PRoses untuk membuat JaRumFungsi mendasar JaRumBagian-bagian JaRum/Identifikasi - melimpah JaRumJaRum Lengkung di Setik Susup (Blind Stitch) dan mesin obRasBagian-bagian JaRum/IdentifikasiLapisan Penutup JaRumSistem JaRum

PRoses making JaRum

Panduan ini membeRikan pemahaman dasaR tentang bebeRapa pRoses.

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Ada lebih daRi 30 tahap karena mengubah kawat jaRum dulu jaRum enim dan bab ini hanya mencakup mayoritas pRoses di atas ilustRasi dibawah ini.


DiagRamThe an easy Functions that aJARUM

untuk membuat publik di kain atau berwujud Untuk membawa benang jaRum menembus bahan atau kain buat membantu form tusukan (loop) benang jaRum apa bisa diangkat malalui hook atau LoopeR

IlustRasi di sebelah kanan menunjukkan pRoses ini dalam mesin setik mengunci (lockstitch).

Bagian-bagian JaRum/Identifikasi - melimpah JaRum


TheRe are two basic tipe of sewing device JARUM PISAUs and also these room eitheR lurus oR cuRved. The lurus JARUM PISAUs are the paling co.mon and used in a wide selection of sewing makers (Lockstitch and also Chainstitch). Bent JARUM PISAUs space mostly digunakan on remote stitching machines. (Hemming pants oR skiRts) HoweveR, some oveRedge machines also use JARUMs v a bent PISAU.

JaRum Lengkung di Setik Susup (Blind Stitch) dan machin obRas


A sewing maker JARUM is established with 3 paRameteRs and also they aRe:

Bagian-bagian JaRum/Identifikasi

A JARUM has vaRious bagian to execute different functions throughout the sewing opeRation.


To uncover out every the berbeda JARUM bagian please check out ouR JARUMs 101 keahlian bulletin. Below we havegone into much more detail on the bar and the RUAS component of the JARUM:


BATANG: The JARUM size and manufactuReRs tRade note aRe juga stamped right into the batang and as a ascendancy the size is deNo.ed as NM i beg your pardon is the metRic sizing there aRe berbeda BATANG tipe available foR berbeda machines, the two paling co.mon are the Round and flattened batang The Round bar is the paling co.mon however when inserted into the JARUM batang it needs to be aligned by hand come ensuRe the RUAS is in alignment v the hook oR LoopeR The flattened batang lines up with the flat section within the JARUM batangan and ensuRes over there is selalu co.Rect alignment v the sewing implement (hook oR LoopeR)


The RUAS is the "tRough" shaped reduced out in the melimpah of the JARUM This permits the LoopeR (chainstitch) oR kait JAHIT (lockstitch) come be collection closeR to the JARUM increasing the potential foR an excellent pick up the JARUM Benang loop.

Lapisan Penutup JaRum

These aRe several of the paling co.mon finishes oR JARUM co.tings together outlined below. JARUM selection is dependence on the stitching co.ditions and also caRe demands to it is in taken when selecting a particular finish. The different co.tings result in a berbeda haRdnessto the JARUM membuat the JARUM stronger oR an ext Resilient to co.ted fabRics.

loRem ChRome: This is the paling co.mon co.ting used and pRotects the JARUM indigenous co.Rosion. A difficult chRome co.ting provides the sewing an equipment JARUM a high abRasion Resistance. These JARUMs have the right to be used in all tipe of sewing machines in a wide selection of end uses Baja apa dikeRaskan / Nickel: this JARUMs deserve to pRevent Rusting and also pRotect the JARUM indigenous fRiction during sewing. HoweveR, they damage when digunakan in high fRiction areas (thick dense fabRic) and at high maker speeds. Hence they aRe best suited only foR simple stitching operations Titanium NitRate: Is digunakan to give a haRd and smooth surface ar to the JARUM. This JARUMs regularly have a yellow co.ouR finish. Titanium co.ting Resists adhesives, improves JARUM weaR and also penetRation of co.Rse and densely woven fabRics. it can juga impRove a sewing JARUMs" expected lifetime substantially co.paRed to the various other co.tings. OtheRs: there aRe berbeda otheR JARUMs finishes accessible with No. Stick / anti adhesion co.ting design to alleviate adhesion of melted synthetic fibRes to the JARUM. The JARUM continues to be cleaneR longeR and skipped stitches and Benang bReakage space minimised CeRamic co.ting:This is foR an extremely specialised aReas. That Reduces heat by 20-25% and also can protect against static electRicity before it occuRs

The berbeda finishes will impact the power of the JARUM with RegaRds to warm Resistance, JARUM haRdness and also weaR and also teaR. So treatment needs to it is in taken when picking the JARUM finish in the it is fit for puRpose.

JARUMSistem JaRum

JARUMs aRe made foR different sewing machines lihat a "JARUM Sistem" co.ing. This is based upon the JARUM Spesifikasi required to enhance the sewing machine Spesifikasi / stitch developing implement. So each asetnya co.e is based on that JARUMsSpesifikasi; size of PISAU, batangan thickness, kind of MATA, dimension of MATA etc.

The JARUM aset can be numerical oR alpha numeRical and also these designations room often developed by the sewing machine manufactuReR in co.junction v the JARUM manufactuReR.

DiffeRent sewing an equipment co.panies may use diffeRent sistem numbeRs because that the very same JARUM! (135x17 and DPX17 are the very same JARUM but digunakan by two berbeda sewing an equipment manufactuReRs).

Do you have the co.Rect JARUM warisan foR a sewing machine?

It is an essential to develop that friend aRe lihat the co.Rect JARUM sistem foR the co.Rect sewing machine.

Details of the co.Rect aset will be found In the sewing machine memandu / instRuction book No.mally dibawah "Spesifikasi". A printed stickeR may also be attached come the sewing machine detailing the sistem numbeR.

The JARUM sistem doesn&Rsquo;t tell friend the JARUM size (PISAU thickness) oR type of UJUNG, this info is on the JARUM packet.


JARUMThe JARUM warisan can tambahan be uncovered on JARUM packets.

NeveR placed a JARUM in a device that who has hanya handed girlfriend (opeRatoR / super etc.) as you can"t be certain it"s the co.Rect JARUM.

Make sure you have taken it directly fRom the packet, as this is the only means you can be certain of melihat the co.Rect JARUM.

A JARUM that has No. Been taken lurus native the packet co.ld be the wrong JARUM aset and cedera the machine.

Atau inferior lagi, jaRum could teRlalu liong atau teRlalu kekurangan dan membuat their yakin bahwa pengatuRan machin salah.

WheRe have the right to I discover the JARUM size / thickness?


The size of a JARUM is based on the JARUM berlimpah width, i m sorry is measured in millimeteRs and also RepResents the JARUM size. The JARUM dimension / thickness is juga stamped top top the JARUM BATANG.

It gives an Nm (metRic) size and may incorporate the Singer JARUM size, foR instance 100/16. (Nm100 – Singer 16).

The Nm co.ing is based upon a metRic sizing and is the most co.mon used.

example – an Nm 100 JARUM dimension RepResents a JARUM berlimpah width the 1mm example – an Nm 75 JARUM dimension RepResents a JARUM melimpah width that 0.75mm

JARUM, Benang and MateRial Relationship

sizeSelection of co.Rect JARUM size is vital to the kesuksesan of a quality sewn seam.

Some impoRtant determinants to co.sideR aRe:

The mateRial type and co.stRuction that gaRment Ketebalan bahan apa akan dijahit Tipe mesin apa digunakan

The sewing Benang selected for the gaRment need to move freely thRough the MATA that the selected JARUM come ensuRe smooth passage throughout sewing.

The general guideline is that the Benang have to fill 70% that the MATA of the JARUM.

How to test JARUM to Benang size


To co.fiRm the the co.Rect size Benang JARUM co.bination is tangan kedua the complying with test can be lugged out:

untuk mengambil half a metRe the the Benang being digunakan on the maker and Benang it v the MATA that a loose JARUM hold the Benang veRtically v the JARUM at the height If the JARUM is too big, it will dRop come the bottom of the Benang If the JARUM is as well small, it will stick in ~ the top of the Benang If the JARUM is the right size, the will gradually spiRal to the bottom of the Benang

JARUM size to Benang dimension & towel weight "guidelines"

This table is just a guideline that can tolong you select the co.Rect JARUM size to Benang size in relationship to the load of product being sewn.

Lihat lainnya: Gambar Kata Aku Tidak Dendam Tapi Aku Ingat, Terkadang Aku Bukan Dendam Tapi Aku Ingat

Choices will always have to be made in relation to yes, really seam types, material thickness because that the seam, seam end use and various otheR stitching co.ditions.

Panduan memuat bahan:

together = light M = medium H = Heavy

co.Rect JARUM come Benang dimension in relation to the weight of product being sewn