Hai Sobat kali ini kita membahas item Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8, SMP/MTs, lima 2020-2021, fullest soal PG / karangan unutk kurikulum 2021 pelajaran IBI, semester 1 dan 2.

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Bahasa Inggris kelas 7,,,, Bahasa Inggris sebagai mata pelajaran yang sering di jumpai disekolahan SMP dan MTs atau sekolah menengah duluan negeri dan swasta, semester 1 dan 2, dan kami memberikan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 8.

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oksavingmoney.comntoh Soal pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan benar soal-soal berikut ini!

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1. Asked among his friends to tolong him lug his books … The ideal expression is.

a. Execute you want to membantu me lug these books? b. Ns can help you c. Ns will membantu you d. I hope I can


Texts for oksavingmoney.comncerns 2 oksavingmoney.comme 4

To: Beni YOU will BE invite Please pertained to my 14th date of birth party apa was done on: Saturday November 8, 2013 3-5 points Mentari home Jl. SermaMuchtar No. 97

Please panggilan (0261) 2200102 love lina

2. That is invited to the party?

a. Beni b. Dani c. Santi d. Bani


3. Exactly how old is Lina?

a. Thirteen b. Fourteen c. Fifteen d. Sixteen


4. Once will and party be watched what.

a. Wednesday- might 5- 2013 b. Friday 7 2013 c. Thursday 6 2013 d. Saturday 8 2013


Texts for oksavingmoney.comncerns 5 oksavingmoney.comme 8

My granny is a an extremely gentle, loving and kind person. He is tall and thin. He tidak pernah raised his suara to anyone. The looks ~ me as soon as mom and also dad go to work. Mine mother and father gain money for our lives. So also though I invested time through Grandma, i really love her.

Grandma likes oksavingmoney.comme tell stories before going oksavingmoney.comme bed. He generally talks around my grand too. He died. My dear grandmother always said an excellent things around her. He when told me that my grand was the best orang he had ever before met.

5. The writer tells around …

a. Grandparents b. His grandmother c. His grandchildren d. His grandfather


6. Mine grandmother is a an extremely gentle, affectionate, and also kind person. The underlined word has actually the same meaning as …

a. Really nice b. Ugly c. Bad d. Wise


7. How is Grandma’s body?

a. She is gentle b. He is a good rakyat c. He is tall and also thin d. He is a love person.


8. As soon as will you oksavingmoney.commpose a fairy tale?

a. Sebelum the writer goes oksavingmoney.comme sleep b. Sebelum he passed away c. As soon as the writer’s parents go to occupational d. If he kekuasaan money


9. Beggar: “I’m really thirsty. Execute you have actually something?

for drink “ Diana: “…” Beggar: Yes, please. Thank you an extremely much “

a. This is a cake because that you. B. Yes, execute you desire a glass the lemon tea? c. This is bread for you. D. I don’t eat sandwiches.


Texts for questions 10 through 13

Mr. Warsidi has actually a garden in his garden and also likes to occupational there. He claimed it was fun. This day he plants flowers in the garden. There is juga an old mango tree in the yard. He always cut leaves and also twigs to care for him. He said that flower need much more sun. Pak Warsidi regularly puts his youngsters in joint administration of the park. In this method you will understand exactly how you can defend your environment. Many rakyat told Pak Warsidi just how beautiful the park was.

10. Maafkan saya is Pak Warsidi’s hobby?

a. Gardening b. Cycling c. Fish reoksavingmoney.comrding d. Read


11. What tree does he have actually in the yard?

a. Orange b. Mango c. Apologize d. Lime


12. What about Pak Warsidi’s garden?

a. Need an ext sun b. The is great c. It is not in an excellent oksavingmoney.comndition d. That’s an extremely big


13. Mr. Warsidi … has regularly helped him maintain the park.

a. Kids b. The neighbor c. Old guy d. Friend


14. This message tells us around …

a. Basketball tournament b. Sporting activities Day c. An exciting game d. Independence


15. How numerous sports room specified in the text?

a. 3 b. 4 c. Lima d. Six


15. This announcement is for.

a. Students b. The teacher c. Client d. Azam


17. Lina: I desire you to oksavingmoney.comncerned my date of birth party tonight. Aliana: “… I have actually a the majority of homework.”

a. Very great b. I agree through you c. Sorry, I have the right to not. D. That is a good idea


Texts for inquiries 18 through 20

Ma’am, I borrowed a warna hitam suede clutch and two next pockets. I require it because that Bima’s birthday party tonight.

18. Give thanks to you really much daughter

Who oksavingmoney.commposed the short message.

a. Princess b. Mommy c. Prefer milk d. Princess’s friend


19. The bag has … a pocket.

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4


20. Who has a birthday party.

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a. Mom b. Prefer milk c. Daughter d. Friend Bima


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oksavingmoney.comntoh Soal Essay:

Crooksavingmoney.comdile … hungry. GoHe … gold in the box “My dress is beautiful,” that saidMy father … this morning in his office.You … visited my party last SundayMy younger brother feels happy when he is … in ~ the beachQueen … oksavingmoney.comme in the woodland … You witnessed the show yesterday? swimming buy it … doing she homework because she’s lazy ns really did a oksavingmoney.comncert … terakhir night

Sekian sobat Soal Bahasa inggris Kelas 8 tingkat SMP/MTs Semester 1 dan 2, 2020-2021. Semoga item kami dapat bantuanhalaman dan bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Begitu banyak, begitu banyak dan terima kasih.