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Avenged Sevenfold - So much Away (Official Music Video) text (.LRC)

<00:01.80>Never feared because that anything, never chained but tidak pernah free<00:07.70>I do the efforts to cure the damaged love through all i could<00:13.80>Lived a life therefore endlessly saw beyond what others see<00:20.20>I make the efforts to cure the broken love v all ns could<00:26.60>Will friend stay<00:29.60>Will you remain away forever<00:33.10>How carry out I live there is no the ones ns love?<00:39.00>Time still transforms the pages the the publication its burned<00:45.40>Place and time always on mine mind<00:51.40>I have actually so much to say however you"re so far away<00:58.80>Plans of maafkan saya our hadiah hold<01:01.50>Foolish lies of growing old<01:04.40>It appears we"re so invincible<01:07.10>The truth is so cold<01:11.00>A final song, a terakhir request<01:13.80>A perfect chapter taruh to rest<01:16.90>Now and kemudian I try to discover a location in my mind<01:23.40>Where you can stay you have the right to stay wake up forever<01:29.90>How perform I live there is no the ones i love?<01:35.70>Time still turns the pages of the publication its burned<01:42.20>Place and also time always on mine mind<01:48.20>I have actually so lot to say however you"re so much away<01:54.90>Sleep tight, I"m not afraid<02:01.00>The ones that us love are di sini with me<02:07.50>Lay away a location for me "cause as shortly as I"m done<02:15.90>I"ll be on my method to live eternally<02:52.20>How carry out I live without the ones i love?<02:57.80>Time still transforms the pages the the book its burned<03:04.60>Place and also time selalu on my mind<03:10.20>And the irradiate you left remains however it"s so hard to stay<03:16.70>When I have actually so much to say and also you"re so far away<04:28.70>I love you, you menjadi ready<04:31.80>The pain is strong and urges rise<04:41.90>But I"ll view you when He allows me<04:44.90>Your pains is gone, your hands are ****<04:54.20>So far away and I require you come know<05:07.10>So much away and I require you to need you come know<05:20.10>
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