Karma selalu finds a way.

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The drama ~ above Asia’s next Top model Season 5 intensifiedwhen Indonesian model Clara Tan got a taste of she own medicine after being criticized through the judges, bersama with the photographer, phone call her out for being “disrespectful”.


The pvblic to be outraged to find out that Tan was bullying Filipina contestant Maureen Wroblewitz top top the show.

“I want to contend with strong models, you only have actually a pretty face but no skills,” Tan said, together the other models chimed in with their own comments on the Filipina model.

Well, it turns out thatMaureen wasn’t the only one who discovered her mindset a little disrespectful.

Tan’s photoshoot results fell short when judges criticized her, saying the it wasn’t her best work, come which she mumbleda simple “okay”. The guest photographer Yu Tsai kemudian asked she if she was serious about the competition, asking her, “What did friend say when you walked away from the set?”

“It’s very disrespectful, the means you handled that situation. Friend walked away and also complained about the time I’ve given you come photograph,” Tsai said. “There’s no unfairness here.”

An emotional Tan replied, “I asked you, right? And kemudian when you to speak like, ‘Oh, you get the very same time.’”

They get into a perdebatan on whether or not the photographer gave her. “Everybody has actually same quantity of time. There’s no reason for me to it is in unfair to you, or regardless, how you control your time,” Tsai said.

“You don’t ever disrespect the male who holds the camera. There’s no crying in modeling, I’m sorry,” that ended.

On the various other hand, Maureen’s picture came out flawless, with Tsai praising she for the extreme shoot.


“I was so impression by you. Your challenge came laser-focused. In ~ one allude I didn’t to speak anything, I hanya had to shut up. Girlfriend have what it takes to it is in an amazing, exceptional model,” Tsai called her.

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That’s hanya the means life goes.

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