Moon Orchid or Anggrek moon is the among exotic flower native Indonesia. Bulan Orchid is one of Indonesia"s national flower called "Puspa Pesona". "Anggrek Bulan" or or "Puspa Pesona" consisted of into the Phalaenopsis species. Very first time for flower found by a belanda botanist, Dr. C.L. Blume. In the world have at the very least 60 type (species) of Phalaenopsis, with about 140 varieties of i beg your pardon there room 60 varieties moon Orchid in Indonesia.

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Moon orchid is widespread ranging from Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua new guinea, to Australia. The way of life moon orchid as an Epiphyte with a stick on the tribe or branches of tree in tropic forests. The moluccas is the very first discovered for bulan orchid in Indonesia. Moon orchid has several regional names seperti as "Anggrek Menur (Java)", "Anggrek Wulan" (Java and also Bali) and "Anggrek Terbang" (Maluku) .

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The federal government of Indonesian Republic to collection the orchid flower charm attach Jasmine and a giant lotus (flower rare) through Decree of the president of the Republic that Indonesia mageri 4 tahun 1993.Orchid months contained in the monopodial orchid plants that gain a little sun to support life. Moon orchid pipeline are green with elongated shape. Moon orchid roots are white and round and also elongated fleshy feel. The flowers have a slight fragrance and also have long bloom time and also can thrive up to 10 centimeter in diameter.Moon orchid have large petals and also graceful, includes simple to treatment for orchid plants and also diligent flowering. Every flower that the flower is cultivation from the stem from the bottom.With ideal care that orchids in extremely resistant and not quickly fade. Indigenous the flower stems have actually fallen flowers, fresh flowers deserve to grow new branches. As indoor residence plants, bulan orchids is very charming nature make new room .This is the scientific classification of moon Orchid:Kingdom: PlantaeOrder: AsparagalesFamily: Orchidaceae below tribe: EpidendroideaeGenus: Phalaenopsis Species: Phalaenopsis amabilis Synonyms: Epidendrum L. Amabile (Basionym), Cymbidium Amabile (L.) Roxb; Synadena amabilis (L.) Raf; Phalaenopsis grandiflora Lindl; Phalaenopsis grandiflora var. Aurea auct Phalaenopsis amabilis var. Aurea (auct.) Rolfe; Phalaenopsis Gloriosa Rchb.f.