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He confirm-plus-guarantee-chop won" pop the pertanyaan by asking his girlfriend if she" choose to use for a flat




Photos: Toh Zi Yi, Mediacorp Channel 5, Tata Cahyani/Instagram

The raja of Fruits, durian, has a call that far precedes its famous pungent smell. Lot like Taiwan’s stinky tofu, you either love it, or hate it.For Singapore-based American actor-host Bobby Tonelli, he used to was standing firmly in the “hate it” camp.“When I an initial came to Singapore, I had durian and also frog legs, and I couldn’t stand both that it,” he mutual in one interview in ~ the media conference for Channel 5’s brand-new info-ed present Steady Lah!, which that co-hosts bersama with Lush 99.5FM deejay Rosalyn Lee (also recognized as Rozz).“I tho don’t choose frog legs, yet now, ns love durian,” Bobby allow on.His love-hate relationship with the fruit began in 2009, when he to be filming because that Channel 8 drama New Beginnings. He play the husband-to-be of regional actress-host Jade Seah in the show.“We had to film a gatecrashing ceremony, wherein I had actually to eat durian. Bu i couldn’t stand the fruit,” the recounted. “Tay ping Hui remained in that drama together well, and he told me, ‘You can not favor durian now, but the more you eat it, the much more you’ll choose it.’ I had actually to eat three to four seeds and also I almost gagged the first time ns ate it.”But lo and behold, ping Hui’s words terawat true, and also by the moment Bobby was done with his scene, he saw the fruit in brand-new light.“I assumption: v you can say that Tay cincin Hui taught me exactly how to prefer durian,” the 41-year-old laughed, including that the prefers the sweeter variety.

However, the raja of Fruits will certainly not be making any spesial appearances in Steady Lah!. Instead the present will untuk mengambil a light-hearted watch at how Singaporeans build community bonds and celebrate diversity, with hosts Rozz and also Bobby posing unique Singaporean difficulties to a team of foreigners that have set up residences in Singapore. Obstacles include gift a tour guide or a hawker because that a day, becoming a dragon-boater and more.“The Hawker because that a Day ilustrasi was good. We had actually a great time act the coffee, I had so plenty of cups the kopi! i was literally speaking so fast, Rozz also asked me if i was okay,” Bobby laughed, imitating the sound of a maker gun.With filming much more or less completed for the eight-episode series, Bobby, who first set foot in Singapore in 1997, proclaimed he’d be really “steady lah” if he were a participant top top the show.

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He may, however, have troubles coping with the food preparation portions. “I’m not really a good cook," the laughed.

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2017 is membentuk up to be a busy tahun for Bobby, who has actually a slew of activities lined up. Beside from hosting season 2 of reality entertainment collection Celebrity car Wars, Bobby will be doing a car formulir penilaian show v Caltex, which will certainly be obtainable for the town hall online later on this year.

The 41-year-old will tambahan be jetting off to Indonesia in lima months" time to shoot a film, in which the plays a belanda captain in the 1800s, during the Java War.

That" not all. He made decision to enter business and also has invested in a local art portal i beg your pardon is set to go online in the lanjut few months. Bobby revealed the he will be working on it v two local partners and also his girlfriend of four years, Tata Cahyani, one Indonesian entrepreneur.“It’s an ext of a social directory, a community to connect setiap orang to detect art. We’re in our last beta stage so it have to be launching soon,” Bobby shared, including that he expects the website to go live by April or might this year.

speak of his girlfriend, Bobby revealed that they space " towards" marriage, although nothing is planned for now.“Last year, I stated I to be going to carry out it (get married), however it no happen. So i say that we’re not giving it a critical time, yet we’re functioning on it, we’ve talked about it. Ns mean, also though I can act young and also feel young, mine driver’s license claims I’m not so young anymore.”One thing’s for certain though, when Bobby melakukan pop the question, eventually, he promised it" it is in a romantic affair.

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It" be nothing like the " way" proposing - asking his other fifty percent if she" favor to buy a level together, he assured.

" guys, we gotta be romantic!" he chortled. " come a quite dinner, walk somewhere pretty after she states yes, then you ask her around the flat."