In a bizarrely random brand-new development, it appears a brand-new Alien vs. Predator movie might be in the functions at Disney / 20th Century Studios. Follow to a new report by giant Freaking Robot, they case trusted insider resources have shown to them the a brand-new AvP film is right now being develop for the huge screen:


Their sources do not clarify even if it is or not this new film will be a straight sequel come the ditemukan Alien vs. Predator films or a completely new venture.

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It is precious noting though, the the brand-new Predator film (Skull) by Dan Trachtenberg untuk mengambil place in a timeline which makes both extraterrestrial vs. Predator movie uncanon. So, if this isu proves to it is in true, we suspect the lanjut AvP movie will be a brand new judul separate of the didirikan lore.


Furthermore, we know the alien TV collection for FX is in the pipeline at Hulu, yet we still have actually no check on even if it is or not a new Alien movie will be hitting the silver screen also anytime soon.

We encourage reader to take this berita with a hefty serial of salt until added information have the right to be gathered from various other reputable sources. As lot as a reboot the AvP would make sense for Disney - it being a rather lucrative endeavor also if the isn't apa fans desire - with dari mereka upcoming Predator movie and also Alien TV show, the seems fairly premature to begin work on lagi Alien vs. Predator film without first seeing just how audiences react to the brand-new individual property titles as soon as they're released in anda own.

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Time will certainly tell. Yet in the meantime what do friend think that this rumor? Sound turn off in the comment below!



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