Ayu Ting Ting"s Ex-husband Is senang To Be given Permission To fulfill Daughter, but There space Conditions
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JAKARTA - Ayu Ting Ting"s ex-husband Henry Baskoro Hendarso alias Enji really hopes to meet his daughter again. End time, Ayu Ting Ting began to soften.

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"If ns remember the past, I"m quiet hurt, right. Youngsters are getting older and also can uncover out because that themselves from digital tracks. The can"t it is in aoksavingmoney.comded. Actually, over there is no attempt to fulfill them indigenous the other side," Ayu stated on the house of Wendi YouTube channel, quoted Thursday, September 2nd.

Hearing the news, Enji said he was happy. Enji enthusiastically invited the untuk merencanakan to fulfill his daughter, Bilqis Khumaira Razak. His lawyer, Denny Karel, claimed that Enji hopes to satisfy Bilqis in the close to future.


"If this is true, he welcomes it v joy. He desires to meet in the close to future, he is ready," stated Denny Karel as seen from the Indosiar Hot masalah YouTube channel, quoted Monday, September 6.

Enji is all set to monitor his ex-wife"s schedule to pick a time and also place to accomplish his daughter. "When and where, it"s up to her," that said.

According come Denny, the discourse to bring Enji and also Ayu bersama had actually started to appear two years ago. However, this walk not occur until Ayu"s explain appeared allowing Bilqis to meet Enji.

"Don"t permit this discourse repeat itself like terakhir year," Denny hoped.


Ayu Ting Ting admitted that she would enable her daughter Bilqis to fulfill Henry Baskoro alias Enji if she daughter want to. So Bilqis"s desire is the main requirement.

"Actually, it"s fifty-fifty. Ns can"t it is in selfish if she (Bilqis) desires to accomplish (Enji). I will accompany her," Ayu stated on the house of Wendi YouTube channel, quoted Thursday, September 2.

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Ayu Ting Ting admits the she is gaining older and also puts the understanding of kids as her key goal in life. "When it pertains to meeting, the older ns get, the much more I can accept everything. We tidak pernah know, right, who untuk mengetahui it will be well in the future," she continued.

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