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It's fairly surprising that Asus is not untuk membuat efforts to push the 2GB ram variant that the Zenfone 2. The device, with its brand-new Intel processor, performs much better than any other sub-15k smartphone, and though the phone has actually a couple of weaknesses, it's there is no a doubt the ideal buy listed below 15k right now as lengthy as friend don't psychic the generous membentuk factor.

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Asus ZenFone 2 (2GB RAM) ZE550ML detailed tinjauannya

When girlfriend announce a smartphone with 4GB that RAM, you’ve obtained the intrigue angle right. Every one has actually been interested in the Asus Zenfone 2, buyers and also reviewers alike. The 4GB lamb variant that the machine though, has actually overshadowed maafkan saya could it is in the much more important different of the Zenfone 2, the one v 2GB the RAM.

Why girlfriend ask? since the 2GB different competes in a really difficult pasar segment, and against perhaps the toughest competitor, Xiaomi. The 1080p, 2GB different of the Zenfone 2 prices Rs. 14,999, putting it squarely in competition v the Mi 4i. That said, in a price perceptible market, the extra 2 thousand bucks pipeline a lot of ground to cover. So, the pertanyaan that remains is, does the Zenfone 2 justify the extra cost?

Before we gain to that, let’s bawa pulang a minute to look in ~ what’s actually different in this Zenfone 2 contrasted to the variant through 4GB that RAM. The display, battery size and camera all continue to be the same, so you have the right to read about itu elements in ours other review of the Asus Zenfone 2. Maafkan saya changes di sini is the processor, a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z3560 SoC is equipment in this one, bersama with 2GB of RAM.


Like it’s larger brother, with its 4GB RAM, the genuine hero of the 2GB different of the Zenfone 2 is that is performance. Ketika the CPU performs at somewhere between the Snapdragon 800 and 801, the GPU is in ~ the OnePlus One level. What melakukan this mean? If you’re a big mobile gamer, kemudian this is the finest phone you deserve to buy in the sub-15k segment today.

Zenfone 2 2GB performance | membuat infographics

The Zenfone 2 has a PowerVR G6430 GPU. If that suara familiar, it’s due to the fact that Apple digunakan this very same GPU top top the iphone phone 5S. Now that doesn’t automatically mean the the Zenfone 2 is as an excellent a gaming performer together the iphone phone 5S, but it getscloser than any kind of other phone precious 15k.

Performance wise, the phone call is much ahead of the Xiaomi Mi4i, or indeed, any kind of other smartphone in the sub-15k segment. In terms of benchmarks, the Zenfone 2 racks up dual the power of the Mi4i. The extra four cores on the Mi4i, permit it to market slightly better multi-core performance on benchmarks, yet the Zenfone 2 overshadows the Mi4i in real world performance since of less intense heater issues.


The battery power is a tricky part in the 2GB Zenfone 2 variant. The Intel Atom Z3560 SoC appears to be heavily optimised for video clip performance, enabling it to terakhir up come 20 hrs in video tests. In more real dunia simulations though, the Zenfone 2 actually comes out behind the Xiaomi Mi4i. If you’re melihat this together your daily driver, kemudian you’ll have to make good use the the strength saver modes in stimulate to acquire the phone to terakhir you a penuh day. In ~ best, the Zenfone 2 can offer you 10-12 hrs of battery life without using any of the battery saver modes.

Zenfone 2 2GB Battery | membuat infographics

Even when you’re using the battery saver modes, over prolonged periods the gaming, the Zenfone 2 will certainly drop about 15% battery end 15 minute of gaming. What it won’t perform in the time though is heat up abnormally and also hence, performance won't ambil a hit due to the fact that of throttling. Also, the version we're talk about di sini has a 1080p display, so the battery life should be a little far better for the 720p version.


The Asus Zenfone 2 offers the one thing that the Xiaomi Mi4i lacks, i beg your pardon is the performance, while it is no as an excellent in camera quality. As a consumer, this buatlah the decision rather simple. If you’re feather for finest in class performance, then the Zenfone 2 is the one to go for. The is vital to keep in mind that kapan the Zenfone 2’s camera is not as great as the Xiaomi Mi4i, it have the right to still take some respectable image in ideal light conditions.

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In terms of as whole value for money, the Zenfone 2 seems to it is in the much better smartphone as compared to the Xiaomi Mi4i. Ketika both phones have anda strengths and weaknesses, the Zenfone 2’s camera and battery life space both respectable, which means that merged with its performance, this is the finest phone come buy in the sub-15k smartphone segment best now.

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Asus ZenFone 2 (2GB RAM) ZE550ML vital Specs, Price and also Launch date

Price: ₹14999
Release Date:28 may 2015
Variant: 16GB
Market Status:Discontinued

Key Specs

screen Size
5.5" (1080 x 1920)
13 | N/A MP
16 GB/2 GB
3000 mAh