Videos in your video Cloud account have associated poster and thumbnail images. These images permit viewers to pick which videos they desire to see in a playlist or other listing of your content. Poster and thumbnail images can be watched in the following areas:

In the Media module, the thumbnail image is displayed lanjut to the video; the poster image will show up in the preview player ~ above the video properties halaman The thumbnail image will show up when posting a playlist The poster image is presented in the playback area that the video clip player after ~ the player loads and also the video metadata is available; the poster will display until the viewer presses the bermain button

For videos that space uploaded to video Cloud, poster and thumbnail photos are created instantly by acquisition a snapshot from the resource video at the midway point. The size of the poster and also thumbnail is based upon the dimensions mentioned in the ingest profile tangan kedua when uploading the video. If you don"t favor the default photos that were captured, you can upload other photos or capture brand-new images to use as the poster and also thumbnail.

Notes: If you space uploading images for a video you have recently uploaded, you have to wait until handling of the video has totally finished. Otherwise, the image upload will certainly fail. Due to the fact that processing the uploaded pictures is an asynchronous process, errors encountered will certainly not be instantly apparent. You must refresh the halaman after 30 secs to verify that the images dulu uploaded and processed successfully.

When uploading tradition poster and also thumbnail images, us recommend:

Poster image - Recommended facet ratio of 16:9 and a minimal width of 640px Thumbnail image - Recommended element ratio of 16:9 and a minimum width of 160px Note: Uploaded photos should usage the sRGB color format.

When girlfriend upload new poster and also thumbnail images, the photo dimensions will be based top top the photo dimensions stated in the default ingest profile because that the account. For details on increasing the high quality of poster and also thumbnail images, see raising the high quality of Poster and also Thumbnail Images.

Steps to upload brand-new poster and also thumbnail images

To upload a new poster or thumbnail image, follow this steps:

Click Media in the navigation header to open the Media module. Click the link for the video you desire to edit. Situate the Images section. Hover over the Poster/Thumbnail image and click the upload button.
Browse and also select a brand-new image. The may take a minute for the handling to complete and also for the pictures to show up in the Media module. Note: .png and .jpg photos are oksavingmoney.comed.


The sloop down system does not allow concurrent jobs on the same video.

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Therefore, if you attempt to upload images ketika the video clip is gift ingested or retranscoded, the photo upload will fail.