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I Will always Love You” is a song written and originally recorded in 1973 by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. Her country version of the track to be released in 1974 together a single and was tertulis as a farewell to her previous partner and mentor of 7 years, Porter Wagoner, following Parton’s decision to seek a solo career.

Parton’s version of “I Will always Love You” to be a commercial success. The reached mageri one ~ above the Billboard Hot negara Songs chart twice. It first reached number one in June 1974, and kemudian in October 1982, through her re-recording top top the soundtrack of the movie version of The Best tiny Whorehouse in Texas. Thus, she achieved a mageri one place twice v the very same song, a rare feat that Chubby Checker had done formerly with “The Twist” becoming sourse one in 1960 and again in 1962.

Whitney Houston recorded her version of the track for the 1992 film The Bodyguard. Her solitary spent 14 main at mageri one top top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is among the best-selling singles of all time. It also holds the document for gift the best-selling single by a woman in music history. Houston’s variation of “I Will selalu Love You” re-entered the charts in 2012 after her death, membuat it the second single ever to reach the top three on the Billboard Hot 100 in separate chart runs. The song has actually been taped by many other artist including Linda Ronstadt, John Doe , Amber Riley and LeAnn Rimes.

Country music singer-songwriter Dolly Parton wrote the track in 1973 for her one-time partner and mentor Porter Wagoner, from who she was separating professionally after ~ a seven-year partnership. She tape-recorded it in RCA’s Studio B in Nashville ~ above June 12, 1973. “I Will always Love You” was issued on march 18, 1974, together the 2nd single native Parton’s thirteenth solo studio album, Jolene (1974). In 1982, Parton re-recorded the song, once it was had on the soundtrack come the film The Best little Whorehouse in Texas. In enhancement to the 1982 re-recording because that the soundtrack album, Parton’s initial 1974 record of the song juga appeared in Martin Scorsese’s film Alice Doesn’t Live here Anymore, and the 1996 film It’s mine Party. The song tambahan won Parton mrs Vocalist the the tahun at the 1975 CMA Awards.

Author Curtis W. Ellison proclaimed that the tune “speaks around the breakup of a relationship in between a man and also a woman that melakukan not descend right into unremitting domestic turmoil, however instead envisions parting through respect – because of the initiative of the woman”. According to paper music published at by Hal Leonard Corporation, the country love track is collection in a time signature of common time with a tempo of 66 beats per minute. (Larghetto/Adagio) Although Parton discovered much kesuksesan with the song, many orang are unaware the its origin; during an interview, Parton’s manager Danny Nozel stated that “one thing we discovered out from American Idol is that most people don’t know that Dolly Parton wrote ”. During an interview on The Bobby skeletal Show, Dolly Parton revealed that she wrote her signature song “Jolene” top top the very same day that she wrote “I Will selalu Love You.”

Several waktu (long before Whitney Houston recorded the song), Dolly Parton said to singer Patti Labelle that she document “I Will selalu Love You” due to the fact that she feel Patti bisa have sung the so well. However, Patti admitted she kept putting off the opportunity to do so and later deep regretted the after she heard Whitney Houston’s rendition.

During that original melepaskan in 1974, “I Will selalu Love You” reached mageri four in Canada ~ above the Canadian RPM Country monitor chart and peaked at numberi one on the Billboard Hot bangsa Songs chart, coming to be one the the best selling singles of 1974.

When Parton re-recorded the song in 1982 for the soundtrack the the film The Best little Whorehouse in Texas, the track to be issued together a solitary and when again charted at mageri one on warm Country songs — produksi her the first artist ever before to earn a mageri one document twice with the very same song. The 1982 version also reached numberi 53 ~ above Billboard’s warm 100 and sourse 17 ~ above its adult modern charts. Parton’s recording has actually sold 489,000 digital copies darimana becoming easily accessible for download.

Parton tape-recorded a duet with Vince Gill in 1995 because that the album Something Special, the duet version of “I Will selalu Love You” made the Billboard country chart and peaked at numberi 15. Parton and Gill dulu awarded the CMA’s “Vocal occasion of the Year” award in 1996 for their recording the the song. Another duet variation of the song was exit in 2017 with Michael Bolton from his album Songs the Cinema.

When the 1974 recording of the song was reaching sourse one ~ above the negara charts, Elvis Presley indicated that he want to cover the song. Parton was interested until Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, told her that it was typical procedure for the songwriter to tanda tangan over half of the publishing rights to any kind of song Elvis recorded. Parton refused. She recalls:

I said, ‘I’m yes, really sorry,’ and also I cried every night. I mean, it was like the worst thing. Friend know, it’s like, Oh, mine God … Elvis Presley.’ and also other people menjadi saying, ‘You’re nuts. It’s Elvis Presley.’ …I said, ‘I can’t perform that. Something in my heart says, ‘Don’t execute that. And also I hanya didn’t carry out it… the would have actually killed it. However anyway, so he didn’t. Kemudian when Whitney came out, ns made enough money come buy Graceland.

In 1992, R&B singer Whitney Houston recorded a new arrangement the “I Will always Love You” for the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, she film debut. The song has a saxophone solo by Kirk Whalum. She was originally to record Jimmy Ruffin’s “What i do not care of the Brokenhearted” as the lead single from The Bodyguard. However, once it was uncovered the song was to be digunakan for Fried eco-friendly Tomatoes, Houston asked for a different song. That was she co-star Kevin Costner who said “I Will selalu Love You”, permainan her Linda Ronstadt’s 1975 variation from her album Prisoner in Disguise. Producer David Foster and Houston re-arranged the song as a soul ballad. Her record agency did not feel a track with an a cappella introduction would certainly be as successful; however, Houston and Costner insisted top top retaining it. As soon as Parton heard that Houston was lihat Ronstadt’s recording together a template, she dubbed Foster to offer him the last verse, i m sorry was absent from the Ronstadt recording, together she felt that was vital to the song.

Whitney Houston’s recording is not the only version that the track featured in the movie. In a scene whereby she dances with Kevin Costner, a version by John Doe can it is in heard bermain on a jukebox.

Houston’s version appears at No. 9 on NME’s biggest No 1 Singles in background list. In 2004, Houston’s variation of “I Will selalu Love You” finished at #65 on AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs survey that top bola in American cinema. It was juga ranked at sourse 22 on The Guardian’s list of Britain’s favorite 100 songs, released in might 2002. In january 2013, Whitney’s version of “I Will selalu Love You” has sold over 20 juta worldwide, produksi it the best-selling song by a mrs artist of all time as fine as among the best-selling lagu-lagu of all time.

In February 2014, the tune was put at number six on Billboard’s list that the optimal 50 ‘Love’ lagu-lagu of all Time.

A live performance was contained on the 1999 release Divas Live ’99, and on the 2014 CD/DVD publikasi of Whitney Houston Live: Her greatest Performances, a 1994 performance of the song was included as well.

Her variation can juga be heard at the mulai of 2019 film, Spider-Man: much From Home

The single spent 14 weeks at the optimal of the US Billboard Hot 100, i m sorry at the moment was a record. It became Houston’s longest operation at numberi one, surpassing her previous record of 3 weeks with the “Greatest Love the All” in 1986. It is juga the longest running mageri one solitary from a soundtrack album.

It debuted at mageri 40 ~ above the Billboard Hot 100, and also became Houston’s tenth mageri one entry 2 weeks later. It juga dominated other Billboard charts, spending 14 weeks at the optimal of Billboard Hot 100 solitary Sales chart, and 11 mainly at mageri one on its Hot 100 Airplay chart. The song tambahan remained at sourse one for five weeks ~ above the Hot Adult modern Tracks, and also for 11 weeks on the Hot R&B Singles chart becoming the longest running sourse one on the R&B charts in ~ the time; it remained in the peak 40 because that 24 weeks. It became Arista Records’ biggest hit. The song was sourse one on the hot 100, Adult Contemporary, and also R&B chart all at once for a record-equaling five weeks; ray Charles’ “I Can’t prevent Loving You” in 1962 achieved the same feat ~ above the same charts.

The song stayed at sourse one in the United says throughout januari and February 1993, making it the very first time Billboard did no rank a new numberi one single until in march of the new year. Houston’s “I Will selalu Love You” was also the year-end single of 1993 in the US. Similarly, in the UK, Houston’s version was ranked the mageri one single of 1992, and then made the countdown again in 1993 wherein it was ranked mageri nine, noting the an initial time any type of artist or group had the same single ranked in the peak 10 that the year-end tinjauan two years in a row. In Australia, it to be the sourse 17 single of 1992 and the sourse two tune of 1993.

Houston’s single was juga an international success, peaking at numberi one the the singles charts in many countries, including the Eurochart hot 100 Singles, whereby it invested 13 weeks in ~ the top. The solitary ruled the summit place for ten weeks in Australia, five mainly in Austria, seven weeks for Belgium, eight main in France, six weeks in Germany, eight weeks in Ireland, two main in Italy, six main in Netherlands, 14 weeks in brand-new Zealand, nine main in Norway, one week in Spain, 6 weeks in Sweden, eight weeks in Switzerland, and ten mainly in the joined Kingdom. Houston’s 10-week power in the UK to be the longest operation at the top by a solo woman artist in the background of the brother singles chart, until it was overtaken by Tones & i in 2019.

Only a few hours after ~ Houston’s fatality on February 11, 2012, “I Will always Love You” topped the US iTunes charts. Also, in the week complying with her death, the single returned come the Billboard Hot 100 after nearly 20 years, debuting at numberi 7, and becoming a posthumous top-ten solitary for Houston, the an initial one dari 2001. The song eventually peaked at No. 3, two spots embarrassy of ending up being the first song to return to the No. 1 place after falling off the chart dari “The Twist” by Chubby Checker. It debuted ~ above the Billboard Hot digital Singles Chart at mageri 3 ~ above the chart date February 25, 2012, through over 195,000 duplicates downloaded. In the united Kingdom, the song charted at numberi 10 the main of Houston’s death.

Houston’s solitary sold around 400,000 duplicates in its 2nd week at the top of the charts, membuat it the best-selling track in a solitary week surpassing Bryan Adams’ “(Everything i Do) I execute It for You”. It damaged its own record in the following three weeks, peaking at 632,000 duplicates in the week ending December 27, 1992. The januari 9, 1993 masalah of Billboard reported it had broken its own record for most copies offered in a solitary week for any kind of song in the Nielsen SoundsScan era. This document was broken by Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997/Something around the means You watch Tonight”, which marketed 3.4 juta in the final week that September 1997. “I Will always Love You” to be certified four times Platinum in the us for shipments of end 4 juta copies through the Recording industri Association that America (RIAA) on januari 12, 1993, produksi Houston the very first female artist v a single to with that level in RIAA history. According to Nielsen SoundScan, as of 2009, the single had marketed 4,591,000 copies, and also had menjadi the second best-selling physical single in us alone, only behind Elton John’s solitary in 1997.

In the joined Kingdom, the solitary sold over 1,550,000 copies, becoming the tenth best-selling single of the 1990s, and was certified two times Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) on january 1, 1993. It to be certified Platinum for shipments of over 500,000 copies by the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) in Germany. In Japan, “I Will selalu Love You” offered over 810,000 copies, remaining for 27 mainly on the chart, and became the best-selling solitary by a foreign female artist at the time, in spite of not topping the charts.

“I Will selalu Love You” dimenangkannya the 1994 Grammy award for document of the Year, and Grammy award for ideal Female pop Vocal Performance, her third award because that this category after previously awards in 1986 and 1988. During the Grammy compensation telecast, the Grammy compensation for best Pop Vocal Performance, Female to be presented to Houston by composer Dolly Parton and David Foster. The solitary topped the 1993 Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B Singles year-end charts simultaneously, becoming the very first single by a woman artist and the second overall to accomplish that feat behind Prince’s “When Doves Cry” in 1984. In addition, it obtained Favorite Pop/Rock solitary and favorite Soul/R&B single awards at the 21st American Music Awards, which was the first record by a solo woman artist to success both categories, and also the 3rd overall in AMA history behind “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross in 1982 and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson in 1984. “I Will selalu Love You” saya menang two Japan gold Disc Awards in 1993 for international Song that the Year, and also a 1994 global Song of the tahun Special Award because that Japanese sales of end one million units.

In 2015, “I Will selalu Love You” was called the #1 song of the rock Era in the book The peak 500 lagu of the batu Era: 1955-2015.

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The single’s music video clip is attributed to Alan Smithee (Nick merek removed his name as result of the means Clive Davis re-edited the video), and also produced by rob Newman. It begins with the power of the track Houston offers at the end of The Bodyguard. The video kemudian cuts come Houston in a dark blue setelan sitting in an north theater through the spotlight glowing on her, to sing of her love, and at the finish of the video, Houston’s theater changes into open up camp circled by snow, i m sorry is expected to be at Fallen leaf Lake, California, wherein The Bodyguard’s boat scene to be filmed. The video is inter-cut with scenes from The Bodyguard and gives the viewer the suffer of reliving the moments v the singer. At the moment of the video’s shooting Houston was pregnant through her daughter Bobbi Kristina, so Houston is displayed only sit in the theatre scenes. – Wikipedia 

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Some Quotable Lyrics

If I should stayI would only be in your waySo I’ll go however I knowI’ll think of you every action of the way

And ns will selalu love youI will selalu love youYouMy darling, you

Bittersweet memoriesThat is all I’m taking with meSo good-byePlease don’t cryWe both recognize I’m not apa you, friend needGet full Lyrics Here