An evidence describes the source of one annotation, e.g. One experiment that has actually been published in the scientific literature, an orthologous protein, a document from lagi database, etc.

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Annotation systems

Systems digunakan to instantly annotate proteins v high accuracy:

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What are the criteria for specifying a CDS as a real protein, i.e. For inclusion in oksavingmoney.comKB?

Most protein order are acquired from translations of CoDing succession (CDS) derived from jenderal predictions. A CoDing succession (CDS) is a an ar of DNA or RNA who sequence identify the sequence of amino acids in a protein. It should not be mixed up v an open up Reading framework (ORF), i beg your pardon is a consistent stretch the DNA codons that starts with a mulai codon and also ends at a avoid codon. All CDS room ORFs, yet not every ORFs room CDS...

Some that the guess CDSs exhibit solid sequence similarity to recognized proteins in carefully related species. For other proteins over there is speculative evidence, such as Edman sequencing, clean identification by massa spectrometry (MSI), X-ray or NMR structure, detection through antibodies, etc. However, because that some other proteins, there is no evidence at all. To indicate these berbeda levels of evidence for the presence of a protein, we have introduced the PE (Protein Existence) line (see the protein visibility criteria).

Note that the PE line does not define the accuracy or correctness that a sequence displayed in oksavingmoney.comKB, however the evidence for the presence of a protein. That may occur that the protein succession is not sepenuhnya accurate, especially for sequences derived from gen predictions indigenous genomic sequences.

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What space oksavingmoney.comKB"s criteria for defining a CDS as "not a actual protein"?

Gene prediction performance mainly depends ~ above current organic knowledge. We usage bioinformatics tools to align the propose CDS v the latest variation of nucleic mountain sequences (genomic and RNA/ESTs). We sometimes indicate that proposed CDS or ORFs are wrongly predicted protein sequences. Our proof can incorporate the presence of new longer or shorter RNAs (fused or split predicted gene(s)), lack of RNA (even in other species), and/or wrong intron/exon borders (in Eukaryota). Some other protein sequences may have been identified as pseudogenes in the literature. When there is enough evidence the these CDSs space not genuine proteins, we remove them from oksavingmoney.comKB.