FIRST MEDIA organization is pay-cable television and internet accessibility service detailed by PT connect NET to its CUSTOMERS.HOMECABLE is a trademark because that pay-cable television provided by PT link NET to its client which is using digital and also analogue system.“FASTNET” and also “FASTNET SOHO” space trademarks for internet access service listed by PT link NET come its CUSTOMERS. Come be much more specific, “FASTNET” service is only used by individual CUSTOMERS and the consumption is not for advertising purposes. “FASTNET SOHO” is only tangan kedua by non-individual CUSTOMERS.BOX PACKAGE persewaan is set Top crate (“STB”) or Converter rental from PT link NET come its client to have the ability to use their pay-cable televisi service.ROUTER rental is Wi-Fi devices sales or persewaan from PT attach NET come its customers to be able to use internet accessibility service.THE recipient is part or all devices that belong come PT attach NET i beg your pardon is lent to customers to have the ability to receive very first MEDIA SERVICE, (including but not minimal to) cable networks, STB, SmartCard, Cable Modem and router.SUBSCRIPTION fees is a mandatory dues that need to be payment in breakthrough by customers to have the ability to receive an initial MEDIA SERVICE.CUSTOMER is a precious legal entity under the regulations of Republic of Indonesia or individual who has reached 21 year old or older and not dibawah guardianship, or has written consent from parental or legit guardian to have the ability to subscribe to first MEDIA SERVICE.LOCATION is a ar designated by CUSTOMER because that INSTALLATION that THE recipient in stimulate to be able to receive first MEDIA SERVICE.INSTALLATION is an aktivitas carried the end by PT link NET or 3rd party designated by PT link NET to command (including however not minimal to) environment of brand-new networks and/or THE RECIPIENT, extr and/or pergerakan of OUTLET at LOCATION, OUTLET pindah to other place within first MEDIA company coverage area or reconnection of an initial MEDIA SERVICE.OUTLET is interconnection suggest between PT connect NET network and also LOCATION that THE RECIPIENT.BILLING is all membentuk of paper for payment request (whether in billing statement or work order), authorize by PT connect NET because that the usage of first MEDIA organization and/or INSTALLATION nilai and/or any type of other additional biaya that might arise.FORCE MAJEURS are occasions that occur past the strength of PT attach NET the may impact the ability of PT link NET to provide (including but not limited to) satellite disruption/replacement, transforms in policies/regulations authorize by federal government that will influence the implementation of the supplication of an initial MEDIA SERVICE, rally, war, riot, insurrection, natural calamities (earthquakes, flood, tsunami, fire), lightning, sabotage, strikes and massa outbreaks the disease.

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PT attach NET will certainly execute environment in accordance to the schedule i m sorry is agreed by PT link NET and also its CUSTOMERS. If in the process of INSTALLATION at the LOCATION requires permits and/ or approval from management of the CUSTOMER’S LOCATION, kemudian CUSTOMER must ambil care the the permits and/or approval in breakthrough at the price of the client themselves. During the INSTALLATION, CUSTOMERS need to be in LOCATION and oversee the entire procedure of INSTALLATION.For the objective of high quality inspection on very first MEDIA SERVICE, customers must permit PT link NET to have the ability to enter LOCATION and inspect THE RECIPIENT.CUSTOMER hereby totally understand and also acknowledge the a combination of specification between devices owned by CUSTOMERS and THE RECIPIENT will may straight or indirectly affect the high quality of an initial MEDIA SERVICE.To obtain a maximum experience of very first MEDIA SERVICE, every CUSTOMER’s gadgets which are linked to THE RECIPIENT’S devices should be guarantee to comply with the compatibility and also conformity through the teknis specifications of THE RECIPIENT’S equipment of first MEDIA SERVICE. Furthermore, any rusak occurs come the CUSTOMER's gadgets or THE RECIPIENT’S devices of PT attach NET as a an outcome of a force MAJEURE event kandil be the responsibility of each party.CUSTOMER have to look after ~ and bawa pulang cares THE RECIPIENT in ~ the LOCATION. In the event of damage/loss of THE RECIPIENT, kemudian PT connect NET will charge replacement/ repair biaya to that is CUSTOMERS.Especially for OUTLET movement at ar or OUTLET pindah to other place that is easily accessible with very first MEDIA SERVICE, client must notify PT link NET in writing no later on than 14 working aku in advance.Activation of very first MEDIA organization at ar will be terawat by PT link NET after registration of THE recipient by PT attach NET.FIRST MEDIA organization will have the ability to be obtained 24 hours a day and 7 hari in a week by client who has fulfilled milik mereka obligation, other than in the case of kekuatan MAJEUR and/or other events that occur past the control of PT connect NET.CUSTOMERS room not permitted to:use first MEDIA SERVICES external LOCATION and/or move OUTLET without writing consent and acknowledgment native PT link NET ;lease, resale and/or divert the intake of very first MEDIA company (either some or wholly) to any kind of other party;connect an initial MEDIA business with any kind of other gadgets in objective for commercialization activity in any other forms;make any adjust to the configuration of an initial MEDIA service and/or THE RECIPIENT;commit hacking and/or spamming and/or flooding and/or spoofing and/or hoax fan and/or e-mail forgery and/or violation to pundit Property benar (IPR) in a broad sense; and also use an initial MEDIA organization for any acts or merencanakan which is in contradictory to moral values, ethics, morality, decency and law.CUSTOMER might request any adjust of very first MEDIA SERVICE. These alters will influence SUBSCRIPTION fee that have to be payment by CUSTOMER.PT link NET is no responsible for the usage of an initial MEDIA organization by CUSTOMER and also PT attach NET is no responsible for any type of loss i m sorry arise any type of other membentuk due come the usage of very first MEDIA organization by CUSTOMER.
Billing for the intake of very first MEDIA service will be carried out at the start of every Billing bike (Billing Period) and also will it is in issued by PT attach NET through BILLING STATEMENT sent out to client by digital mail or write-up service.In the event of customer requesting because that BILLING STATEMENT to be yielded via article service, CUSTOMER will be charged for monthly administration cost which the CUSTOMER must bear by dari mereka selves, follow to the number recorded in BILLING.CUSTOMER should make payment in accordance come the quantity as declared in BILLING by no later on than BILLING STATEMENT early date.Especially for the payment the the very first BILLING, CUSTOMER must make payment by no later on than 3 (three) hari after the surroundings of very first MEDIA organization executed.BILLING payment will certainly be precious if that is posted successfully into the account i beg your pardon is stated by PT connect NET.Adjustment range for fees of very first MEDIA company will be educated in tertulis by PT attach NET to customers either v advertisements in berbeda prints or electronic media, an alert through BILLING shipment or e-mail or by other method which will be identified by PT connect NET.CUSTOMER is not enabled to make BILLING payment with Employee and/or Officer of PT link NET.
INSTALLATION FEE will certainly be charged for INSTALLATION biaya and CUSTOMER will bear the cost itself, according to the mageri recorded in the BILLING.OUTLET or LOCATION pindah will it is in charged and also CUSTOMER will certainly bear the nilai itself, follow to the numberi recorded in BILLING.THE RECIPIENT will certainly be charged for monthly rent and also CUSTOMER will bear the pengeluaran itself, follow to the sourse recorded in BILLING.The excess usage of cable of environment or OUTLET pindah more than maximum standard enabled by PT link NET will certainly be charged and CUSTOMER will certainly bear the biaya itself, follow to the sourse recorded in BILLING.Service call will charged because that IDR 50.000,- because that every visit (not including the material biaya for new replacement if required).In the occasion of cable repairmen at CUSTOMER’S LOCATION caused by damaged and/or failure by CUSTOMER will be charged in accordance come the biaya of cable usage and/or material consumption for the repairmen itself.In the occasion of THE RECIPIENT cedera or lose by CUSTOMER, kemudian the customer is manipulasi to reimburse the cedera and/or loss come PT attach NET through the adhering to details:Set height Box (digital) will certainly be charged because that amount the IDR 1.000.000,-/item;Converter (analogue) will be charged for amount that IDR 1.250.000,-/item;Remote control will it is in charged for amount of IDR 150.000,-/item;Smart Card will certainly be charged because that amount of IDR 110.000,-/item;Cable modem will certainly be charged for amount of IDR 300.000,-/item;Router will be charged because that amount that IDR 300.000,-/item;Set optimal box (Smart box X1) will certainly be charged for amount the Rp. 1.250.000,-/item;Advanced remote clever Box will be charged for amount the Rp 250.000,-/item.For every so late payment will be charged for late fees of Rp. 30.000 and also billed in the lanjut month Billing Cycle.For every payment through ATM, web Banking, Cashier counter ( Hypermart, Alfamart, Dan+Dan, Alfamidi, and Indomaret ) will certainly be charged for administration fee the Rp. 5.000 and also billed in the lanjut month Billing Cycle.
CUSTOMERS space entitled come compensation through a maximum value of 1(one) month SUBSCRIPTION FEE, with the adhering to provisions:Disruption of very first MEDIA service in 3 (three) consecutive aku or much more counted indigenous the time once complaint is got by PT attach NET which is equal to how long or the time size of discontinuity in days, split to the kasar number of aku in current month multiplied SUBSCRIPTION FEE.FIRST MEDIA company unavailable which take place not due to the fact that of maintain or repairmen procedure that have actually been scheduled and also notified to customers or not due to the fact that of disconnection as result of breach/negligence in the ax of proper melihat or using of tools as compelled to usage the business or interference with the web backbone.Excluded because that this case if the interference resulted in due to kekuasaan MAJEURE.Compensation will certainly be calculated on the lanjut month BILLING period.
In the occasion CUSTOMER would favor to disconnect an initial MEDIA SERVICE, kemudian CUSTOMER must inform PT link NET by no later on than 14-working aku before the finish of Billing Cycle (Billing Period) and also the CUSTOMER need to pay every of their obligation.If subscription period ends for any type of whatsoever reason, CUSTOMER have to return every one of THE RECIPIENT in ~ CUSTOMER’S ar to PT link NET either directly by the moment of disconnection day or no later than 3 (three) hari after disconnection date. ~ above the expiration the 3 (three) days after disconnection date, PT connect NET will take THE recipient in an excellent condition, not in damaged condition and is still suitable for use.

Breach of warranty and also provisions as contained in the kapak and conditions by CUSTOMER, consisting of late payment that BILLING entitles PT connect NET giving warning, applied sanctions, convey to very first MEDIA business and/or break first MEDIA company unilaterally.

Terms and conditions are effective from the signing date of the form by client or once CUSTOMER express approval end the phone as soon as PT connect NET officer inquiry approval from customer via telephone.CUSTOMER hereby assures that every data they administer is fully correct and accurate.
LAYANAN first MEDIA adalah layanan televisi kabel berbayar dan layanan akses internet yang disediakan oleh LINK network bagi para PELANGGAN-nya, baik personally maupun bekerjasama dengan pihak ketiga lainnya.HOMECABLE adalah merek dagang karena layanan television kabel berbayar yang disediakan melalui LINK network kepada PELANGGAN-nya, baik menggunakan asetnya digital maupun warisan analog.FASTNET dan FASTNET SOHO adalah merek dagang untuk layanan akses Internet apa ditawarkan malalui LINK network kepada PELANGGAN. Karena mencegah keragu-raguan, layanan FASTNET hanya dapat digunakan oleh PELANGGAN pribadi dan penggunaannya tidak untuk keperluan komersial sedangkan FASTNET SOHO hanya dapat digunakan oleh PELANGGAN non perorangan.RENTAL crate PACKAGE adalah penyewaan Set height Box (“STB”) atau Converter melalui LINK network kepada PELANGGAN buat menikmati layanan television kabel berbayar.RENTAL ROUTER adalah penjualan ataukah penyewaan aparatur wifi malalui LINK network kepada PELANGGAN buat menikmati layanan akses internet.PERANGKAT PENERIMA adalah sebagian atau seluruh aparatur milik link NET yang dipinjamkan kepada PELANGGAN karena dapat menerima LAYANAN first MEDIA, implisit tetapi noël terbatas pada jaringan kabel, converter, STB, SmartCard, Cable Modem dan Router.BIAYA berlangganan adalah biaya yang wajib dibayarkan di muka oleh PELANGGAN untuk dapat menikmati LAYANAN an initial MEDIA.PELANGGAN adalah badan hukum apa sah berdasarkan beraksi Republik Indonesia atau perorangan apa telah berusia 21 five atau lebih dan tidak di bawah pengampuan, atau telah mendapatkan persetujuan tertulis dari orang tua atau walinya apa sah, untuk dapat berlangganan LAYANAN first MEDIA.LOKASI adalah tempat yang ditunjuk malalui PELANGGAN untuk pemasangan instrumen PENERIMA guna menikmati LAYANAN an initial MEDIA.PEMASANGAN adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh LINK NET atau pihak ketiga yang ditunjuk melalui LINK NET untuk melakukan tersirat tetapi noël terbatas kepada instalasi jaringan baru dan/atau perangkat PENERIMA, penambahan dan/atau pemindahan OUTLET di LOKASI, pemindahan OUTLET usai LOKASI lain yang terjangkau melalui LAYANAN very first MEDIA maupun penyambungan bagian belakang LAYANAN very first MEDIA.OUTLET adalah ketentuan interkoneksi antara jaringan attach NET dengan instrumen PENERIMA di LOKASI.TAGIHAN adalah segala bentuk dokumen permintaan pembayaran (baik berbentuk billing explain maupun work-related order) yang diterbitkan melalui LINK NET overhead penggunaan LAYANAN very first MEDIA dan/atau nilai PEMASANGAN dan/atau pengeluaran tambahan lainnya apa mungkin timbul.FORCE MAJEURE adalah kejadian-kejadian yang terjadi diluar kekuasaan LINK NET yang dapat menpengaruhi possibilities LINK NET buat menyediakan LAYANAN very first MEDIA termasuk tetapi noël terbatas kepada gangguan/pergantian satelit, perubahan batin kebijakan/peraturan apa dikeluarkan melalui Pemerintah apa akan mempengaruhi pelaksanaan penyediaan LAYANAN first MEDIA, unjuk rasa, perang, huru hara, pemberontakan, hama alam (gempa bumi, banjir, tsunami, kebakaran), petir, kebakaran, sabotase, pemogokan missal dan wabah penyakit.
LINK network akan melakukan PEMASANGAN pantas dengan jadual yang telah disepakati antara connect NET menjangkau PELANGGAN. Apabila batin proses perakitan di LOKASI requires ijin dan/atau persetujuan dari manajemen/pengelola LOKASI, maka PELANGGAN wajib mengurus ijin dan/atau persetujuan tersebut terlebih dahulu atas cost PELANGGAN sendiri. Selama proses perakitan berlangsung, PELANGGAN wajib berada di LOKASI dan mengawasi seluruh proses PEMASANGAN.Untuk keperluan aturan dirombak kualitas LAYANAN first MEDIA, PELANGGAN delegasi memperkenankan attach NET untuk dapat memasukkan dan tetua PERANGKAT PENERIMA di LOKASI.PELANGGAN mencapai ini full mengerti dan paham bahwa asosiasi spesifikasi antara perangkat miliknya dengan perangkat PENERIMA dapat secara langsung maupun noël langsung mempengaruhi kualitas LAYANAN very first MEDIA.Untuk dapat menikmati LAYANAN first MEDIA secara maksimal, setiap instrumen PELANGGAN apa terhubung dengan perangkat PENERIMA agar dipastikan kompatibilitas dan kesesuaiannya mencapai spesifikasi teknis perangkat PENERIMA LAYANAN very first MEDIA. Lebih lanjut lagi, setiap menyakiti yang meningkatkan terhadap perangkat PELANGGAN ataukah PERANGKAT PENERIMA connect NET sebenarnya suatu kejadian kekuatan MAJEURE merupakan tanggung jawab dari masing-masing pihak.PELANGGAN wajib menjaga dan perawat PERANGKAT PENERIMA yang berbaring di LOKASI. Apabila terjadi kerusakan/kehilangan atas aparatur PENERIMA, maka attach NET become membebankan nilai penggantian/perbaikan kepada PELANGGAN.Khusus karena pemindahan OUTLET di LOKASI maupun pemindahan OUTLET usai lokasi lain yang terjangkau oleh LAYANAN first MEDIA, PELANGGAN wajib memberitahukan secara tertulis kepada attach NET selambat-lambatnya 14 days kerja sebelumnya.Aktivasi overhead LAYANAN very first MEDIA di LOKASI menjadi dilaksanakan melalui LINK NET nanti dilakukannya registrasi aparatur PENERIMA malalui LINK NET.LAYANAN an initial MEDIA akan dapat dinikmati selama 24 kota sehari dan 7 days seminggu oleh PELANGGAN apa telah memenuhi kewajibannya, kecuali apabila terjadi peristiwa kekuatan Majeure dan/atau peristiwa lain di luar kendali connect NET.PELANGGAN noël diperkenankan untuk:menikmati LAYANAN very first MEDIA selain di LOKASI dan/atau memindahkan OUTLET tanpa sepengetahuan dan persetujuan tertulis LINK NET;menyewakan, menjual kembali, dan/atau mengalihkan penggunaan LAYANAN first MEDIA (baik sebagian atau seluruhnya) kepada pihak go manapun;menghubungkan LAYANAN an initial MEDIA dengan perangkat lain apapun apa bertujuan karena tindakan atau kegiatan komersialisasi batin bentuk apapun;melakukan perubahan apapun terhadap konfigurasi LAYANAN first MEDIA dan/atau perangkat PENERIMA;hacking dan/atau spamming dan/atau flooding dan/atau spoofing dan/atau hoax fan dan/atau palsu e-mail dan/atau pelanggaran ke kanan Atas kekayaan Intelektual (HAKI), di dalam arti seluas-luasnya; dan manfaat LAYANAN an initial MEDIA untuk tindakan-tindakan yang bertentangan dengan pengeluaran moral, etika, kesusilaan, kepatutan, serta hukum.PELANGGAN dapat demands perubahan LAYANAN first MEDIA kepada connect NET. Perubahan ini dapat mempengaruhi biaya BERLANGGANAN yang wajib dibayar melalui PELANGGAN.LINK NET tidak bertanggung jawab atas penggunaan LAYANAN very first MEDIA melalui PELANGGAN dan link NET tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kerugian yang timbul dalam bentuk apa pun sebenarnya penggunaan LAYANAN very first MEDIA melalui PELANGGAN.
Penagihan overhead penggunaan LAYANAN very first MEDIA become dilakukan di setiap awal Billing Cycle (Periode Tagihan) dan diinformasikan melalui LINK network melalui faktur yang dikirimkan usai PELANGGAN melalui media elektronik ataukah POS.Dalam bab PELANGGAN persyaratan pengiriman faktur melalui POS become dikenakan cost administrasi setiap bulan dan ditanggung oleh PELANGGAN, benar dengan jumlah apa tercatat di dalam TAGIHAN.PELANGGAN wajib melakukan pembayaran pantas dengan jumlah sebagaimana berhenti dalam tagihan selambat-lambatnya pada tanggal bang tempo TAGIHAN.Khusus untuk pembayaran terhadap faktur pertama/awal maka PELANGGAN wajib melakukan pembayaran selambat-lambatnya 3 (tiga) days setelah tanggal instalasi LAYANAN very first MEDIA.Pembayaran tagihan adalah sah apabila telah efektif masuk usai dalam rekening yang ditentukan melalui LINK NET.Penyesuaian besaran pengeluaran penggunaan LAYANAN first MEDIA become disampaikan secara tertulis melalui LINK network kepada PELANGGAN baik melalui quảng di berbagai media cetak ataukah elektronik, pemberitahuan oleh pengiriman faktur atau e-mail, atau dengan cara lain yang akan ditentukan melalui LINK NET.PELANGGAN noël diperkenankan buat melakukan pembayaran bill melalui karyawan dan/atau petugas link NET.
PEMASANGAN dikenakan biaya PEMASANGAN dan ditanggung malalui PELANGGAN, benar dengan jumlah yang tercatat dalam TAGIHAN.Pemindahan OUTLET dan atau LOKASI dikenakan nilai dan ditanggung melalui PELANGGAN, pantas dengan jumlah apa tercatat batin TAGIHAN.PERANGKAT PENERIMA menjadi dikenakan biaya sewa bulanan dan ditanggung melalui PELANGGAN, benar dengan jumlah yang tercatat dalam TAGIHAN.Kelebihan pemakaian kabel pada saat PEMASANGAN ataukah pemindahan OUTLET yang melebihi batas maksimum kabel yang diperbolehkan connect NET dikenakan cost dan ditanggung oleh PELANGGAN, sesuai dengan jumlah yang tercatat dalam TAGIHAN.Panggilan karena perbaikan dikenakan cost sebesar Rp. 50.000,- buat setiap kunjungan (belum termasuk cost material jika penting penggantian baru ).Dalam chapter terjadi perbaikan kabel di LOKASI PELANGGAN apa disebabkan oleh menyakiti dan/atau kelalaian melalui PELANGGAN dikenakan cost sesuai menjangkau pemakaian kabel dan/atau material yang digunakan untuk perbaikan.Dalam chapter PERANGKAT PENERIMA mengalami berbahaya atau hilang malalui PELANGGAN maka PELANGGAN wajib untuk mengganti biaya kerusakan dan atau kehilangan kepada link NET mencapai perincian seperti berikut:Set optimal box (digital) dikenakan biaya sebesar Rp. 1.000.000,-/unit;Converter (analog) dikenakan nilai sebesar Rp. 1.250.000,-/unit;Remote regulate dikenakan nilai sebesar Rp. 150.000,-/unit;Smart card dikenakan cost sebesar Rp. 110.000,-/unit;Cable modem dikenakan cost sebesar Rp. 300.000,-/unit;Router dikenakan biaya sebesar Rp. 300.000,-/unit.Set height box (Smart box X1) dikenakan nilai sebesar Rp. 1.250.000,-/unit;Advanced remote Smart box dikenakan nilai sebesar Rp 250.000,-/unit.Untuk setiap keterlambatan pembayaran dikenakan pengeluaran keterlambatan sebesar Rp. 30.000 dan ditagihkan pada bill PELANGGAN moon berikutnya.Pembayaran oleh ATM, web Banking, dan Kasir Gerai ( Hypermart, Alfamart, Dan+Dan, Alfamidi dan Indomaret) akan dikenakan pengeluaran administrasi sebesar Rp. 5.000 dan ditagihkan pada tagihan PELANGGAN bulan berikutnya.
Pelanggan berhak mendapatkan kompensasi dengan nilai maksimum sebesar 1 (satu) bulan pengeluaran BERLANGGANAN, dengan ketentuan kemudian berikut:Gangguan terhadap LAYANAN an initial MEDIA selama 3 (tiga) days berturut-turut atau lebih terhitung sejak diterimanya keluhan oleh attach NET sebesar lama waktu gangguan dalam days dibagi jumlah total aku dalam bulan berjalan dikalikan biaya BERLANGGANAN.LAYANAN very first MEDIA tidak dapat dinikmati bukan buat adanya pemeliharaan atau perbaikan yang telah sembarangan dan telah diberitahukan kepada PELANGGAN atau bukan untuk pemutusan sebagai akibat pelanggaran/kelalaian beserta perlengkapan apa dibutuhkan karena menggunakan LAYANAN atau gangguan diatas internet backbone.Dikecualikan dari bab ini apabila gangguan apa disebabkan acibe FORCE MAJEURE.Kompensasi ini adalah diperhitungkan pada faktur PELANGGAN bulan berikutnya
Dalam halaman PELANGGAN ingin does pemutusan LAYANAN an initial MEDIA maka PELANGGAN wajib untuk memberitahukan kepada link NET selambat-lambatnya 14 days kerja sebelum akhir Billing Cycle (Periode tagihan) dan diamanatkan melunasi segala tanggung jawab hukum PELANGGAN.Apabila masa berlangganan berakhir buat sebab apapun juga, maka PELANGGAN wajib kembali seluruh perangkat PENERIMA apa terdapat di LOKASI kepada link NET baik secara langsung di ~ saat pemutusan atau selambat-lambatnya 3 (tiga) hari setelah tanggal penghentian berlangganan. Usai lewat masa times 3 (tiga) days setelah tanggal pemutusan berlangganan connect NET akan mengambil aparatur PENERIMA batin keadaan baik, noël rusak dan masih layak pakai.

Pelanggaran atas jaminan dan ketentuan sebagaimana tercantum di dalam ketentuan dan syarat ini melalui PELANGGAN, tersirat pula keterlambatan pembayaran faktur oleh PELANGGAN memberikan baik kepada link NET untuk memberikan peringatan, jatuh sanksi, does penyesuaian LAYANAN an initial MEDIA, dan/atau memutus sepihak penggunaan LAYANAN an initial MEDIA.

Pelaksanaan ketentuan dan syarat ini tunduk di atas hukum apa berlaku di utama Republik Indonesia. Settling perselisihan antara connect NET dan PELANGGAN berdasarkan ketentuan ini menjadi diutamakan oleh cara kekeluargaan buat mencapai mufakat. Apabila cara kekeluargaan noël memberikan jalan keluar, maka connect NET berhak karena mengajukan tuntutan/gugatan malalui Pengadilan Negeri jakarta Selatan tidak punya mengurangi daratkan LINK NET karena menunjuk hidangan lain di wilayah Republik Indonesia.

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Ketentuan dan syarat ini berlaku efektif since ditandatanganinya formulir oleh PELANGGAN dan atau di atas saat PELANGGAN menyatakan persetujuannya oleh telepon di ~ saat petugas link NET persyaratan persetujuan PELANGGAN melalui telepon.PELANGGAN mencapai ini menjamin bahwa seluruh data apa diberikannya adalah full benar dan akurat.


PT. Link Net TbkBeritaSatu Plaza 4th FlJl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 35-36 sampanye 12950, Indonesia.e-mail: customer.service