Believe the or not, this particular day is James bond Day. No, I’m not saying that because of No Time come Die being released into theaters overseas; it’s accurate the work in 1962 once Dr. No an initial premiered in the UK. Therefore every year, the work is honored with some type of khususnya nod to the occasion, and also today is no exception. This year, Ana de Armas is more than likely celebrating a little harder 보다 most, together she nearly didn’t gain to bermain what is arguably one of the best parts in No Time to Die.

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Through a video shared to the secara resmi 007 Twitter feed, we learned this very kebenaran through de Armas’ own recollection. Showcasing the weapons mendidik she underwent throughout her crash food in No Time to Die action, the video informs us that the CIA agent who’s help shake things up in the James Bond dunia was a last-minute addition. As the cerita goes, director Cary Joji Fukunaga ended up being a fan of Ana de Armas, simply through a collection of conversations. Which, in turn, led to this twisted of fate:

This character, ns think the didn"t exist in the film. The was hanya talk to Cary the hereally want me in the movie. And they just made the happen. Therefore I was in the conversation a lengthy time before it became real.

It definitely helps that Ana de Armas was already acquainted with starring the opposite Daniel Craig top top the huge screen. Together the No Time come Die co-stars had previously paired in Rian Johnson’s smash struggle ensemble whodunnit Knives Out, recognize a method for de Armas come fit into the 25th James Bond film was most likely the hardest part. But as you’ll see when Paloma gets her big moment in the movie, Ana de Armas’ character is a perfect fit.

The last-minute alam of Paloma’s enhancement to No Time to Die certainly explains just how Ana de Armas didn’t obtain as lot time together she’d wanted to prep for the film’s amazing stunts. That doesn’t show in the behind-the-scenes video, shoot by legend James bond photographer greg Williams, i beg your pardon details hanya how quickly the Cuban star telah mengambil to her weapons training. Take a look in ~ the entire video, target practice and also all, below:

This #JamesBondDay walk behind the scenes of #NoTimeToDie with Ana de Armas and greg Williams. Visit to check out about greg Williams’ 20 year Bond career. 5, 2021

If fate had damaged differently, we would have actually lost out on two different Ana de Armas functions that have made a huge tabrakan on pop culture. Just as she overcame the urge to bail top top Knives Out, Ms. De Armas saw that v the character of Paloma in No Time to Die, she totally had what it telah mengambil to become a bond woman. The results much more than speak for themselves, and also if the world is happy enough, us might hanya see Paloma return some day. If not, kemudian hers will paling likely go turun as the paling anticipated 007 spinoff that never happened dari that time do Berry’s solo film Jinx was placed on ice.

One would think that the reaction to No Time to Die’s domestic publikasi this weekend might play a part in any type of potential future for the character. For this reason if you’re spring to throw your support behind Ana de Armas proceeding her merencanakan star career, membuat your way to the theatre is one means of voicing her support. That course, lainnya method would be to throw that very same support behind Netflix’s The Grey Man, i m sorry will show an even more prepared de Armas walk toe come toe top top the phase of dunia espionage, in ~ some point in 2022.

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