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Zayn Malik became single in 2015. Kevork Djansezian/Getty photos

A couple of months ~ hesplit indigenous One Direction, the singer ended his four-year-long relationship with his fiancée Perrie Edwards, a member the the group small Mix. She claimed that he ended things end text, however Malik later on refuted the he did so.

Anda sedang menonton: Anak gigi hadid dan zayn malik

Their breakup memerintah to small Mix"s revenge anthem "Shout the end to mine Ex," which consists of some digs at Malik.


Joe jonas and Gigi Hadid dated for five months. AP

The couple ended their relationship in November 2015. At the time, they dikutip scheduling problems for their troubles.

"Nothing major wasn"t a dramatic breakup. That was hanya hard to do it occupational with anda schedules. Lock will absolutely remain friends," a resource told People.

November 2015: Malik and Hadid left an after-party together, and a source told us Weekly that they dulu casually dating.


Malik and also Hadid started spending time bersama in 2015. mark Davis/Getty photos

Hadid and also Malik menjadi photographed leaving justin Bieber"s American Music Awards after-party together, bring about speculation that the model and also musician were dating.

"It"s a very new thing. They"re just seeing whereby it goes," a resource told united state Weekly.

Another source told the outlet, "I wouldn"t call them boyfriend and also girlfriend. But seeing each other? Definitely. He"s chuffed."


Zayn Malik and also Gigi Hadid proved PDA. AP

The duo to be spotted holding milik while leave a late-night clues in Los Angeles weeks ~ Hadid"s reported breakup through Jonas.

After the photos come out, jonas made a comment about his ex"s budding partnership with Malik.

"I think it"s amazing that she relocated on for this reason quickly, I median it to be definitely an extremely quick," the told Mirror.

Jonasunfollowed both Hadid and Malik on sosial media, and also deleted a photograph of him and also Malik top top Twitter and Instagram.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik ended up being Instagram official. Zayn Malik/Instagram

The pair confirmed their romance v a black-and-white Instagram photo, which Malik posted on Instagram. The photograph has darimana been deleted.

Zayn Malik telah terorganisir Gigi Hadid's kitten. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

The supermodel posted a black-and-white Instagram picture of Malik holding her kitten. Back she didn"t display the musician"s face, his tattoos made it simple to determine that it to be him in the photo.

Gigi Hadid paid tribute come Zayn Malik through a necklace. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty photos

Hadid mutual a filtered Instagram picture of herself aus dan sobek "Z" necklace top top Malik"s birthday.

She captioned the photo, "ZDAY."

Fans dulu shocked as soon as Malik reduce the video. Screengrab/YouTube

Malik and also Hadid surprised everyone as soon as they appeared bersama in a steamy music video clip for his debut solo solitary "Pillowtalk." The couple also flirted top top Twitter ~ the video"s release.

The work after the video clip dropped, Malik wrote, "you seen the video babe ?" adding that she looked fantastic.

"nah musta let go it," she responded, adding, "Jokes.. I wasn"t looking in ~ myself, trust me."

February 2016: Hadid posted lainnya photo that Malik through her cat, and he also mentioned the model in one interview top top the "Zach Sang Show."

Zayn Malik laid dibawah with Gigi Hadid's cat. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Hadid verified Malik"s challenge in the black-and-white photograph and included a pink heart.

He tambahan seemingly evidenced the relationship throughout an interview ~ above the "Zach Sang Show," saying that it to be "cool" to have actually his girlfriend in the "Pillowtalk" music video.

fans couldn't get enough of this on line photo-shoot. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Malik and Hadid traveled to Naples, Italy to shoot photos for Vogue. In the photos, which were taken by Mario Testino, the pair kisses ~ above a balcony, rides a scooter, and also embraces in bed.

Malik and Hadid to walk the carpet together. Neilson Barnard / Getty

The theme of the 2016 Met Gala to be "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an er of Technology." Hadid wore Tommy Hilfiger, and also Malik wore Versace.

Hadid and Malik rekindled after anda split. Sonia Recchia/Getty photos

People reported the Malik and also Hadid damaged up. However, a source told the outlet that "it seems favor it"s not entirely over."

Weeks later, the duo showed up to be bagian belakang together as they showed PDA ketika out in brand-new York City.A resource told people that the couple rekindled after ~ Malik "kept incessantly apologizing and wanted lagi chance."

According to the source, Hadid and also Malik had "been functioning on their communication and also being honest with each other."

The source juga explained that the breakup came after "they menjadi fighting every the time and Gigi recorded Zayn in a grasp of lies and also couldn"t take the mystery anymore, so she dumped him."

Gigi Hadid confirmed her kitchen in a Snapchat. Gigi Hadid/Snapchat

Hadid post a Snapchat of she kitchen, i m sorry featured equivalent Nutella jars with her and also Malik"s names on them.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid both visited Paris Fashion Week. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

They dulu photographed bersama at the Givenchy runway show.

The track was a total hit because that "50 Shades Darker." AP

Hadid and also Malik dulu spotted getting dinner with Swift in Paris. Quickly after, Malik and also Swift announced milik mereka new tune "I Don"t Wanna Live Forever" because that the movie "50 Shades Darker."

Malik and also Hadid began seeing each other in 2015. Getty Images/Darren Gerrish

During one interview top top Sirius XM"s "Morning Mash Up," Malik to be asked around how he landing Hadid as a girlfriend.

"I hanya asked her. It to be pretty right up," he said, adding, "I hanya asked her if she want to go on a date. I was in new York."

January 2017: fans wondered whether or not Malik and also Hadid were engaged after lock spotted the model memakai a diamond ring.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2015. Getty Images/Dominique Charriau

When fans spotted Hadid aus dan sobek a gold tape on her ring finger, they wonder if Malik had actually proposed come her. However, they weren"t engaged.

People juga noticed Malik"s new hand tattoo, which said "Love" throughout his knuckles, and wondered if the ink was a tribute to Hadid.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have actually been romantically linked sejak 2015. AP

During an interview v British Vogue, Hadid speak about maafkan saya she and also Malik like to do as soon as they"re not working.

"When I"m in L.A. I greatly stay in because it"s my time off and also I like being v my boyfriend and also doing art and cooking," she said, adding,"We like late night movies, and also we order from this amazing ar that melakukan lattes and also gingerbread cookies. I require coffee to stay up."

Hadid juga admitted the she has a habit of falling sleep during their movie nights.

"I"m always like, "Babe, let"s walk to a movie." then I autumn asleep halfway through and he"s like, "You"ve seen the very first half of every movie out there and you have no idea how any type of of castle end,"" she said.

Gigi Hadid celebrated her 22nd birthday v Zayn Malik. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Malik drew attention to his girlfriend on she 22nd birthday in a since-deleted Instagram post.

"Happy date of birth to mine everything," that wrote.

Gigi Hadid and also Zayn Malik posed together for Vogue. Vogue/Facebook

Hadid and Malik appeared in Vogue, and also this time they graced the cover. Return the magazine gained a the majority of attention, people dulu not happy that the magazine described the couple as gift "part that a brand-new generation embracing gender fluidity."

Neither Malik no one Hadid has determined as sex fluid, so orang thought it to be inappropriate the they claimed that title. The magazine eventually apologized formisusing the term.

Yolanda Hadid shared a picture of the couple. Yolanda Hadid/Instagram

Yolanda Hadid, a previous supermodel, gushed over the sweet couple in an Instagram post, phone call them her "family."

"Summer love ... #Family," she captioned the black-and-white photo.

Malik also joined the Hadid"s family for Eid Mubarak.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid dressed up together. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

The musician wore a head-to-toe Spider-Man outfit, kapan Hadid dressed up as hitam Cat.

"Spidey"s girl," she captioned the Instagram photo, adding, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN from#FeliciaHardy, The black Cat xx."

They shown the news after several news outlets reported on dari mereka split. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Jordan Strauss/AP

On in march 13, 2018, The sun reported that the pair had actually split since of job-related conflicts. The very same day, the pair confirmed the news shortly after on dari mereka separatesocial media accounts.

"Breakup statements often seem impersonal since there is yes, really no means to put right into words what two orang experience together over a couple of years .. Not just in the relationship, yet in life in general. I"m forever grateful for the love, time, and life lessons that Z and also I shared. I desire nothing however the ideal for him and will proceed to assistance him as a friend that I have actually immense respect and also love for. As for the future, whatever"s meant to be will selalu be. XG," she tweeted.

Malik juga released a statement around the breakup.

"Gigi and also I had actually an extremely meaningful, loving and also fun relationship and also I have a large amount that respect and adoration for Gigi together a woman and also a friend. She has seperti an incredible soul. I"m grateful to all of our fans because that respecting this challenging decision and our privacy in ~ this time, us wish this news could have actually come from us first. We love girlfriend all. XZ," that wrote.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up in march 2018. Gotham/Getty pictures

The report came a month after ~ the couple announced anda split.

May 2018: A source told E! berita that Malik wanted to get kembali together through Hadid, yet the design was "hesitant."

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have had actually an on-again, off-again relationship for years. James Devaney/Getty photos

"Zayn really wants to be through Gigi and also has made it clear. He misses her and also can"t was standing being apart," the source told E! News, adding, "Gigi"s a small bit an ext hesitant."

The resource explained the the couple broke up due to the fact that "it wasn"t working and nothing has actually really changed" but said the Hadid "does love him, however she isn"t fully sure this is whereby she wants to be ideal now."

Zayn Malik spoke around Gigi Hadid during an interview v GQ. Jamie McCarthy/Getty images

"We"re adults. Us don"t must put a merek on it, do it something because that people"s expectations," he said throughout an interview with GQ.

Malik continued,"I had actually a very an adverse outlook on things. That might have to be adolescence or testosterone or everything the crap was running through my body at the time. She"s helped me come look at things from a optimistic angle."

Gigi Hadid claimed that she and also Zayn Malik weren't date for publicity. man Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx via AP

After one Instagram user called out Malik because that not following Hadid, the design stepped as much as defend anda relationship, according to E! News.

"Whatever zigi melakukan for promo. Kebenaran is that, Zayn is not going to monitor gigi or ever before going write-up her snapshot on his Instagram again," the account reportedly wrote.

"Seems like u males tag me in a new post every work … pls stop.. It"s just negative, ns really have no tough feelings in the direction of you I just know maafkan saya a beautiful world there is to walk out and also live in instead of trying to dissect a relationship between two setiap orang that girlfriend don"t even know and that you perform not watch 99% of," Hadid wrote.

She added, "For someone that is essentially inactive top top the app, i don"t need his follow- mine eyes are tattooed to his chest. The energy you put into this melakukan not serve you our your life in any way kids…. Truly "beating a dead horse." You men can call it promo but I just post about my boyfriend prefer anyone else, even if it is I support z or he support me is out of love and also excitement because that one another. There"s naught to malu out every the time… provide it a break."

October 2018: The version seemingly evidenced that they were kembali together by saya an Instagram picture with Malik.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid got bagian belakang together. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

She captioned the since-deleted Instagram photo, "flyin home to my senang place."

Zayn Malik and also Gigi Hadid dubbed it quits in january 2019. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Taylor Hill/Getty images

A resource told united state Weekly that the pair broke up once again and also said, "They bisa get back together, yet it"s over because that now."

Another source told the outlet that Hadid "tried tough to make it work," but said the Malik has actually "a most his own problems that she couldn"t tolong him get through."

The resource continued, "She cut herself turn off from every her friend every time they dulu together. She focused all her time and energy top top him, yet it hanya got to be too much."

Entertainment Tonight juga spoke to a source about the on-again, off-again couple"s breakup.

"Gigi and Zayn have broken up, however not since they don"t love one another. After ~ trying because that a lengthy time, the couple hanya couldn"t make it work. Zayn has been penanganan with personal things because that a ketika and Gigi has menjadi a comfort ceiling for him," the resource told entertainment Tonight.

August 2019: Hadid to be spotted through Tyler Cameron, a contestant top top season 15 the ABC's "The Bachelorette."

Gigi Hadid and also Tyler Cameron had actually a short fling in 2019. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP and also Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Hadid was an initial seen security time with Cameron at DUMBO residence in new York City. They dulu seen on multiple dates around new York City, and also Cameron also accompanied Hadid to her grandmother"s funeral in the Netherlands.

By September, the pair had reportedly referred to as it quits, and also Hadid was single once again.

Zayn Malik and also Gigi menjadi in touch after breaking up. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images; note Sagliocco/WireImage

A source told E! berita that Hadid "has selalu had a soft spot for Zayn and also they have a lot of of history together."

"They went through a melangkah where they telah mengambil time apart and also weren"t connecting at all, but they have remained in touch recently. She is donate of him. Lock chat di sini and there yet it"s been casual," the resource said.

Gigi Hadid tagged Zayn Malik's mom in her Instagram story. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

"Sunday in the kitchen around to marinate one of my favorites!!!
mammamalik"s Chicken Curry pasta Salad," she created on she Instagram story, adding, "Hopefully she"ll share the recipe through the world one day."

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid dulu spotted together. Gotham/GC Images/Getty pictures

They stepped out with the model"s sisters Bella Hadid and pop star Dua Lipa, who"s date Hadid"s brother anwar Hadid.

Jake Paul said that he virtually fought Gigi Hadid's boyfriend Zayn Malik. anestesi Sayles/Invision because that the California api Foundation/AP Images, Alessandro Garofalo/REUTERS, Lucas Jackson/REUTERS

Paul telah mengambil to Twitter to humiliation the musician and said he practically got right into a fight through Malik.

"Almost had to clap up zane native 1 direction because the is a tiny guy and has an attitude and basically told me come f--- turn off for no reason once I was being nice come him," that tweeted, adding, "Zane ik you"re analysis this... Prevent being angry cause u came house alone come ur large a-- hotel room hahaha."

He has darimana deleted the tweet, yet Hadid replied to Paul"s article to defend Malik.

"Lol cause he doesn"t care to bertaruh w you and your awkward crew that YouTube groupies ..?" she tweeted, continuing, "Home alone through his ideal friends choose a respectful raja cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered through your irregularity ugly a--. Go to bed ..."

Zayn Malik celebrated Gigi Hadid's 25th birthday. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

"Had the sweet day celebrate my 25th birthday with my quarantine family, that made the so khususnya for me, bersama with all the love i felt from all over the world!" she composed on Instagram along with a picture of her and Malik.

The supermodel also shared photos v her sister Bella and also her mommy Yolanda.

The couple is apparently expecting anda first child together. Mike Coppola/Getty

News damaged that the 25-year-old model and the 27-year-old singer dulu expecting their first kid together. Sources close to the family evidenced the berita to TMZ,Entertainment TonightandUs Weekly.

Hadid was apparently 20 mainly pregnant when the source revealed the pregnant news.

"Gigi has kept the mystery close to she family and also friends because that a ketika as she"s only a couple of months along. Once Gigi and Zayn got kembali together in ~ the finish of last year it was favor they tidak pernah skipped a beat and also knew apa they had actually was special. The couple and their families are overjoyed," sources told ET.

The lanjut day, TMZ reported the the pair is expecting a baby girl.

Yolanda Hadid expressed her excitement about becoming a grandmother. stuart C. Wilson/Stringer/Getty pictures

The former supermodel shown that she daughter was pregnant to dutch media outlet RTL Boulevard. Orang translated the interview.

"Of food we space so excited," she said, adding, "I"m excited to become an Oma in September specifically after I shed my mom so recently. However this is the beauty of life: One heart leaves us and a brand-new one come in. Us feel an extremely blessed."

April 2020: Hadid shown that she's pregnant throughout an at-home episode of "The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Jimmy Fallon and also Gigi Hadid chatted about her pregnancy. The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

After outlets reported the the supermodel to be pregnant, she shown the news while chatting with Jimmy Fallon ~ above "The tonight Show."

"Obviously, we wished we bisa have announced that on ours own kondisi but we"re very excited and happy and thankful for everyone"s well-wishes and support," she said, adding that she"s appreciating the time at house with Malik and also her family.

"Especially throughout this time, it"s a nice perak lining to have the ability to be residence and bersama and really suffer it work by day," Hadid shared.

The model juga admitted that she"s been craving every little thing bagels during her pregnancy.

"My craving has been everything bagels, i eat an whatever bagel a day," she said.

Gigi Hadid showed her stomach during an Instagram Live. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

The supermodel gave fans a glimpse the her baby bump throughout an Instagram Live.

After outlets declared that Hadid to be hiding her pregnancy, she unbuttoned her shirt and also turned come the side.

"There"s my belly y"all," she said.

Hadid kelanjutan to thank her pan for milik mereka support during her pregnancy.

"I"m hanya like, acquisition my time with sharing my pregnancy, and also you males will watch it once you check out it," she said, including that she didn"t want to focus on herself while black Lives matter protests and the coronavirus were affecting numerous people"s lives.

"I think a lot of of people are puzzled why I"m not sharing more however like, I"m pregnant through a pandemic, favor obviously my pregnant is no the most important point going ~ above in the world," she said.

Though she hasn"t posted around the baby on sosial media, she promised fans the she"s to be documenting her journey.

Gigi Hadid grew up speak horses. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Hadid has actually ridden equines her whole life and often posts about her love for the animals.

A fan asked the version if she to be still speak horses throughout her pregnant on Twitter.

She replied, "Early on i did (only walking tho) but not anymore. Missing it!!"

August 19, 2020: She was seen getting here to brand-new York City, and also many people wondered if she was having actually the baby there.

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel. Marc Piasecki/GC pictures

Hadid left her family"s farm yard in Pennsylvania, where she invested the bulk of she pregnancy, to go back to her $5.82 million apartment in new York City, as seen in photos published by The day-to-day Mail.

She is supposedly due in September, so plenty of fans speculated that she went back to her apartment so she bisa deliver the baby in Manhattan.

August 26, 2020: Hadid exposed her infant bump in a collection of black-and-white image she common on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid confirmed a behind-the-scenes minute from her picture shoot. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Though the supermodel formerly kept details about her pregnancy off social media, she post a series of maternity portraits to her Instagram.

The black-and-white photos menjadi taken through fashion photographers Luigi and Iango, that are stood for by2b Management. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson styled her, and also Erin Parsons did she makeup.

In the captions the the photos, Hadid claimed she to be "growin an angel" and revealed the the shoot happened on July 26, roughly two months sebelum her September due date.

She juga wrote: "cherishing this time. Appreciate all the love & well wishes ♡ will never forget developing these spesial images through my friend
erinparsonsmakeup thank you. I love you!"

The following day, a pan asked around her endure modeling while pregnant.

Hadid comment via Twitter and also wrote: "I loved it, ns knew maafkan saya I want from the pics and Gab and also L&I really made it occur for me."

She added that the shoot to be "definitely an ext tiring than functioning normally" and also "got with the second look" sebelum she said the crew she bisa "only perform two more."

August 31, 2020: She common several additional portraits from the maternity shoot and also revealed the she to be 33 mainly pregnant as soon as the photos were taken.

Gigi Hadid is a supermodel. Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Hadid posted much more portraits along with behind-the-scene videos indigenous the photo shoot to her Instagram.

She juga captioned one of the posts, "33 weeks," revealing the she was 33 weeks right into her pregnancy once the photos menjadi taken top top July 26.

Zayn Malik shared a photograph with his daughter. Zayn Malik/Twitter

"Our baby girl is here, healthy and balanced & beautiful," he composed on Twitter.

He continued, "To shot put right into words how i am emotion right now would it is in an impossible task. The love i feel because that this tiny manusia is beyond my understanding.Grateful to know her, proud to panggilan her mine, & thankful because that the life we will certainly have bersama x."

Malik also shared a black-and-white photograph of the baby"s hand wrapped around his finger.

Gigi Hadid announced the come of she daughter. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

"Our girl joined us earth-side this weekend and also she"s already changed our world. Therefore in love," the supermodel wrote on Instagram.

Hadid also posted a black-and-white photo of the infant holding Malik"s thumb.

December 1, 2020: The supermodel posted a throwback photograph taken the month before dari mereka daughter to be born.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have a daughter together. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Even despite the pair already welcomed dari mereka daughter, Hadid reminisced ~ above her pregnant journey by sharing memories from august 2020 on Instagram.

One of the photos to be a close-up selfie of Malik relaxing his head above the supermodel"s stomach.

"August, wait for ours girl," she captioned the post.

Gigi Hadid waited 4 months to disclose her daughter's name. Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Four month after giving birth, the supermodel shared her daughter"s name: Khai.

Hadid announced the moniker through updating she Instagram bio come "Khai"s mom."

The Evening typical reports the Khai means "the favored one," "royalty," or "nobility" in Arabic. Hadid"s father, Mohamed Hadid, is of Palestinian origin, and Malik"s father, Yaser Malik, is brothers Pakistani.

The name could juga be a nod to few of the ladies in the Hadid family. Hadid"s head grandmother to be namedKhairia Daher Hadid, and Hadid"s younger sister is namedIsabella Khair Hadid.

Neither Hadid no one Malik have confirmed the an interpretation behind the name, however.

And even though the previous One direction member hasn"t addressed the tattoo ~ above the within of his wrist, countless fans are convinced it"s his daughter"s name in Arabic.

Gigi Hadid in new York City. Raymond Hall/Getty images

The supermodel spoke about her experience providing birth for the an initial time throughout an interview v Vogue.

Hadid stated that she and Malik intended to have actually the baby in a new York City hospital however learned the COVID-19 regulations would prohibit other household members from gift in the shipment room.

So, they shuffled around plans and gathered at milik mereka farm in Pennsylvania v Bella Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, a midwife, and also the model"s assistant.

After city hall the 2008 documentary "The service of gift Born," Hadid stated she and also Malik made decision on a herbal birth.

"We both looked in ~ each other and were like, i think that"s the call," she said.

Hadid stated she remained in labor because that 14 hours, throughout which she and the "Dusk it rotates Dawn" singer listening come the audio of dari mereka favorite children"s book, "The Indian in the Cupboard."

When she did provide Khai, Malik captured her in his arms.

"It didn"t also click the she was out," she said, adding, "I was so exhausted, and also I looked up and also he"s hold her. It was so cute."

Hadid continued,"Afterward, Z and I looked in ~ each various other and were like, "We have the right to have some time before we carry out that again.""

March 2021: Ingrid Michaelson erroneously referred come Malik and also Hadid together "married," prompting numerous fans to pertanyaan whether the pair had covertly tied the knot.

Ingrid Michaelson is a singer and songwriter. Steve Jennings/Getty images

While pointing out her and also Malik"s duet "To start Again" ~ above Patreon, Michaelson mentioned in passing that the "Outside" singer is married.

"We"ve tidak pernah met, I"ve tidak pernah spoken to him. Zayn doesn"t execute stuff he doesn"t wanna do, and the fakta that he did this song is very flattering," Michaelson said, according to united state Weekly.

She added, "He"s sebagai a private rakyat and now he"s married and also has a boy so, he melakukan the things he wants to do."

Immediately ~ Michaelson made the comment, the phrase "ZAYN IS MARRIED" began trending top top Twitter, as numerous fans pikiran Michaelson had spilled a utama secret around the famous couple.

However, Michaelson later on apologized because that the confusion on she Instagram story and claimed she to be mistaken.

"As far as i know, he"s no married. It was a mistake. I"m for this reason sorry, I said I to be sorry," she explained.

The "Girls chase Boys" singer included that she was shocked in ~ the lot of attention her comment got.

"I don"t live in this world. For this reason the level of fame, it buatlah me really, truly admire Zayn and anybody through that kadarnya of fame. Every tiny thing you speak is just, Wow! I"m not constructed for it," she said.

October 2021: Hadid and also Malik reportedly damaged up ~ reports declared the singer "struck" the model's mother, Yolanda Hadid.

Sources declared Zayn Malik "struck" Gigi Hadid's mommy Yolanda Hadid, though he refuse doing so. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images; David M. Benett/Getty images

The couple ended anda relationship when again, follow to People.

News the the breakup come after a source told TMZ the Malik "struck" Yolanda the month prior. The singer refuse the allegations and also declined to provide lagi details in a statement to the outlet.

"I adamantly deny striking Yolanda Hadid and for the sake of mine daughter I decline to give any lebih-lebih lagi details and I hope that Yolanda will certainly reconsider she false allegations and move towards healing this family problems in private," the said.

Malik was charged with 4 counts of harassment for allegedly call Yolanda a "fucking belanda slut," yelling about his "sperm," and also pushing her right into a dresser in his and Gigi"s Pennsylvania home, halaman Six reported after obtaining the citaton. The pleaded no contest.

The singer was fined and put on probation for 360 days as part of the plea deal. He has actually to complete an anger monitoring class and a residential violence supervision program and is prohibited indigenous contacting Yolanda and the defense guard current during the altercation.

Malik handle the situation on Twitter, speak he decided not come contest claims in the hopes of developing "a location where private family matters aren"t thrown on the world stage for all to poke and also pick apart" for his daughter.

Lihat lainnya: Apakah Bekas Luka Di Wajah Bisa Hilang, Obat Penghilang Bopeng Pada Kulit Wajah Sekaligus

Malik stated the argument occurred after Yolanda gotten in his home kapan Gigi to be away. The did no provide further detail on apa caused the dispute.

A representative because that Gigi told orang that the model is "solely concentrated on the ideal for Khai" and also "asks because that privacy during this time."