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With the high kecepatan of illnesses in this modernis day and time, anyone native all age groups is at risk of suffering from some types of penyakit that may affect any component of the human body. The convenience the the modernis lifestyle offers has actually been questioned as among the hazard factors, kapan lifestyle has actually been dikenali as an important determinant come an individual’s overall quality of life and health. Someone with a positive and also healthy way of life is much more likely to also enjoy top quality living. Whereas an individual v an unhealthy way of living is much more likely to encounter illnesses, both communicable and non-communicable.

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Cancer is the surname of a collection of diseases that are resulted in by cells that abnormally grow and also develop right into cancerous cells4. There room multiple jenis of cancer, called for the organs or tissues where the cancer starts. While cancer is not transmissible from rakyat to person, cancer cells invade the surrounding tissues or even spread lagi from anda origin. At the beforehand stages, a rakyat with cancer may be asymptomatic and he or she may not be conscious of the existence of these malignant cells; when symptoms occur, however, it usually indicates that the an illness has advanced4.

Among women, cervical cancer is the second of ten most common types of cancer that affects women and also has ini adalah a worldwide threat2. In Indonesia, as plenty of as 348,809 situations of cervical cancer menjadi reported in 2016. According to a 2018 report that the global Cancer Observatory, Indonesia has 32,469 instances of cervical cancer per tahun with the numberi of deaths getting to 18,279 people5. V this number, Indonesia has menjadi the negara with the second highest cervical cancer situations in the world. In kondisi of age, women in between 30 come 50 year old room typically more at hazard to cervical cancer, back the disease untuk mengambil around seven to ten years sebelum it becomes invasive. Preventive measures are therefore vital in stimulate to reduced the perbandingan of condition due to cervical cancer.

Law numberi 52 the 2009 concerning population and Family evolusi stipulates the mandate of the National populace and household Planning papan ( According to the law, to establish a well-balanced and also healthy population, has the competence to style family planning policy to, amongst others, help couples or married couples to untuk mengambil wise decisions and to accomplish reproductive kebenaran responsibly. tambahan has the competence to education couples top top the ideal period at marriage and age to bear children, on reproductive health, bear spacing, and also the as whole measures to safeguard the diberkatilah anda and lower the mortality perbandingan of women, infants, and children.

In the following section, I kandil discuss the duty of in the avoidance of cervical cancer.


Cervical cancer is a cancer emerging from the cervix, or the lowermost part of the uterus. The cancer is brought about by the human papillomavirus or HPV3. The prices of incidence of and also mortality as result of cervical cancer in Indonesia are the second highest after chest cancer. Follow to the dunia Health company (WHO), Indonesia has the largest numberi of cervical cancer patient in the world. The results of the 2013 Basic kesehatan Research present that cervical cancer and breast cancer space two penyakit with the greatest prevalence in Indonesia10, with 0.8‰ prevalence perbandingan for cervical cancer and 0.5 ‰ prevalence perbandingan of cervical cancer10. Meanwhile, the 2010 data of Hospital information System found 5,349 (12.8%) cases of inpatient treatment as result of cervical cancer and 12,014 (28.7%) cases of inpatient treatment because of breast cancer6.

Risk factors of Cervical Cancer

Despite extraordinary advances in medicine, the genuine cause of cervical cancer continues to be a pertanyaan mark, with countless factors that mungkin contribute to the disease. However, research has discovered that through minimizing the hazard factors, the risk of females to develop this life-threatening condition may be lowered by 40 percent4.

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The complying with are few of the main risk components of cervical cancer:

Early Marriage

Marriage at a young period may bring about reproductive issues; the younger a orang enters right into a marital relationship the reproductive time horizon is juga extended. There may juga be reproductive complications through serious risks to a mother and child. In her research, Ike Ate Yuviska (2015) uncovered that early marriage among girls younger than 16 year old may be linked to cervical cancer. Follow to Azis (2006), girls who room married sebelum the period of 16 are ten to 12 waktu more at danger of emerging cervical cancer contrasted to females who space married in ~ the period of above twenty years old. At the lembut ages the the adolescence period, the uterus of a female is exceedingly sensitive, and the cervix is much more susceptible come carcinogenic stimulus due to the fact that of the active squamous metaplasia that might stimulate the development of cancer cell in the cervix. The is necessary to understand that before the age of 18 a female’s cervix anatomy is not yet totally developed.

According to exhilaration Director top top Reproductive diberkatilah anda of drg. Widwiono, while cervical cancer may ambil ten come 15 years to develop and also may not immediately impact girls who space sexually positif before 18 years old, sex at very early age has actually been connected to a greater risk of occurring this form of cancer early the adolescents’ cervix problem that makes susceptible to HPV9. In the same note, the Head the DR (H.C), dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp.OG(K) juga shared around other risks linked with child marriages through the Instagram account that