Motor Stepper Mikrostepping

Stepper Motor just how it Works, types and Explanation Microstepping - Stepper motor is a form of motor that rotates based on the action of rotation, ~ the rotation is complete, the motor will certainly be telah terorganisir (stopped) at a predetermined step.

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Stepper motors are widely used, sebagai as commercial machines sebagai as CNC, 3D Printing, Robotics, and also others. Since of its advantages that it deserve to move every step, for this reason it deserve to be rotated at a certain angle.

In addition, because the stepper motor can move/rotate through high accuracy, its use is also found on DVD, Printer, BlueRay, Camera Zoom,

In a stepper motor, there is a equipment shaft the can produce an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic bidang (magnet) will move (turn) the wheel (rotor) per one step (step).

A. Types Motor Stepper Berdasarkan Desain

There space three tipe of stepper motors based upon the architecture of the stepper engine itself:

Variabel Reluctance Stepper Magnet Permanen Hybrid
The difference above will affect the magnetic bidang that will be created.

B. Types of Stepper Motors based upon Winding Configuration

since the rotor that the stepper engine is controlled through the magnetic field generated through the coil v which the existing flows, there room two tipe of stepper electric motors when viewed from the construction of the windings:
engine Stepper dipol Motor Stepper UniPolar
Bipolar stepper motors (Bi = two and also Polar = Polarity) are motors composed of two windings. Native these 2 windings, the stepper motor will have 4 menyesuaikan wires.
A UniPolar stepper motor (Uni = Many and also Polar = Polarity) is a motor composed of 4 windings, with 2 windings every connected. Therefore this stepper motor has actually 5 or 6 regulator wires.
Look in ~ the complying with picture:

Difference Between dipol and UniPolar Stepper Motor

- dipol stepper:

4 wiresRequired inverting voltageHigh torqueLow max speedMore complicated menyesuaikan
- Unipolar Stepper:
5 or 6 wiresNo reversing voltage requiredLow torqueHigh maks speedSimpler menyesuaikan

C. Step setting (Step Mode) Stepper Motor

There room three types of step mode kapak or action angles, jenuh Steps, fifty percent Steps and also Microsteps.

Stepper electric motors popularly use a 1.8° step angle, in other words it ambil 200 procedures to accomplish a full 360° rotation.

1.Full Step

What melakukan full step setting mean? This means that the stepper engine is rotated or moved up come 360° rotation.

If we ambil a stepper motor v a 1.8° step angle type, then we conveniently only offer a signal to move 200 steps.

2. Half Step

Half step method 180°. For this reason in general, if we usage a stepper motor that has actually a step angle specification that 1.8°, we only give a signal of 100 steps.

3. Microstep

If you need a much more accurate engine rotation, for instance revolutions per 1°, then you use the Microstepping mode.

You cannot use seperti a penuh 200 procedures per 360° to journey a stepper motor per 1°. Why?

The logic is simple, a sepenuhnya 360° rotation way you need 360 actions if you want to move 1°, ketika the ability of a 1.8° stepper motor is 200 procedures per 360°.

So, we have to make the measures bigger than 360 procedures the minimum is 360 steps.

If the step has actually been much more than 360 steps, that will permit you to drive the stepper motor every 1°.

Microstepper mode is a stepper motor an innovation that is capable of being propelled in micro units. This microstep technology melakukan not count on the stepper motor used, but the driver (controller) of the stepper engine itself.

In the market, stepper motor chauffeurs have a form of Microstep mode, namely, 1 come 256. The greater the microstep used, the more accurate the pergerakan of the stepper engine itself.

The complying with is a to compare of the microstep come the minim rotation the the stepper motor.

Mikrostep / FullStep steps per 360° Turn minim
1 200 1.8°
2 400 0.9°
4 800 0.45°
8 1.600 0.225°
16 3.200 0.1125°
32 6.400 0.005°
128 25.600 0.0141°
256 51.200 0.00703125°

The ax microstepper is the term for a stepper motor untuk bergerak in micro rotation. As well as microstep, the term used is Excitation.

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D. Driver motor Stepper

Unlike the instance with plain DC motors, i m sorry will revolve by providing voltage polarity only. Stepper electric motors require a driver that can be regulated accurately.

This control can use a microcontroller. Some of the popular jenis of drivers used are:

ULN2003 Driver Modul L298N A4988 SilentStepStick (TMC2100, TMC2130, TMC2208, TMC2209 or TMC5160) TB6600 MA860H