Do you know apa to say when someone asks you, “What space you increase to?”

Today discover out the best ways to answers to kecil talk questions and greetings in English choose “how have actually you been?” and “what space you increase to?” for far better conversations and far better connections in English.

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“Hi Lindsay and also Michelle. I am Jan, one avid listener that AEE native Singapore.

I am intermediary to advanced in reading and also listening because I have the right to understand any kind of listening material however not in speaking.

I find myself struggling to connect with setiap orang in numerous conversations. For instance, I have a girlfriend who typically starts a conversation through asking, “Hi how have you been?” complied with by “What room you up to?” virtually every time we watch each other.

Honestly, the second question buatlah me lose the connection since I’m no sure exactly how to respond.

I understand that it method something prefer “what space you doing?” but I still acquire confused.

Should ns tell her apa I have actually done in the past few days? what I to be doing in ~ the moment? Or apa I am planning to do?”

-Jan, AEE Listener

This is a great pertanyaan from Jan!

“What space you increase to?”

What melakukan this mean? It method “What room you doing right now?” if the person sees friend regularly.

If the person does not view you an extremely often and also it’s someone that is check in v you after ~ 6 month or a tahun it would mean “What is going on in your life?” or it could still typical “What space you doing right now?””

How execute we respond?

“Oh not much, you?”“Oh not much. Maafkan saya about you?”“Oh no a entirety lot. Maafkan saya about you?”“I am working on my brand-new project. What are friend doing?”

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“What have you to be up to?”

This is an ext often used when you sit dibawah with someone and also catch up.

How carry out we answer it?

“Oh no much”“Not too much”“Not a whole lot”

If friend are perplexed about apa they room asking about:

“Are friend asking around this moment?”“You average right now?”

What questions do you have from today’s episode?