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Anda sedang menonton: Apa artinya how old are you

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Welcome come oksavingmoney.com’s British bahasa inggris in three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and paling fun means to find out English.
Hey everyone, i’m Gina!
In this series, we’re walk to discover some easy cara to ask and also answer common questions in English. It’s yes, really useful, and it only bawa pulang three minutes!
In this lesson, you going to learn how to asking a yes, really basic question in a polite but natural way - just how old room you?
In your bahasa inggris textbook, among the an initial lessons may have been just how to asking someone’s period by saying just: “How old room you?”
However, in countless English-language cultures, asking an adult’s age straight - specifically a woman’s age - is no polite. If you suddenly ask “How old room you?” to someone you’ve hanya met, they’ll understand you, yet they might not it is in too senang about answering kemudian a blunt and direct question.
So exactly how do you uncover out someone’s age without offending them?
You hanya add a magic phrase to the start of the question! This phrase is:
“Do friend mind me asking...”
This is an incredibly helpful phrase the you should certainly memorise! It comes in comfortable whenever you want to asking a question that might be a little personal or come throughout as a tiny too direct. Native speakers of bahasa inggris use it all the time.
So the penuh question would be:
“Do friend mind me asking just how old girlfriend are?”
Pay fist to the word order. It’s no “Do girlfriend mind me asking exactly how old are you?” the “Do you mind me asking exactly how old girlfriend are?”
The answer come this have the right to be straight:
“I’m 25 years old.”
Or just:
“I’m 25.”
Or it have the right to be a little an ext detailed; if you’ve just had a birthday, you have the right to say...
“I’ve hanya turned 25.”
Or, if you’re about to have a birthday, you have the right to say:
“I’ll revolve 25 this month.”
“I’ll revolve 25 in July.”
It’s much more natural di sini not to provide your exact birthday, i.e. “July the 9th”, but just the month.

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So again, to rotate this question bagian belakang on the rakyat asking the pertanyaan and discover out his or her age, every you need to do is usage that various other magic phrase we introduced in ahead lessons:
“How about you?”
Here the OK no to worry around being polite, darimana the other person asked girlfriend the pertanyaan first.
Now it’s time for Gina’s Tips!
We discussed that questioning someone’s age may no be polite, yet if you carry out decide come ask this question, here’s lainnya tip - some people like to answer with another question: “How old perform you think i am?” be careful! If girlfriend say an age that’s older than the person’s true age, they might be an extremely offended - so it’s selalu safer come say a mageri lower than maafkan saya you in reality think. For this reason if friend think the person looks 40, to speak “35!” and see how happy they look!
Did friend hear about the great video series called english in three Minutes? In the lanjut lesson fine be learning how to talk around recent berita stories lihat the expression “Did friend hear about...?” watch you next time!