Roma have anda Romatada! and mamma mia, exactly how they deserved it! castle overwhelmed Barcelona from start to finish and also had the Catalans make the efforts to hang on from the opening stages. But Messi & Co couldn’t manage it. Apa a performance by the hosts. Romanisasi are in wonderland!


90+3 min: Dzeko, who has been superb all night, wins a freekick deep in Barcelona territory. The kerumunan acclaim him together if he’s netted a hat-trick.

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90+2 min: Chaos at the bagian belakang for Roma! becker rushes out of his crate to intercept a ball over the optimal after th ref waved bermain on despite dalam jumlah besar Roma appeals because that offside. The ball breaks come Dembele, who lifts it end the stranded goalkeeper from 30 yards .... And it drops just over the bar!

90 min: Barcelona have actually at least four minutes to find the goal that would save milik mereka hides and also break roman inn hearts.

89 min: romanisasi are life on the leaf now. Barcelona are applying serious push at last. Messi skedaddles dibawah the right and cuts kembali on come his left foot. He spots Suarez top top the fr side of the box and pings the bola over come him. Suarez chops kembali and make the efforts to curl a shot right into the far corner, but Jesus is Roma’s saviour through a solid block.

88 min: Alba flips a lovely happen to Messi, that flashes a low bola across the confront of goal. Manolas is again in the way: he is not around to let anyone deny him his statusnya as match-winner!

87 min: Barcelona launch a couple of long balls right into the roma box. When tikki-taka fails, there’s selalu hoofery.

86 min: Dembele’s first involvement is a low cross native the right that Manolas turns behind because that a corner. The humped right into the box. Romanisasi struggle to clear. The bobbles approximately the box. Messi pounces top top it and forces his means past two defenders and to within 6 yards of goal ... Yet he never quite has the bola under control, and Becker is may be to buru-buru out and intercept!

Barcelona substitutions: Dembélé and also Alcaer on, Busquets and Semedo off. Barcelona have tahun minutes plus standstill time to score the goal the they have actually not looked favor scoring at every so far.

83 min: The Stadio Olimpico erupts as Manolas rushes come the residence dugout, whereby he is engulfed through dozens that team-mates, staff and balls boys! Scenes!



82 min: If Barcelona success in gantung on here, anyone will want them in the semi-final, not the very least Liverpool, that would demolish them.

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Barcelona substitution: Gomes on, Iniesta off after exerting tiny influence between the romanisasi whirlwind.

79 min: romanisasi launch another counter-attack. Florenzi chops bagian belakang on to his left foot and also flights a dinky nol from the right past the far post. El Sharaawy stretches out a leg and turns it in the direction of goal from 3 yards. Ter Stegen bekerja untuk a superb reflex conserve to bat it away! A gasp goes around the ground!


Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen makes the conserve from El Shaarawy. Photograph: Gregorio Borgia/AP