It’s reductive to refer to the Asus ROG phone 5 ultimate as just a phone, even if it is one. Sure, it operation Android 11, and it can untuk mengambil calls, snap pictures, and do every one of the various other stuff every other phone can do. However if its edgy looks and tiny monochromatic OLED screen mounted on its kembali didn’t currently give that away, this call is different.

This is Asus’ latest attempt (technically that fourth, however it’s skip that numberi in the name for superstitious reasons) at building a console-like experience into a phone because that a niche but thriving global kerumunan of mobile gamers. That offers more power and also customization than other large-screened phones, both in kapak of hardware and also software. The a genuine spec sandwich.

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For example, it has multiple USB-C ports to let you charge it in one of two people landscape or potret mode. This model tambahan includes a snap-on pan cooler (its sole job is to save the phone indigenous overheating once you overclock it), and the fan packs USB-C passthrough charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and two remappable create buttons. In enhancement to that, there room some ultrasonic sensors around the phone call that deserve to replace some touch controls come make games feel more like you’re using a controller. And for this year’s model, its armoury Crate app can an increase its processor and also graphics speed, rise the screen’s refresh rate, and an ext on a per-game basis.

I couldn’t yes, really think of maafkan saya else to execute with ROG Vision, so i made a PSA.

Asus gives preloaded messages and graphics to use for the screen that space situational depending on whether you’re gaming, charging the phone, or gaining a call on her phone, to surname a few, but you can chop your own photos to fit within the display, as I did. Anything from a scrolling blog post with emoji to an image will work, and also you can customize it further with one animation, favor a revolution fade or fireworks. It’s like a souped-up version of the LEDs that carriers put ~ above the external of upper and lower reversal phones, or also on Samsung’s Z Flip. The conventional ROG phone 5 has an RGB-backlit ROG logo design instead. Some could actually prefer that to having the extra screen.

Asus ROG phone call 5 lineup specs

comparison ROG call 5 ultimate ROG call 5 pro ROG phone 5 compare ROG phone call 5 ultimate ROG phone 5 pro ROG phone call 5
Colors Matte white Glossy black Phantom black or Storm white
Price 1,299 Euros (approx. $1,583) 1,199 Euros (approx. $1,420) Starts at 799 Euros (approx. $950)
Processor Snapdragon 888 * *
OS Android 11 through ROG UI * *
Display 6.78-inch 2448 x 1080 OLED through 144Hz update rate * *
Storage 512GB UFS 3.1 * 256GB UFS 3.1
Extra touch sensors Yes * No
Rear-facing cameras 64-megapixel through F/1.8 aperture, 13-megapixel 125-degree ultra-wide with F/2.4 aperture, and a 5-megapixel macro lens with F/2.0 * *
Front-facing camera 24-megapixel with F/2.45 aperture * *
ROG Vision support Yes, monochromatic Yes, color No
Battery 6,000mAh * *
Included charger 65W * *
Dimensions 172.8 x 77.2 x 10.29 mm * *
Weight 238 grams * *
Connectivity LTE and sub-6GHz 5G top top AT&T and T-Mobile, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 * *
Included accessories AeroActive Cooler 5, Aero case * No cooler included
* represents the exact same spec together the Ultimate

The ROG call 5 terakhir is a better gaming phone 보다 its predecessors, as well as the competing devices i have tried so far from Xiaomi’s black Shark. For one, it’s the paling powerful option out there with the Snapdragon 888 processor and its 18GB the RAM. Every maker in the lineup starts with 512GB of fast UFS 3.1 storage, so the flies with opening apps, switching between them, and also for other work that access storage. That 6.78-inch FHD+ (2448 x 1080) OLED display is one of the best I’ve ever used, even if it’s much too besar to be my appropriate size. Asus kept the 144Hz refresh rate (which automatically adjusts per app for performance by default) indigenous the ROG phone call 3, yet its touch latency is down to 24 milliseconds here with a 300Hz touch sampling rate, meaning it checks 300 times per second to view where did you do it touched it. The OnePlus 8 Pro has a 240Hz sampling rate, for context. The brand-new RedMagic 6 that’s supposed to be far more affordable 보다 the base ROG phone 5 construction uses comparable display tech, however with a faster 165Hz refresh perbandingan and a quicker 500Hz touch sampling rate.

The specs and also display digunakan in each ROG phone call 5 make permainan games look tajam and operation smoothly, and also some other features elevate the endure further, whether you’re gaming or the town hall movies. I particularly love the dobel front-facing speakers. They offer the finest stereo separation i’ve heard from a call — to the suggest where, in most situations, I’m hanya as enjoyment to listen to audio big at house as ns am v headphones. Speaking of, this year’s an equipment sees the return that a 3.5mm audio jack that was absent from the 2020 ROG phone 3. Asus brought it bagian belakang with a vengeance, too, equipped with an ESS ES9280AC pro quad DAC for hi-res audio.

The video game Genie overlay uses instant accessibility to device info and also settings with a swipe. Asus has spent the tahun refining its arsenal Crate video game launcher-meets-dedicated console UI. Its watch haven’t readjusted dramatically since the Asus ROG phone call II, however in instance you’re hearing about this because that the very first time, it’s filled v so many useful features for gamers. It allows you do a “scenario profile’’ because that each game, where you deserve to tweak setups to get more out the each game and, in turn, squeeze more performance native the ROG phone 5. A profile is composed of points like what refresh kecepatan you desire the display to operation at, and how much you want to amp up the strength of the processor, graphics chip, and RAM. It also lets you revolve off network switching, and also background data and app syncing top top a per-game basis. If you’re acquainted with gaming ~ above PC, the closest parallel is Nvidia’s GeForce Experience.

A large part the this software application — and one that the much more compelling functions of the phone diri sendiri — is configuring AirTriggers. These ultrasonic sensors installed within the phone have the right to be mapped come emulate buttons so friend don’t have to use the touch display as often. Every one of the ROG phone 5 models have sensors along the right edge, for this reason they feel prefer triggers once you’re holding them in see mode. The terakhir and pro models add two extr touch sensors near where my ring fingers rest on the phone.

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The AeroActive Cooler 5 snap on. I have my tengah fingers resting on the mappable triggers. outside of gaming ~ above a PC, ns in the “controller or bust” camp, and thus, i don’t generally want to endure through touch controls to bermain the latest Android games. AirTriggers kekuasaan the endure better, no doubt, however it’s quiet not sufficient to convert me. Thankfully, for people like me, the ROG phone call 5 tertinggi (and the other new models) supports some modern controllers, prefer Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, Sony’s DualShock 4, or Google’s Stadia controller. Impressively, the software allows you remap the controls for any mobile game onto those controllers. That detected my Xbox regulator immediately as soon as I linked it with an OTG adapter, and also mapping the buttons was easier than i expected.

It’s straightforward to map on-screen controls come a regulator through the game Genie function. as for the actual phone stuff, the ROG phone 5 terakhir is a deluxe phone through and also through. It has responsive haptic feedback in ~ every turn, even if it is you’re obtaining text messages, tapping your way through Asus’ ROG UI interface (its game-themed twist on Zen UI, which is polished as ever), or using the AirTriggers in a game. Asus called me that it tuned that is haptics in-house, and also compared come some other Android phones i have used, it doesn’t buzz loudly or rattle the phone. It’s apa I hope more phone haptics feeling like once Qualcomm and Lofelt roll out milik mereka haptics structure for various other devices running the Snapdragon 888. However as Asus proved with this phone, a company can make good haptics if it wants to. This machine has a 6,000mAh battery inside that’s separation into 2 3,000mAh cells, i beg your pardon Asus claims helps with lower charge and discharge temperatures. Additionally, it enables the phone come recharge at 65W speeds, yet it lacks wireless charging.

The selfie camer is fine, however there’s part lens flare above Becca’s head, and also the details space a tiny soft. Some rakyat may prefer that, though.
Portrait mode is entirely serviceable.
Asus has committed come launching the ROG phone 5 lineup globally, but it hasn’t common a details launch day in the united state or resmi pricing, i beg your pardon is why I’ve been going turn off a euro conversion. However, the firm told me that all of these phones will work-related on T-Mobile and AT&T, and to that end, they support these carriers’ sub-6GHz 5G networks.

Agree to continue: Asus ROG phone 5 Ultimate

Every smart an equipment now memerlukan you come agree to a collection of kondisi and conditions sebelum you have the right to use the — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s difficult for us to read and analyze every solitary one of these agreements. However we began counting exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” come use gadgets when we review them dari these room agreements paling people don’t read and also definitely can’t negotiate.

To actually usage the Asus ROG phone call 5 Ultimate, you must agree to:

Install updates and apps: “You agree this device may juga automatically download and also install updates and apps native Google, her carrier, and also your device’s manufacturer, possibly using cellular data. Few of these apps might offer in-app purchases.”

To add a Google account, you’ll also need to agree come two much more things:

The following agreements space optional:

Allowing Asus to collection product and also location informationAsus product registrationBack as much as Google Drive: “Your backup includes apps, app data, all history, contacts, machine settings (including Wi-Fi passwords and permissions), and SMS.”Use location: “Google may collect place data periodically and also use this data in any anonymous way to enhance location accuracy and location-based services.”Allow scanning: “Allow apps and also services to scan for Wi-Fi networks and nearby devices at any time, also when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is off.”Send usage and diagnostic data: “Help boost your Android maker experience by immediately sending diagnostic, an equipment and application usage data come Google.”Carrier place access: “Your transport occasionally requires location data to improve its services and also analytics.”

Additionally, because that Google Assistant, yes an choice to agree come use suara Match: “Allows your Assistant to identify you and tell you apart from others. The Assistant untuk mengambil clips that your suara to membentuk a unique suara model, which is just stored on her device(s). Your suara model may be sent temporarily come Google to better identify your voice.”

Final tally: three mandatory agreements to usage the phone, another two for Google account services, and also seven optional agreements.

It’s impressive to see what a manufacturer deserve to do when it isn’t worried about produksi the thinnest style with the ideal cameras, or grounding on bertemu an ultra-competitive price point as the likes the Samsung, Apple, and also Google are. Asus wasn’t afraid to gain weird here, and that weirdness comes through in several cara that do it a an excellent fit for gamers chasing ~ the paling powerful phone call in existence at the moment.

Though, the value di sini falls apart completely if friend think around it as well much. For the $1,580 the this phone call costs, you could build a very great PC or get a PS5, Xbox collection X, and also Nintendo Switch bersama with adjust left over. Outside of paying for a phone data plan, this would add around $65 to that if you finance it v monthly payments over a two-year period. Ketika this phone absolutely has a leg up on the competition as soon as it concerns power and also software features, it’s no worth payment this lot to get them. And if you hanya want come stream gamings via the cloud v Microsoft’s xCloud company or through Google Stadia, you only have to spend a portion of this cost to gain a phone that deserve to do video game streaming well.

The stock wallpapers room actually good this time around.

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like every gaming phone I’ve watched yet, the ROG phone call 5 tertinggi is stuck in this weird location of gift a an extremely capable maker that in which method delivers ~ above its many promises, however it still doesn’t feel worth the money. Because that average setiap orang who bermain the sometimes game, either directly from dari mereka phones or through game streaming services, purchase a cheap clip to close a menyesuaikan to her phone will most likely be a good enough solution. Over there are juga some comfortable pengatur setups because that iPhone and Android (like Backbone’s Go and Razer’s Kishi because that iOS and Android) that deserve to turn paling phones into more of a Nintendo Switch-like suffer that meminta less fuss and also far much less of one investment than Asus’ ROG phone 5 Ultimate.