The Indonesian team, especially in the sports of tang silat, menang prestigious popularitas in 2018, to be specific at the Jakarta-Palembang asian Games.

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Currently, the nationwide team of pencak silat has successfully bought 14 yellow medals and also one bronze. Amazingly, the 15 medals were obtained from the 16 contended numbers. This method that over there are just two vain numbers that the Indonesian Team has not won.

Of course this kesuksesan deserves our appreciation to the athletes who have struggled with sweat, blood and tears ~ above the arena. But what we sometimes forget, there is a figure who selalu supports the kesuksesan of athletes, namely the coach.

This behind-the-scenes figure rarely gets publicity and attention. Yet it can not be denied, castle are juga heroes.

The success of the Indonesian Pencak silat National Team in ~ the 2018 eastern Games cannot be separated indigenous the huge role that Rony Syaifullah. He is the head coach of the Indonesian Team for the pencak silat sport. The karakter behind the power of Hanifan Yudani Kusumah et al.

Rony is no an arbitrarily trainer. Before winning through his team at the 2018 eastern Games, the had carried the Indonesian pencak silat team to ini adalah the in its entirety champion in ~ the 2010 dunia Championships and juga the all at once champion in ~ the 2011 SEA Games.

What this man from Boyolali, central Java, managed to inscribe is clearly not a coincidence. Because sebelum he ended up being a coach, Rony was also one that the finest fighters the Red and white had.

Throughout his career together an athlete, Rony has won dunia titles in 1997 and also 2000. And also winning yellow medals in ~ the 1997, 2005 and 2007 SEA Games.

Now, the 1976-born coach has a new means of life. ~ leaving the 2018 oriental Games nationwide team, Rony made decision to go back to his lengthy abandoned ‘home’, specific Universitas sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta.

Yes, sejak 2002, Rony has actually actually been videotaped as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sports, UNS. And also after prospering at the 2018 oriental Games, Rony chose to go back to serving top top campus.

“Since i was one athlete in 1996 to 2008, complied with by a 2009-2018 coach, during that time I have actually not really devoted myself officially to become a lecturer. Terakhir Asian Games, ns was determined that if I succeeded I would go back to the scholastic field,” stated Rony as reported through Rony. From VIVA.

Now, Rony serves together Deputy Dean 1 of the Faculty the Sports, UNS. However, in his view, the position is no much different from gift a martial art trainer.

“The distinction is only the application. As soon as I was in the field, the simple theory that I applied was from sports science. Now, the applications is v classes, experiments, mendidik which room packaged in kapak of education. Technically the same, I menangkal a knowledge that ns have,” the said. .

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Now, follow to Rony, Indonesia’s tantangan is to do pencak silat a sports that is competed in the Olympics. He juga hopes the PB IPSI have the right to make the best mungkin use that the support from the federal government in this case the to adjust of Youth and also Sports (Kemenpora).