Nickelodeon viewers said goodbye come Victorious nearly eight years ago when the show aired its final episode in February 2013.

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At the time, the network exit a statement per HuffPost announcing that the show would involved an end. “Nickelodeon will not be dinamis forward with manufacturing on a fourth season the Victorious following the final season that will certainly premiere this fall,” Nickelodeon’s statement read. “We are really proud that the show, its very talented cast, and our audience will continue to see many of them in upcoming new Nickelodeon projects.”

The present starred Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Matt Bennett, Liz Gillies, Leon Thomas, Avan Jogia, Daniella Monet and more stars, who have actually all gone on to have pretty effective careers in Hollywood, however why go the show have to end? some fans are persuaded that there to be a rift between two of the stars leading to the cancellation, but no negative blood between the Nickelodeon actors was ever confirmed.

So apa went dibawah and why to be the present really canceled? Scroll v our galeri to uncover out why Victorious really pertained to an end. 

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When walk ‘Victorious’ mulailah and as soon as did that end?

The Nickelodeon show premiered on march 27, 2010. After 4 seasons and also 57 episodes, it came to an end on February 2, 2013.

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What happened during the terakhir episode?

Titled “Victori-Yes,” the final episode followed Tori and the gang as they speak yes come anything and everything for one totality day. This wasn’t an official ending for the show, therefore in a an extensive Tumblr post from 2013, Victoria predicted what the masa depan would host for every character. “The cast and I really carry out wish we had actually a proper finale, however it no to be. So, since we don’t have one, ns going come tell you what I think happens to every cast member,” she wrote.

Tori: “Tori it s okay signed to a document deal and becomes a popstar. She kemudian goes out on a headlining tour.”

Andre: “He also gets signed to a record deal and not just is super effective as a record artist, but tambahan as a writer/producer. His albums go multi-platinum.”

Trina: “Trina is looking come marry a prince (because that’s apa she feels she deserves), therefore she auditions and also gets embraced to the new season the The Bachelor, wherein England’s Prince harry is the new bachelor (poor Harry).”

Beck: “He keeps auditioning and gets actors in his own collection of a high institution student who’s also a sociopath. His brand-new show films in another city and also he and also Jade rest up.”

Cat: “She realizes that she has solid feelings for Robbie, and that it to be him along. Cat juga starts her own babysitting service with a girl named Sam.”

Robbie: “He ultimately says goodbye to Rex after ~ he finds love through Cat. Periodically he make the efforts to move Cat’s mouth through his hand … she understands and also goes bersama with it.”

Jade: “Goes onto have actually a really successful career as Hollywood’s brand-new horror queen.”

Sikowitz: “Starts a really successful coconut water company.”

Sin Jin: “Becomes a billionaire because of a new sosial media online company he started. He provides Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) a run for his money.”

Victoria concluded, “There you have it. The gang selalu stays in touch every year after tahun at Hollywood arts reunions.”


Did ‘Victorious’ end since of a feud?

For years, fans menjadi convinced the show pertained to an end because of negative blood in between Victoria and Ariana. When Sam & Cat premiered top top the network, fans slammed Ariana because that ending Victorious. She denied the rumors and also in a since-deleted masyarakat media write-up claimed the concluded after ~ a actors member “chose to carry out a solo tour rather of a cast tour.” at the time, Victoria was obtaining ready to headline her own tour, which memerintah to speculation the she to be the reason the display ended.

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In one interview with TMZ from january 2015, Victoria clearing the air and said, “I had no manage over leave the show or the display ending, that was completely up come Nickelodeon and the executives. And I love the cast and also I loved doing Victorious. Me going on tour when I did had nothing to do with even if it is or no there was a Victorious tour.”

She tambahan shut turun feud rumors between herself and Ariana. “We’re not ideal friends, yet at the end of the day i wish she well and also she’s act great, and also I’m senang for her,” Victoria said.