Stop through our worldwide Champions Cup gamethread and also live blog together Bayern Munich theatre Arsenal stateside.

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all aboard the #ArpTrain! photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty pictures
Final time — Arsenal wins 2-1

90+1 — John-Jules almost nabs a goal of his own. Ceded the bola with an open shot ~ above goal, he sends it skyward.

87’ — goal ARSENAL! Süle struggles to save on computer Nketiah, who still manages come find room for a shot. The ball is deflected the end of bounds, and also Arsenal convert on the corner. John-Jules wins the ball out that the scramble and sends a cross across the challenge of goal to Nketiah, who bodily sends out it across the line.

84’ — Kimmich is brought down by a late tackle, giving Bayern a complimentary kick well external the box. Kimmich theatre the bola to Coman ~ above the left. He bawa pulang a short shot in ~ the near corner, however Leno conserves it.

81’ — Arsenal is finally treating this match much more like a preseason friendly. Nketiah come on for Lacazette, and John-Jules replace instead instead Özil.

80’ — Gnabry ambil a wicked shot in ~ Leno, yet the keeper won’t give him a goal against his former club. Within the exact same minute, Coman fires an absolute rocket an inch broad of goal. The ball hammers the declaring boards with an audible thwack sebelum Leno even lands indigenous his dive. A dead it missed!

71’ — score BAYERN! He buatlah it look so easy. Gnabry obtain the bola out right and fires a cross inside to Lewandowski. The Pole leaps and also sends a perfect header kembali to the right right into the far edge from where he’s standing.

70’ — Kimmich saves the bacon for Bayern by throwing himself in front of a shoot by Nelson.

67’ — Another scary moment in former of Bayern’s goal. Auba flubs perfect cross from Kolasinac across the confront of goal.

64’ — Some substitutions because that Arsenal. Mkhitarian is changed by Nelson, and Willock comes turn off for Burton.

60’ — Coman flies mast negative Maitland-Niles again in a flurry that step-overs. This time he drives every the way to the close to post, where he is denied by Leno.

58’ — Kingsley Coman pertained to play. The winger pulls a high-speed Cruyff much up the left flank, leaving his man — Maitland-Niles — in the dust. If just he could have discovered an opening after it!

54’ — What a pass! Goretzka delivers a through-ball clear through Arsenal’s lines come Gnabry, but he can’t acquire the shooting off. Leno kekuasaan life complicated for himself in the sequel, needlessly punching far a catchable ball.

51’ — Gnabry comes the end swerving and takes a shot that goes just beyond the far post.

48’ — OWN-GOAL versus Bayern: Bayern’s young left-back desperately tries to clean a shoot by Aubameyang but inadvertently directs it into the near corner where Ulreich cannot save it.

Kickoff of the second half! We’re back. Kovac has fielded a completely berbeda team now. Here’s the rundown:

Ulreich; Kimmichi, Süle, Pavard, Poznanski; Goretzka, Singh; Coman, Goretzka, Gnabry; Lewandowski

Arsenal on the other hand replaces Leno with Martinez and also former Schalke male Sead Kolasinac come on for Nacho Monreal.

Halftime! Bayern had the only really dangerous shooting on goal in the very first half against a strong Arsenal team. Now we’ll see what substitutions every team kekuasaan going into the 2nd half.

44’ — Ontuzans lands very awkwardly ~ above his best foot ketika making a risky challenge (and committing a foul). He is escorted turn off the field by team physician Müller-Wohlfarht.

38’ — Now Arsenal counter. Aubameyang drives up the center and lays off to Özil top top his left. Özil fires in ~ the close to post, yet Neuer blocks the ball

37’ — Javi sends out a peach of a depan pass all the method to the appropriate wing. Oztunans slides to keep in in bounds. That succeeds! He sends out the ball inside, yet the happen is not ideal. Tho Tolisso manhandles his man and pokes the nol forward for Johansson, however he cannot do the shot, winning just a corner.

33’ — Bayern’s right pemain sayap Ontuzans untuk mengambil a shot native the best wing at the far corner, yet Leno deflects it from harm’s way.

32’ — Mr. Smooth Thiago Alcantara distracts Arsenal’s defenders sebelum sending a no-look pass the end left come Alaba. Alaba delivers fantastic cross intended for Müller, however Leno in which method manages come block the shot through his leg. The was the first real opportunity of the game.

27’ — Yikes, Manu. Alaba passes the ball bagian belakang to Neuer, however he is almost dispossessed at the goal by Aubameyang. His happen bounces off the striker’s shin, fortunately wherein he can conveniently leap on the nol and smother it.

26’ — Jerome Boateng and also Lacazette posting ulang a laugh ~ a spectacular pass maju to Tolisso proves come be hanya a rambut too lot to carry down. Boa somehow shot that his means on the volley after his an initial touch sent it bouncing in front of him.

24’ — Aubameyang win Alaba, who slips and also falls. Auba fires in a cross, yet nobody on either team can affix with it till it rolls clear out of the penalty area.

23’ — Oops: Arp loses the nol on the sideline ~ a bad touch.

21’ — Özil find Lacazette out right and bekerja untuk a operation on goal. Lacazette sends out him a pretty cross, yet Özil can not hit that cleanly. Javi Martinez removes the threat.

19’ — Özil takes a shot from a really tight angle on the left flank. Neuer has actually no trouble collecting it.

16’ — A dandan by Arp: that brings turun a difficult pass through a deft touch sending out it forward, kemudian passes ahead to Ontuzans ~ above the best wing. Ontuzans sends out in a cross to Müller, but müller plays a dummy. Arp is somewhat too much away to ambil a shot, though, and also instead needs to dribble outside.

15’ — Arsenal maintain the bola in Bayern’s half but struggles to break with the defense. Finally Xhaka skies a shot into the stands. Bayern’s ball.

12’ — Arsenal break together Aubameyang bekerja untuk a run up the right. Yes sir no capturing him, but Kehl is ~ above hand to send his cross out of bounds. Bayern concedes a corner, yet Arsenal melakukan nothing v it.

8’ — Horrible defending by Arsenal. Bayern’s Johansson outplays two defenders to move the ball forward to Tolisso, Sokratis somehow bungles the clearance and bounces it turn off of Leno. Leno manages to clean it in the end before Tolisso have the right to regain control.

5’ — This Bayern lineup is quite interesting. Arp is actually bermain on the left wing, with muller in the middle.

And flashback! Aubameyang collects the bola wide the end right and sends in a pretty cross, however Bayern’s pertahanan defuses the threat.

Kickoff! At long last, the nol is rolling! Arsenal play it kembali deep into dari mereka half, and away we go! the literally looks favor Bayern is bermain against Dortmund. Arsenal is sporting yellow jerseys and also socks with black shorts.

— hanya before kickoff: ESPN2’s commentator just dropped the terakhir burn ~ above Arsenal:

I wouldn’t panggilan it a solid Arsenal lineup, since they don’t have that anymore.

It’s almost lima past 11 pm and we’re still waiting for the show to start, kapan ESPN2 (or whoever your carrier is) is briefing united state on the oh-so-interesting rule of the global Champions Cup and also other fun facts, kemudian as how negative Arsenal was terakhir season.

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Lineups are out:

Fiete Arp is fronting Bayern’s offense ahead of Tolisso and Thiago. The team attributes a mageri of new faces from the youth players alongside the veterans.