Google forms is the premier free software for creating surveys, questionnaires, polls, and quizzes. However its versatility doesn’t finish here…

With Google forms add-ons, girlfriend can increase its functionality and also streamline your workflow all at the very same time.

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We’ll present you some of the peak Google membentuk add-ons in this post, however first, let’s tinjauan how to install and remove add-ons.



Installing Google membentuk Add-ons is as simple as a few clicks.

Step 1: click the three little dots in the upper right-hand edge of the form.Step 2: click “Add-ons.”Step 3: float over the add-on friend want and also click the blue “+ Free” button.Step 4: tanda in to her Google account and click “Allow.”Step 5: mulailah using your new add-on.

How to remove Google membentuk Add-Ons


Removing Google forms add-ons untuk mengambil less 보다 5 seconds.

Step 1: click on the three tiny dots in the upper right-hand corner of the form.Step 2: click “Add-ons.”Step 3: search for the add-on you want to remove.Step 4: click on the environment-friendly “Manage” button and select “Remove.”

11 Google formulir Add-Ons You need to Have

There are plenty of excellent add-ons for Google Forms, and it would be difficult to cover them every in one post. Instead, we’re going to dandan 10 that the finest Google forms add-ons you can use to occupational smarter, not harder.

1. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey for Google membentuk Add-on‍The SurveyMonkey Add-on lets you leverage the power of the world-leading survey platform in her Google formulir by letting you quickly export your membentuk data.It also lets you enhance your Google membentuk with extr SurveyMonkey-specific features, including:15+ question jenis to construct any type of survey you want.Skip logic and randomization to get much more detailed, exact data.Greater manage of your survey’s look and also feel through custom logos, colors, URLs and also thank you pages.Deeper analytics including real-time responses, data patterns graphing, and text analysis to do smarter data-driven decisions.The add-on functions with any SurveyMonkey untuk merencanakan (including the complimentary one).And connecting any kind of Google form is a breeze: hanya select the SurveyMonkey add on in the toolbar, pick the questions to import, and click “Convert come Survey.”

2. Membentuk Publisher


Form Publisher for Google membentuk Add-On

Form Publisher allows users to transform Google membentuk into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or PDFs. There is no this add-on, you would certainly be left with your data sit in Google Forms. Now, you deserve to export it into any type of format you must make it more accessible, shareable, and easier come present.

Not just can membentuk Publisher turn membentuk into Google file files, yet it can juga turn them into Microsoft Office files, kemudian as Word, Excel, and also Powerpoint.

Form Publisher bekerja untuk it basic to posting ulang files, sending an email an alert to all respondents after ~ they submit a form or create one.

3. Email Notification

EmailNotifications because that Google membentuk Add-on

The Google membentuk Email an alert add-on melakukan exactly what you would intend it come do: sends out a an alert including Google membentuk data straight to your email resolve after who completes milik mereka submission.

You have the right to use the default message included in the add-on or customize your email notifications. And also you don’t need to send the emails to yourself, solely. You have the right to designate other email addresses to receive notifications together well.

And if someone fills the end a membentuk and attaches a file, that paper attachment will be had in the email an alert and can be opened directly from her email client without having to navigate kembali to Google Forms.

This add-on can also send notifications straight to her mobile device, consisting of tablets.

4. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar because that Google formulir Add-onBooking Calendar because that Google membentuk add-on creates Google booking forms. That allows orang to collection appointments or meetings.The method it functions is simple: Users load in any waktu and dates they want and visitors to their membentuk will select one of the options. After that, Google membentuk will automatically and instantly create a scheduled event in her calendar.‍

5. FormLimiter

Form Limiter for Google formulir Add-onFormLimiter allows you instantly prevent submissions in Google membentuk based ~ above a specified sourse of responses or a specific date, time, or cell value.No have to worry around closing a membentuk again! formLimiter lets you instantly control access to your Google membentuk by instantly shutting turn off submissions based on a few criteria (which you deserve to set):When a maximum sourse of responses space receivedWhen a specific date and time is reached.When a spreadsheet cell equals a certain value.You can juga customize the messages presented when any kind of of your boundaries are reached and set up email notifications to let you recognize when submissions are closed.formLimiter is a great alat when you have a chop deadline come gather information (like estimates for an upcoming blog post) or a minimal offer (“the first X customers to respond get 10% off our amazing new product”).

6. FormRanger

Form Ranger because that Google forms Add-on

FormRanger bekerja untuk it possible to pull data from Doctopus or Google Sheets and add it to Google Forms. Rather of manually transferring cell values, formRanger will certainly auto-populate the options in Google Forms, even if it is it’s a list, many choice, or drop-down price options.

If you job-related with a the majority of spreadsheet data the you’d choose to usage in a Google Form, formRanger makes it kelayakan to traction data indigenous Google Sheets come auto-populate options in a list, lot of choice, checkbox, or network question.

This is good if friend use membentuk for things prefer product order or gaining feedback indigenous employees, occasion attendees, etc. – you deserve to make certain the available membentuk options match an existing perform to ensure masa depan data handling (back in your beloved spreadsheets) will be smooth.

formRanger tambahan lets you automatically repopulate alternatives on every entry or hour, which lets you dynamically upgrade your forms.

For example, you bisa shrink her list the product alternatives based on their inventory availability, or grow your list of possible choices by automatically adding unique survey responses (so not all of your employees need to manually type “This company is by much the ideal place come work” as soon as Susan has).

7. Certify‘em

Certify ‘Em for Google forms Add-on

Certify’em permits you to create online certifications v Google Forms.This add-on provides several templates you have the right to use to membuat professionally draft certificates. That course, friend can juga create your own.

You have the choice of emailing your tradition certificates in PDF paper format to itu who happen the exam together well.

Another welcome function of Certify’em is it automatically keeps a record of itu who pass her exams, therefore you have an up-to-date log you have the right to reference if you need to.

8. Choice Eliminator 2

Choice Eliminator 2 because that Google forms Add-onChoice Eliminator 2 just deletes options from Google Forms, like those found in multiple choice, list, or drop-down questions. This add-on is appropriate for staying clear of users from picking the same alternative twice, or if yes a restricted amount the inventory, favor concert tickets.‍

9. FormRecycler

Form Recycler because that Google forms Add-on

FormRecycler permits you to “recycle” questions and also sections from various other Google membentuk files and also use them in a new form, rather of creating the same concerns over and also over again native scratch.

You get to select whatever item of one membentuk you want to recycle right into the next, therefore you bisa choose one question, nine, or more.

And friend can membuat a new membentuk with fresh questions and also recycle old people afterward; FormRecycler selalu places recycled inquiries at the finish of the form.

10. Pictographr

Pictographr for Google formulir Add-onPictographr is an add-on that lets you membuat custom designs and embed them straight into Google Forms. It comes through a terintegrasi graphics tajuk rencana that is preprogrammed come fit within Google Forms. Pictographr was made for non-designers in mind. To membuat images, simply drag and drop items right into the add-on’s diganjar canvas.

11. Bkper Forms

Bkper because that Google membentuk Add-onBkper to be designed for G Suite and connects to virtually every one of its apps, consisting of Google Forms.Bkper allows you:Track small-to-medium sized business finances, seperti as budgets, price reports, and also purchase orders.Customize Google forms to manage any membentuk of record-keeping by setup the rules of each field and suggest of submission.Stay update in real-time about account balances that are instantly organized for you.Set permission limitations on any kadarnya of your book-keeping for maximum security and optimal sharing.Keep all your financial data in main place for basic collaboration.‍Bonus


‍For the legal bidang there is no much better management sofrware than filevine. It can help you‍Save time with lengthy email bagian belakang and forthsManage your time sheets through customersManaged her cases and also matters‍With that integrations to every Google products, Filevine is the highest possible rated legal software application you need.

The 11 finest Google formulir Add-Ons

SurveyMonkeyForm PublisherEmail NotificationBooking CalendarFormLimiterFormRangerCertify’emChoice Eliminator 2FormRecyclerPictographrBkper Forms

How to improve Your Productivity beyond Google Forms

Free screen Recording software program for experts from CloudApp

Tools prefer Google membentuk add-ons are an excellent when anyone already knows how to usage the software. Yet for brand-new employees, or for brand-new processes that veteran employees need to understand, there’s often a difficult learning curve.

To get rid of this obstacle, you require to be able to communicate rumit information in a straightforward way. Native don’t always cut it. The no mystery that visual content marketing is remarkable to pure text-based messages. Rakyat prefer images and also videos over sentences and paragraphs.

So if you want to optimize the way you interact information to your fellow employees and also customers, you need to express her messages to them in the way they prefer to receive them.

That’s why we’ve developed a HDscreen recorder, webcam recording, GIF creation, screenshots and also annotations come the cloud in an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade app so you have the right to quickly create and share visual content.

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