Jung Woo-sung and also Hwang Jung-min star in Kim Sung-soo’s South korean gangland kisah ‘Asura: The City of Madness.’


Anyone feeling put off by the presidential candidates’ stormy tactics during the current election bicycle may uncover only minimal consolation in the depiction of certifiably criminal political practices shown in Asura: The City that Madness. Veteran writer-director Kim Sung-soo’s darkly downhearted crime thriller broke records for an R-rated movie at the South korean box office terakhir month, so pan of explosive Oldboy-style violence may bawa pulang notice in lebih lebar release, however the onscreen mayhem could prove overwhelming for plain moviegoers.

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While southern Korea is said to endure from its posting ulang of corruption, Kim couldn’t uncover a real-life situation egregious sufficient to enhance his ambitions, for this reason he developed the fictional city of Annam, where financial redevelopment jobs targeting aging infrastructure are a consistent source of graft money because that cleverly corrupt mayor Park Sungbae (Hwang Jung-min). Relying on the fearsome intimidation methods of Han (Jung Woo-sung), a police detective chronically ~ above the take, mayor Park begins preparations because that a financially rewarding new perkembangan initiative bersama with his cronies on the city council while fighting one election-fraud investigation. After Han succeeds in eliminating a crucial witness, the market is absolved, yet lingering evidence and also questions worrying the unexplained fatality of a police officer cast lagi suspicion on both Park and also Han.

Han’s untuk merencanakan to quit the police memaksa and work full time for Park gets derailed by the taking place internal to work investigation and also the suddenly appearance that Kim (Kwak Do-won), one ambitious regional prosecutor who’s intent on blackmailing Han to expose Park. Kim aggressively pushes the cop come ask Park leading questions and record his responses in the hopes of compromising the mayor. Han tries to buy some time through persuading his partner Sunmo (Ju Ji-hoon) to stand in together Park’s enforcer and also the younger cop jumps at the chance to obtain on the take, proving himself even more adept 보다 his mentor. Caught between his cruel patron and the questionable deployment that the justice system, Han is required to assess the advisability the picking sides or conveniently devising a viable exit strategy.

Kim returns to familiar territory with Asura, after produksi Beat (1997) and City of the increasing Sun (1999), both gangster movies featuring Jung. The film juga follows in a growing collection of features pertained to with both politicians’ and law enforcement’s abuse of power, including Lee Il-hyung’s piquantly titled A Violent Prosecutor, starring Hwang. Whether South korean politics are as fatally internecine as illustrated here, the film ambil as the reference allude the quarrelsome buddhism asura demigods, whose disputes bisa hardly be an ext cataclysmic than the strife portrayed in Kim’s repetitively bleak script.

Although at waktu these conflicts technique cartoonish extremes, Hwang kekuasaan a truly inspired professional criminal whose manic cruelty appears nearly boundless. As soon as Mayor Park isn’t enjoy it the spectacle of his adversaries getting beaten come a pulp, he’s reveling in the psychological manipulation that precedes these predictable assaults. Temperamentally, Han presents a comparison to Park, displaying a an ext subdued and focused facade in his pursuit for power and also retaliation, however the two remain more alike 보다 not, a similarity evidenced by Jung’s intensely focused performance.

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Kim practically exclusively favors nighttime and also interior settings, v the notable exception of a tense auto chase the concludes with Han practically consumed by the explosion of a methamphetamine-laden truck. Fight scenes are staged with kejam directness and also relentless power in one interminable series of beatings, shootings and much more creatively influenced assaults. Manager of photography Lee Mo-gae paints the display in smeared palettes that blue, hitam and gray, bermain off the hopeless desperation the the characters.

Distributor: CJ EntertainmentProduction company: Sanai PicturesCast: Jung Woo-sung, Hwang Jung-min, Ju Ji-hoon, Kwak Do-won, Jung Man-sikDirector-writer: Kim Sung-sooProducer: Han Jae-dukkExecutive producer: Jeong Tae-sungDirector that photography: Lee Mo-gaeProduction designer: Jang Geun-yeongCostume designer: Cho Sang-kyungEditors: Kim Sang-bum, Kim Jae-bumMusic: Lee Jae-jin