This year, again, we (me and my family) went to my grandmother and also met mine cousins, aunts, and uncles from mine mom’s side.

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Later on, us visit mine sister-in-law’s parents. Kemudian we checked out my father’s sister-in-law whose home was close to my house. She was sick at that moment and bisa not wake up up from bed. I experienced my nephew, Gerrard, slept prefer this:

We come home and prepared the food for guests who space the big family of mine dad.

My dad’s family consists of 12 brothers and also sisters and paling of them already have grandchildren. Thus my house will be really crowded.

At night we went to my dad’s greatest sister yet the rest of household had already gone house so we were only there because that mins.

Chinese new tahun is the minute once in a year when I have the right to meet paling of my large family, not because the ‘angpao’ that ns get. It is a precious moment and I will cherish it always.

Be blessed!


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