Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport (Indonesian: pesawat terbang Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie) (IATA: PLW, ICAO: WAFF), formerly Masowu Airport, is an airport close to Palu, a city in the province of main Sulawesi top top the pulau of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The airport was inaugurated in October 1957 through Indonesian President, Soekarno. The new terminal was opened up on 13 April 2014. This name was provided by the president during his visit to pembusuk on October 10, 1957, as a membentuk concerns. The airplane is located roughly 5 km Southeast from the city center. Central Sulawesi government, is gift recast this airport right into an worldwide airport in watch of the high interest of the populace in main Sulawesi to air transport.

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A brand-new terminal which has 3 aerobridge to be inaugurated ~ above April 2014, replacing the old terminal, which has been demolished come make means for the apron of the brand-new terminal. The Airport now able to provided much better and comfortable atmosphere for its passengers.

trip Destinations

Airlines and also destinations connecting to Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport:

Airline Name
Batik Air Jakarta–Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta, Makassar
Garuda Indonesia Jakarta–Soekarno–Hatta, Makassar
Kalstar Aviation Toli-toli
Lion Air Jakarta–Soekarno–Hatta, Makassar, Balikpapan, Surabaya
Sriwijaya Air Balikpapan, Makassar
Susi Air Rampi, Seko
wing Air Ampana, Gorontalo, Luwuk, Makassar, Tarakan, Toli-toli
Xpress Air Buol, Luwuk, Poso, Toli-toli

publik Transportation

Taxi services: berbeda taxi and private automobile services are provided by numerous organization providers outside the come hall.

car Park: There are plenty of vehicle parking space within berjalan distance external the terminal.

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keahlian Specification

The airplane is situated at one altitude that 86 meter (282 ft) over sea level, has a paved surface that the runway designation number 15/33 measure 2,067 x 45 meters so that a 13/31 measure 2,750 x 45 meters, capable of dealing with Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

call Information

Jl. Abd. Rahman saleh Palu Selatan, Birobuli north Palu Sel., town Palu Sulawesi tengah 94111 Indonesia Tel: +62 451 481702

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