yahoo.co.id. ABSTRACT Language together a communication alat has the potential to be tangan kedua as a means to express whatever that exist in a person, either in the form of feelings, thoughts, ideas, and also wishes he had. Language also reflects the nationwide character is usually a symbol of the identification of that is speakers. Throught the language the humans. It can understand the character, desire, motive, edukatif background, masyarakat life, relationalships and the traditions of men. Similarly, the Indonesian together a character of the Indonesian nation. Indonesian grow and also develop indigenous the malay language sice ancient times been used as a lingua franca (lingua franca) not only in the archipelago, but tambahan in almost every one of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the state that Indonesia from Sabang come merauke, there are rakyat with a range of ethnic groups, languages, cultures, regions and also customs, and other diversity are regarded from farious aspects. Therefore, the indonesian youths who space members that association movements consciously lifted into Indonesian malay language, which came to be the language the unity it bacause indonesian has a role in his capasity together the nationwide language, namely: (1) together a alat or a method to unite the perbedaan ethnic groups, (2) together a price af national identity or nasional identity (3) together a price of national bride, and also (4) as a tool or method of interregional and also intercultural interaction area. Kemudian the role of indonesian in his capacity as the state language, namely: (1) together an resmi language of the state, (2) together a language in laws and regulationals, (3) as the means developers of scientific research and modern technology (Science and also Technology) and also culture, and also (4) as a language that intruction in education. Indonesian together the national language that Indonesian, a proof of unity and also solidarity to satisfy the obstacles of pluralism, an especially in lingustic diversity. Key words: Language, Malay, Indonesian


Anda sedang menonton: Bahasa indonesia sebagai bahasa persatuan indonesia yang merupakan bahasa dari daerah


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