Malaysia's Sheena Liam wins Asia's next Top version Cycle 2, ketika the Philippines' Jodilly Pendre and also Katarina Rodriguez room runners-up

MANILA, Philippines – despite the odds, Malaysia’s Sheena Liam bagged the title of Asia’s lanjut Top model (AsNTM) for the show’s 2nd season. In the process, Liam beat two Philippine representatives, Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez.

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The finale was collection at Malaysia’s Tanjong Jara will in Kuala Terengganu, where the finalists menjadi made to supply emotional performances in one editoral shoot that shown “kampung life” (village life).

All-three ladies delievered walks worthy the the judul in a well attended last runway event that included UK-based Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo.  

The all-male Australian hip-hop dance and also pop music group Justice Crew performed during the episode, while Indonesia’s representative to the competition, Janice Hermijanto, whom most of the girls telah mengambil issue with during the ahead episodes, acquired to do a comeback hosting a runway show.

During the final judging the ladies were first judged on milik mereka final photo. Filipino Katerina Rodriguez was sent house first. Judges listed how far she had grown together a model yet said she was more of a beauty design than an editor one.

Top design Host Nadya Hutagalung told her, “I’ll tidak pernah forget the an initial time I observed you pose, it was terrible.” resident photographer Judge Mike Rosenthal added, “You have done seperti a good job of hear us and also processing our feedback.”

The final deliberation was based on anda final berjalan and milik mereka overall performance. Pendre received the better critique the the two, model coach Adam williams called she performance, “spectacular.” however it was Liam’s as whole look that offered her the win, she was dubbed “current” and the “face of modernis Asia.”

Liam’s journey to the peak wasn’t easy. She very first tried out for the first cycle of Asia’s next Top Model. Kedudukan 173 centimeters tall, Liam determined to complete her studies sebelum pursuing a job in modeling seriously.

Throughout the show’s 2nd cycle, she’s been a standout as result of her bleached-blonde rambut and pouty lips.

In an interview through, Liam defined how her strategy in the show adjusted when she ultimately got to accomplish her competitors.

“When I gained into the competition, I want to it is in quiet and also not stand the end at very first but when I got there and also I saw the level of competition ns was pitched against, i couldn’t stick come my initial plan,” Liam told Venusbuzz. “I had actually to walk all out and really press my hardest sebelum each shoot due to the fact that you make one mistake, and also you have the right to be reduced out.”

During the show, she excelled in photoshoots and also repeatedly received hopeful feedback native the judges but on the show’s 4th episode, she was dubbed out for “playing also safe” in one of milik mereka photo shoots. Darimana then, Liam telah mengambil into love the judges’ comments and starting putting in a tiny extra in she poses and also aiming because that something unique.

In episode 11 the the show, Liam flourished in gift the first to be called out among the girls. Lock shot a campaign with Malaysia airlines for the said ilustrasi but was omitted because of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that went missing on march 8. 

AsNTM decided not come air the episode out of respect to the general situation, yet a recap of ilustrasi 11 to be posted top top the show’s official YouTube channel.

Finalists Pendre and also Rodriguez both went with a lot to get to the finals. 

Pendre, tall and morena, was currently a model in the Philippines before joining AsNTM. She had actually been wade the runway for Philippine Fashion Week and other runway shows and posing for various campaigns. 

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She finished her info systems melakukan at the university of santo Tomas while modeling on the side. 

Much was intended of her throughout the show’s entire duration because of her experience and feisty personality. 

Rodriguez, meanwhile, is currently pursuing she literature derajat at De La Salle University. She’s one athlete who always wanted to offer modeling a try. Her friends pushed her to shot out for AsNTM.

Rodriguez was selalu referred to together a “diamond in the rough” transparent the display for having actually no experienced experience prior to AsNTM. She hardwork and also willingness to learn eventually paid off and also she uncovered herself in the finals.

Both Pendre and also Rodriguez gained to be an initial call-outs in a pair of episodes, proving that their modeling skills menjadi at par with milik mereka fellow oriental contestants.

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The two Filipinas’ kesuksesan in the present follows Filipina representative Stephanie Retuya’s in AsNTM cycle 1.