Innaa a’taina kal kautharFa salli li rabbika wanharInna shani-aka huwal abtar


To thee have actually We granted the Fount (of Abundance).Therefore to thy Lord rotate in Prayer and Sacrifice.For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from masa depan Hope).

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بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ1. إِنَّآ أَعْطَيْنَٰكَ ٱلْكَوْثَرَ2. فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَٱنْحَرْ3. إِنَّ شَانِئَكَ هُوَ ٱلْأَبْتَرُ


The penuh meaning of the word kauthar, as used here, cannot possibly be expressed in one native in any kind of language the the world. This is one intensive form of the noun kathrat which literally means abundance, however the konteks in i m sorry it has been used does not provide the definition of tinggal abundance yet abundance of good, of spirituality benefits and also blessings, and also of kemudian abundance i m sorry is unbounded and limitless, and also it melakukan not imply any type of one an excellent or benefit or blessing but abundance of plenty of benefits and blessings.

Have a look again in ~ the background of this surah given in the Introduction. The enemies thought that Muhammad (peace it is in upon him) had been totally ruined: the was reduced off native the community and had menjadi utterly helpless and also powerless; his profession was ruined; his male kids who could perpetuate his name dulu dead; the post that he gift was kemudian that other than for a handful of the rakyat no one in entire Arabia, not to speak of Makkah, was prepared to hear to it. Therefore, failure and also disappointment would certainly be his lot as lengthy as that lived and there would be nobody in posterity come remember him once he died. Under sebagai conditions as soon as Allah said: We have granted friend the Kauthar, this by karakter itu gave the meaning: your foolish adversaries think that you space ruined and deprived the the good things that you enjoyed before Prophethood, however the kebenaran is that We have actually favored you v unbounded great and numerous blessings. This included the matchless morell qualities which the Prophet (peace be upon him) to be blessed with; this included the great blessings of Prophethood and also the Quran, the pengetahuan and wisdom that dulu granted come him; this included the blessing of Tauhid and juga of sebagai a mechanism of life whose simple and intelligible, rational and also natural, and considerable principles had actually the potential to spread throughout the dunia and of proceeding to spread for ever before afterwards. This tambahan included the blessing that the exaltation that renown due to the fact that of i m sorry the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) blessed name proceeds to it is in exalted transparent the world dari 1400 years and will continue to it is in so exalted it spins Resurrection.

This juga included the blessing the by his preaching eventually seperti a world-wide community came into being, which ended up being the standard-bearer of truth in the dunia forever, which can case to have developed the greatest sourse of the pious, virtuous and also noble character orang in any kind of one nation, and which even when corrupted and deprived has the highest great in it as against every other nation of the world. This juga included the blessing the the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) throughout his very lifetime witnessed his invitation and message attaining to the highest kesuksesan and the ready of a masyarakat which had the strength to dominate the world. This juga included the blessing the although on his gift deprived that the male offspring the enemies komandan he would be shed to posterity, however Allah not just blessed him v the spirituality offspring in the membentuk of Muslims, who will continue to exalt his name in the world till Resurrection but juga granted that from his one daughter, Fatimah, the organic progeny, who have spread throughout dunia and whose only mark of distinction and proud is that they trace their descent native him.

These are the blessings which the orang have seen and witnessed regarding how abundantly Allah has blessed His Prophet (peace it is in upon him) in ~ the world. In addition, Kauthar also implies two other great blessings i beg your pardon Allah will certainly bestow on that in the Hereafter. We had no means of discovering these; because of this the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) himself gave us berita of them, and also told united state that Kauthar tambahan implied them. First, the fountain of Kauthar, i m sorry he will certainly be granted ~ above the Resurrection work in the level of Assembly; second, the river Kauthar, i m sorry he will be granted in Paradise. Around both such a large number that the Ahadith have been report from him through kemudian a ukurannya besar number that the reporters the there continues to be no doubt about anda authenticity.

What the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) said about the fountain of Kauthar is together follows:

This Fountain will certainly be granted come him ~ above the Resurrection Day as soon as there will be the cry that al-atash, alatash (thirst, thirst!) ~ above every side. The Prophet’s (peace be upon him) masyarakat will gather together sebelum him at it and will be watered thereby. He himself will be the first to arrive at it and will it is in occupying the central position.

He has actually said: This is a Fountain at which my Ummah will certainly assemble ~ above the Resurrection Day. (Muslim: Kitab as-Salat Abu Daud: Kitab as-Sunnah). I kandil have arrived on the Fountain sebelum you. (Bukhari: Kitab ar-Riqaq and Kitab al- Fitan; Muslim: Kitab al-Fidail and also Kitab at-Taharah; lbn Majah: Kitab al Manasik and also Kitab az-Zuhd. Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Abdullah bin Masud, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abu Hurairah).

I kandil be there sebelum you and akan bear witness top top you, and by God, i am seeing my Fountain also at this time. (Bukhari: Kitab al-jana-iz Kitab al- Maghazi, Kitab ar-Riqaq).

Addressing an assembly the the Ansar, the Prophet (peace be upon him) once said: ~ me girlfriend will meet with selfishness and also nepotism, endure it patiently until you meet me at the Fountain. (Bukhari: Kitab Manaqib al-Ansar and also Kitab al-Maghazi; Muslim: Kitab al-Iman; Tirmidhi: Kitab al-Fitan).

I dimaksudkan untuk be close to the middle of the fountain on the Resurrection Day. (Muslim: Kitab al-Fadail).

Abu Barzah Aslami to be asked: have actually you heard something around the Fountain native the Prophet (peace it is in upon him). The replied: no once, or twice, or thrice, or four or five times, but over and over again. Might Allah deprive the its water the one who belies it. (Abu Daud: Kitab as-Sunnah).

Ubaidullah bin Ziyad memikirkan that the traditions about the Fountain were false; so much so that he belied all the legacies reported by Abu Barzah Aslami, banat bin Aazib and also Aaidh bin Amr. In ~ last, Abu Sabrah lugged out a composing which he had written dibawah after hearing the from Abdullah bin Amr bin alAas, and also it had this speak of the Prophet (peace it is in upon him): Beware! Your place of bertemu me will be mine Fountain. (Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Abdullah bin Amr bin alAas).

Different dimensions of the Fountain have been given in different traditions, but according come a large number of the traditions it will expand from Aylah (the current Israeli seaport the Ilat) come Sana’a the Yaman, or native Aylah to Adan, or native Amman to Adan in length, and from Aylah to Juhfah (a place in between Jeddah and also Rabigh) in breadth. (Bukhari: Kitab ar-Riqaq; Abu Daud in ~ Tayalisi: Hadith No. 995; Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Abu Bakr Siddiq and Abdullah bin Umar; Muslim: Kitab at-Taharah and Kitab al-Fadail; Tirmidhi Abwab Sifat al-Qiyamah; Ibn Majah: Kitab az-Zuhd). From this it shows up that top top the Resurrection day the existing Red Sea itself will be turned into the fractional of Kauthar. And also the correct knowledge is only with Allah.

About this fountain the Prophet (peace be upon him) has actually told us that water will be gave to that from the river Kauthar of heaven (which is being pointed out below). Two channels from sky will circulation into it and also supply water come it. (Muslim: Kitab al-Fadail). According to lagi tradition: A canal from the river Kauthar that Paradise will certainly be opened up towards this Fountain. (Musnad Ahmad; Marwiyyat Abdullah bin Masud).

According come the summary of it provided by the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) the water will certainly be whiter than milk (according come other legacies whiter 보다 silver, and according to still others, whiter than snow), cooler 보다 snow, sweeter than honey; the earth of its bed will certainly be an ext fragrant than musk; the water jugs set at it will be as numerous as the stars in the sky; the one who drinks from it would never thirst; and also the one that is deprived of it will never have his thirst satisfied. These things with a small variation in wording have been reported in plenty of Ahadith (Bukhari: Kitab ar-Riqaq; Muslim: Kitab at- Taharah and Kitab al-Fadail; Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Ibn Masud, Ibn Umar, Abdullah bin Amr bin alAas; Tirmidhi: Abwab Sifat al-Qiyanmah: Ibn Majah: Kitab az- Zuhd; Abu Daud: Tayalisi, Ahadith No. 995, 2135).

Concerning it the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) warned the orang of his time again and again, saying: after ~ me itu from among you that would effect transforms in my way, will certainly be removed from the Fountain and will it is in disallowed to approach it. I akan say: they room my companions, but it will be said: nothing you know apa they did after you? then I too kandil discard them and tell lock to store away. This subject has been to express in plenty of traditions. (Bukhari: Kitab ar-Rigaq, Kitab al-Fitan; Muslim: Kitab at-Tahara and also Kitab al-Fadail Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Ibn Masud, Abu Hurairah; Ibn Majah: Kitab al-Manasik. The Hadith i m sorry Ibn Majah has actually related in this link contains very pathetic words. The Prophet (peace it is in upon him) said: Beware! I shall have landed on the Fountain sebelum you and kandil pride myself by your method upon the lebih besar lagi numbers of my Ummah as versus other ummahas. Do not at the time cause my confront to be blackened. Beware! I dimaksudkan untuk have some rakyat released, and also some people shall be separated indigenous me. I dimaksudkan untuk say: O my Lord, they space my companions. He will certainly reply: nothing you know what innovations they presented after you? according to Ibn Majah, this words dulu said by the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) in his Sermon in ~ Arafat.

Likewise, the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) has tambahan warned the Muslims comes after him till Resurrection, saying: anyone from among you will swerve from my way and effect changes in it, will certainly be eliminated from the Fountain. I kandil say: O Lord, they belong come me, they are the orang of my Ummah. In solution it will certainly be said: nothing you know apa changes castle effected after friend and kemudian turned bagian belakang on dari mereka heels? then I shall tambahan turn them away and kandil not enable them to technique the Fountain. Many traditions top top this topic are uncovered in the Hadith. (Bukhari: Kitab al- Musaqat, Kitab ar-Riqaq, Kitab al-Fitan; Muslim: Kitab at- Taharah. Katab as-Salat, Kitab al-Fadail; Ibn Majah: Kitab az-Zuhd; Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyyat Ibn Abbas).

Traditions about this Fountain have been associated by more than 50 companions, and the previously scholars usually have taken the to typical the fractional of Kauthar. Imam Bukhari has named the terakhir chapter of his Kitab ar-Riqaq as Babun fil hawd wa qual-Allahu inna a tainak al-Kauthar, and in a heritage from Anas over there is the explanation the the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) said about Kauthar: the is a Fountain at which mine Ummah kandil alight.

The flow Kauthar i beg your pardon the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) akan be granted in Paradise, also has been discussed in a besar number the the legacies of Hadith. Many traditions have been associated on the authority of Anas in which he says, and in part he defines that that is reporting the specific words that the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself, the on the occasion of miraj; the Prophet (peace be upon him) to be taken ring Paradise and shown a flow on the banks of i m sorry there dulu vaults of pearl or priceless stones carved from within; the earth of that is bed to be of the strong-scented musk. That asked Gabriel, or the angel who aku mengambilnya him round, apa it was? He replied that it to be the river Kauthar, i beg your pardon Allah had granted him. (Musnad Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, Abu Daud Tayalisi, Ibn Jarir) Again, follow to Anas, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked (or a orang asked him): what is the Kauthar? he replied; it is a flow which Allah has granted me in Paradise. Its earth is musk: that water is whiter than milk and sweeter 보다 honey. (Musnad Ahmad, Tirmidhi, lbn Jarir; according to another tradition of Musnad Ahmad, explicate the merits of the river Kauthar the Prophet stated that at its bottom there are pearls rather of pebbles. Ibn Umar claims that the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) said: The Kauthar is a flow in sky the banks of which space golden; it operation on pearls and also diamonds (i.e. Its bed has diamonds rather of pebbles); its planet smells sweeter than musk; its water is whiter 보다 milk (or snow), cooler than snow and sweeter 보다 honey.” (Musnad Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Ibn Abi Hatim, Darimi, Abu Daud Tayalisi, Ibn al-Mundhir, Ibn Marduyah, Ibn Abi Shaibah). Usamah bin Zaid claims that the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) as soon as went come visit Usamah; the was no at home; his wife entertained him and during the conversation stated My husband has told me that you have been granted a river in Paradise, i m sorry is referred to as the Kauthar. The Prophet (peace it is in upon him) replied: Yes, and its bed is the rubies and also corals and emeralds and pearls. (Ibn Jarir, Ibn Marduyah. Though the sanad of this heritage is weak, the existence of a ukurannya besar number of traditions perlakuan with this topic strengthens it). As well as these marfu traditions, a an excellent many sayings that the companions and their successors have been related in the Hadith come the result that the Kauthar suggests a flow in Paradise. These traditions explain its features as have been mentioned above. For instance, the sayings that Abdullah bin Umar, Abdullah bin Abbas, Anas bin Malik, Aishah, Mujahid and Abul Aliyah are found in Musnad Ahmad, Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nasai; and the books of Ibn Marduyah, Ibn Jarir, Ibn Abi Shaibah and also other traditionists.

Different commentaries the it have been report from berbeda scholars. Few of them take the Prayer to mean the lima times obligatory Prayer (salat); some untuk mengambil it to indicate the Prayer of i would al-Adha, and also some say that it means the Prayer itself. Likewise, the an interpretation of wanhar and sacrifice follow to some illustrious scholars, is to place the best hand end the left hand and to fold them on the chest in the Prayer; some say the it suggests raising both tangan with Allahu Akbar at the beginning of the Prayer; some say the it suggests raising both milik at the start of the Prayer, in ~ bowing for Ruku and after rising from Ruku; and some say that it way performing the identifier al-Adha Prayer and kemudian offering the animal sacrifice. However if the konteks in i m sorry this command has actually been enjoined, is considered, the meaning jernih seems to be: O Prophet, when your Lord has granted friend so many and so splendid blessings, kemudian you have to perform the Prayer just for His sake and also offer sacrifice just for His sake. This command was offered in the atmosphere when not only the pagans of Quraish however the pagans of entire Arabia and also the world worshipped their self-made god and ditawarkan sacrifices at dari mereka shrines. Therefore, the intentionally of the command is: contrary to the multipurpose practice, you should remain steadfast to your creed: her Prayer is just for Allah and your sacrifice is juga for him alone, together it has actually been said at another place: Declare, O Prophet, my salat and my sacrifice and also my life and also my death are all for Allah, mr of the universe, Who has actually no companion with Him. This is what I have actually been enjoined, and I am the an initial to surrender to Him. (Surah Al-Anaam, Ayats 162-163). This same an interpretation has been described of it by Ibn Abbas. Ata, Mujahid, Ikrimah, Hasan Basri, Qatadah, Muhammad bin Kaab al-Qurzi, Dahhak, Rabi bin Anas, Ata al-Khurasani and many other utama commentators. (Ibn Jarir). However, this by itself is correct that as soon as the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) imposed by Allah’s command the exercise of the id al-Adha Prayer and the providing of pet sacrifice in ~ Al-Madinah, the himself provided the very first place to the Prayer (salat and the 2nd to the sacrifice, together commanded in the verses: Inna salati wa nusuki and also fa-salli li-Rabbika wanhar, and juga enjoined ~ above the Muslims to perform the same, i.e. Castle should very first perform the Prayer and kemudian offer the sacrifice. This is no the explanation the this verse nor the occasion of that is revelation but a deduction made by the Prophet (peace be upon him) from these verses and his extinguish of injunctions is tambahan a sort of magnificent inspiration.

The indigenous shani as used, in the initial is obtained from shaan, which way the hatred and spite due to the fact that of i beg your pardon a rakyat may mulai ill-treating another. At another place in the Quran it has actually been said: (And O Muslims,) the enmity that any rakyat should no so provoke you regarding turn you far from justice. (Surah Al-Maidah, Ayat 8). Thus, shani aka means every such person who blinded by his enmity the the Prophet (peace be upon him) should carry false accusations versus him, slander and also defame him and also vent his personal spite versus him by taunting and scoffing at him in every mungkin way.

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Huwal abtar: He himself is abtar, i.e. Though he calls you abtar, the in sebenarnya himself is abtar. Part explanations that abtar have currently been given in the development to the Surah. It is derived from batar which way to cut off, however idiomatically it is digunakan in a comprehensive meaning. In the Hadith, the rakah that the Prayer which is not coupled with another rakah is referred to as butaira, i.e. The lonely rakah. Follow to lagi Hadith, every piece of work, i m sorry is in any way important, is abtar if that is began without the glorification and also praise that Allah implying the it is reduced off native the root; it has actually no stability; and it is doomed come failure. A male who falls short to achieve his object is abtar as juga the one that is deprived the all means and resources. A orang who is left through no harapan of any great and kesuksesan in life is also abtar. A orang who has actually been cut off indigenous his family, brotherhood, associates and helpers is juga abtar. The word abtar is also used for the male who has no masculine child, or who male kid or youngsters have died, for after the there continues to be no one to remember him and he is shed to posterity after ~ death. In virtually all these meanings the disbelieving Quraish dubbed the Prophet (peace be upon him) abtar. At this, Allah said: O Prophet, not you yet your adversaries are abtar. This to be not merely a reprisal, however a prophecy the end of the paling important prophecies the the Quran, i m sorry literally proved true. Once it to be made, the rakyat regarded the Prophet (peace be upon him) together abtar, and also no one could imagine exactly how the huge chiefs of the Quraish would menjadi abtar, who were famous not only in Makkah however throughout Arabia, who menjadi successful in life, affluent in worldly wealth and children, that had their associates and also helpers all over in the country, who enjoyed intimate hubungan with every the Arabian tribes, being monopolists in trade and also managers that Hajj. But not long later on the conditions altogether changed. There was a time when on the occasion of the fight of the Trench (A.H. 5) the Quraish had actually invaded Al-Madinah v the membantu of countless Arabian and Jewish tribes, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) being besieged had to stand up to the enemy by digging a trench around the city. After just three years, in A.H. 8, once he attacked Makkah, the Quraish had no helper and they had actually to surrender helplessly. After this in ~ a year or therefore the totality Arabia came under his control, deputations of tribes from almost everywhere the negara began to visit him to untuk mengambil the oaths of allegiance and his enemies were left utterly helpless and resource-less. Kemudian they menjadi so lost to posterity that even if dari mereka children survived, none today tahu that that is a descendent the Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, Aas bin Wail, or Uqbah bin Abi Muait, the adversaries of Islam, and even if he kenal it, the is not prepared to case that his ancestors dulu those people. Top top the contrary, blessings are being invoked ~ above the youngsters of the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) throughout the world; millions and millions that Muslims untuk mengambil pride in bearing relationship to him; hundreds of thousands of setiap orang regard it as a mark of honor and prestige to have descended not only from him but from his family and even the households of his companions. Thus, part one is a Sayyid, lagi an Alavi, and Abbasi, a Hashmi, a Siddiqi, a Faruqi, one Uthmani, a Zubairi, or one Ansari, yet no one is one Abu Jahli or Abu Lahabi. History has showed that no the Prophet Muhammad (peace it is in upon him) yet his adversaries were, and are, abtar.


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