Six longtime couples in different bagian of the world share their decades-long love in these lembut portraits filmed over the food of one year.

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Trailer: mine Love: 6 Stories the True Love
Brazil: Nicinha & Jurema
India: Satyabhama & Satva
Korea: Saengja & Yeongsam
Six longtime couples in different bagian of the world bagikan their decades-long love in these lembut portraits filmed over the course of one year.

Retirees David and also Ginger raised a family and ran a thriving farm. Tho active, lock prepare for the end by prepping their wills and untuk membuat arrangements.

Augusto and Nati's flirty repartee keeps them in good spirits as they resolve Augusto failing his driver's test and also confronting health problems.

Kinuko has actually cared because that Haruhei ever since they met at the facility wherein he was treated because that leprosy. However now it's his rotate to it is in the caretaker.

Saengja and also Yeongsam are lifelong abalone farmers, but Saengja's tubuh manusia is break down. She desires to store working, but anda children desire them come sell.

Nicinha and also Jurema have actually been bersama for 43 years, raising a large family in a crowded favela, kapan dreaming that retiring in the country.

Cotton farmer Satyabhama and seperti are vulnerable to climate change. As milik mereka crops diminish, their sons are required to leave them to face old age alone.

Rafa's hooked ~ above the pure, fiery feel he gets from rate racing, yet when his kid's mother gets blended up with drug dealers, he burns rubber to save her.
An FBI profiler follow the world's most wanted arts thief becomes his reluctant companion in crime to record an elusive crook who's selalu one step ahead.
Sequel to " that the Sea" In 1387 Barcelona, a boy who desires of coming to be a shipbuilder is supported and protected by a now-elderly Arnau.
Unearthly beings provide bloody condemnations, sending individu to hell and also giving increase to a religious group started on the idea of magnificent justice.

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When an old troll is awakened in a Norwegian mountain, a rag-tag team of heroes must come together to try and stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.