends tangan kedua to ask me, ‘Bel, maafkan saya are you doing gantung out v them?’ therefore I’d say, ‘If you don’t wanna gantung out with them, then you can’t gantung out through me.’ sejak my Chinese friends didn’t have any other friends, they began to gua out v us, and they finished up informing me, ‘You’re right, Bela, they’re good people.’”

“Good because that you, Bela,” claimed Laras.


“I bet dari mereka parents are just like mine,” Bela continued, “always telling me not to bertaruh out through the natives, prefer you guys.”


“My dad likes come say the same kind that stuff about the Chinese—that they’re cheaters, that they’re a bunch of pork-eaters,” Julita whispered to Bela.


“That’s why I selalu tell my dad no to cheat our customers. Just like i told that it to be wrong come stockpile rice back in ’98.”


“Were you di sini during the riots?” request Laras.


Bela nodded. “I was supposed to awal school in KL three months after lock started.”


One pertanyaan was at the anak-anak of everyone’s tongues, but they stuffed their mouths instead.


“I wasn’t raped,” Bela said, “It was sheer luck. The day, a kawanan had currently gathered roughly the suburbs of our ar by dawn. They menjadi carrying crowbars and also shovels. Mine dad and the neighborhood men made a barricade the end of spare tires. The kawanan kept gaining bigger and also bigger, so my dad poured gasoline everywhere the barricade. He was going to collection it on fire if the kerumunan attacked. Kemudian we heard a pair of gunshots. Mine dad claimed the crowd was running towards the barricade, so he torched it, hoping the api would store them back. Kemudian he rushed home.”


“Dad said that if the rioters recorded us, they will do rape us. He thought that if we were wearing maxi-pads, they might get grossed out and also leave us alone. So mine mom, mine sister, and also I all placed on pads. The rioters were hanya outside. They broke into houses and also dragged ingredient out, you bisa hear screams comes from every direction.”


“Dad told us to run to the car. Before the banks collapsed, the withdrawn as lot as he mungkin and put it in a suitcase. He got hold of that suitcase, and we made it into the car, but sebelum long we were blocked through a crowd that had actually been waiting at the other finish of our neighborhood. Rows ~ rows the them. They surrounding our car, rocking it kembali and forth, hitting and kicking it. Itu faces—they weren’t guys anymore, they will do turned into demons. Dad rolling his home window down, hanya enough come throw out a pair bundles the cash. The crowd went wild do the efforts to gain their tangan on the money and a course cleared for us.


“We raced come the airport. We couldn’t acquire tickets walking anywhere, so us camped the end there because that a whole week. When we heard that the riots had passed away down, we decided to ambil a chance and go kembali home. When we reached our neighborhood, we observed that our house had actually been emptied out and burned down, prefer a lot of the other homes we’d passed on our way home. The rioters had actually stopped targeting people—Chinese or Indonesian native, they burned everything come the ground.”


Everyone had forgotten to keep chewing during Bela’s story, now they forgot anda words. However Bela’s eyes dulu still bright and also dry. “Go on, eat,” she said, “We’re okay now.”


Not knowing maafkan saya to say, Julita placed her arm around Bela’s waist and also rested she head on she shoulder.




Dear Rizky,


After hear Bela’s story, I chose to come home and see mine parents. We were having tea in the living room as soon as I told them around my perancis course and about Bela. When I finished talking, Dad looked me best in the eyes and also said, “But they deserved it, no they? lock Chinese ~ all.”

He might too have punched me in the gut.


I suspect he stated it to piss me off, to put me in my ar for on line to try to teach the something, but still ... He knew i was talking about a friend, no some news story!


I stormed out of there so fast, yet I understand no issue how much I go, ns can never escape that and what he is—my father, my origin. The seed of dislike run through my veins. A background of hatred runs v our country. What melakukan that make me? What melakukan that do us?


Juli, pick up the phone.

Please pick up. 


Juli, choose up appropriate now! I require to understand you"re ok.


If friend don"t pick up, I"m walk to panggilan Dr. Dhanita.


I"ll be all right, Riz. Don"t worry. It hanya helps me calm dibawah a little.


Oh Juli, please don"t ache yourself due to the fact that you don"t like apa you"re do of. Hate is not some hereditary blood disease. If it"s any type of consolation, mine father tangan kedua to to speak the very same things to me. I guess that hanya makes the worse. Sorry. Look, we"re walking to it is in totally berbeda from ours parents. We"re the reformist generation, remember? We"re walking to write a brand-new history.




The next day after class, Julita and also her classmates dulu sitting bersama at the café. As usual, Desti was informing a story, “My mother showed up yesterday with this large teddy bear. She saw Adriaan scrubbing the bathroom, and her challenge turned glowing red. She stated it was an alleged to be my job. She obtained mad at me and also started apologizing come Adriaan over and also over. He hanya kept repeating the he didn’t mind bagikan the housework.”


Shaking her head, Bela traction a picture out of she wallet. “Here’s a snapshot of anwar and me two years ago. Promise you won’t laugh.”


After she friends nodded, Bela handed over the photo: a young man with a special mustache had actually his arm about Bela, who looked at the very least forty pounds heavier.


Desti, Laras, Ibnu, and also Julita meledak out laughing.


“Sorry, Bel,” Desti gasped, “but girlfriend slimmed turun really nicely. An excellent for you. Friend must have an stole will.”


Julita—who was aus dan sobek a sweater that was lot too hot for the weather—noticed that anwar was stop a butterfly-print handbag, which she assumed to be Bela’s. “He seems really nice, Bel,” she said.


Ibnu passed about a photograph of Philippe through his teenage son and also daughter. “Philippe had actually a mam for fifteen years till he realized the he to be my kind.”


Julita noticed that Ibnu never tangan kedua the term gay or queer, rather he said ‘my kind’.


“Can you acquire married legitimate in France?” Laras asked.


“Well, we have the right to live bersama at least. I’m going to fight for this reason that we can get married.”


“What about your family?” inquiry Desti.


Ibnu’s challenge lost that is luster. He could only look at away.


“Listen, ns gonna ambil an imam to talk to my parents lanjut weekend,” stated Laras. “He’s pretty well-known and he’s not against intermarriage. He’s been kind enough to sell to membantu me v my parents. That told me no to questioning for dari mereka blessings, though, since it’ll probably be too tough for them. He stated I should only ask for dari mereka understanding.” She got to for Ibnu’s hands. “I’m no sure what the imam thinks about, uh, her kind, however if you want me to, I deserve to ask him. Who knows, possibly he could help you talk to your parents.”


Ibnu jumped come his feet and sheathe his arms around Laras. “Thank you, Ras!”


As the others continued talking, Julita was functioning up the courage to tell Bela maafkan saya her dad had actually said. As soon as the others started to leave, she inquiry Bela to stay a little kapan longer.


At the end of Julita’s story, Bela said, “Promise me, we’ll be better than our parents.” She placed her arm roughly Julita and rested she head on she shoulder.



Dear Rizky,


Thanks because that looking out for me terakhir night. Ns sorry if i made friend worry. Your attention intended a lot come me, however I guess i was as well afraid to answer the phone. Ns don’t know if I mungkin even phone call you fifty percent the things I’ve told you if you menjadi still here. Ns guess it’s much easier to form words top top the screen rather than speaking to someone face-to-face. Anyway, that a big step for me to posting ulang my problems with someone, so thank you because that listening.

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I’ve been reasoning a lot about my classmates. I’m sure there are more rakyat like them, however we don’t hear lot about rakyat like that. All our lives, we’re called to it is in extremely cautious when talking about ethnicity, religion, and race, and also now everyone’s afraid to mention itu things. Isn’t it vital for a negara as varied as Indonesia come talk about stuff like that and to malu out a means to create a stronger bond between every one of us? ~ three decades of the brand-new Order’s aturan of suppressing an overwhelming topics because that the benefits of harmony, we can finally express our ethnic and religious identities and advocate for our group’s interests and values. Yet it seems like we can not use learned just how to carry out it there is no chipping far at various other people’s interest, or just how to do others respect our worths without forcing those values top top others. Don’t you think it is one reason why we have so countless riots nowadays?


I want united state to be able to talk about our differences and connections in a method that boosts our evaluation of each other. I desire to market portraits that love conquering all type of division, so us don’t check out nothing but images of violence and hate from around the country. I desire to untuk mengambil pictures of my classmates. I’ll panggilan the collection Us + Them.