Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu with husband, Chinese hotelier Wang Xiaofei, in 2017. They have actually been married dari 2010.PHOTO: huge S STUDIO/WEIBO

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TAIPEI - Actress Barbie Hsu (Meteor Garden, 2001) said Taiwanese tabloid Apple day-to-day on Saturday (June 5) the she is in the midst of divorcing she husband, Chinese hotelier Wang Xiaofei.

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The news came after grandfather Wang, 39, do several articles on Weibo the harshly criticised Taiwan in irradiate of berita that two shown Covid-19 cases from the pulau had boarded a airplane that landing in the Chinese city of Xiamen.

But that seems like the berita may just be a lovers" spat blown the end of proportion as the 44-year-old Taiwanese actress" mother and manager have come out to refute her claims of divorce.

Hsu"s mother told to apologize Daily: "Barbie just said part words that anger. Maafkan saya divorce is she speak about? I will calm her down. Barbie and Xiaofei both care deeply about dari mereka children and also I will tell them both come bear v it for the moment."

Though she did no say why the couple fought, she revealed the Mr Wang had wanted his wife and also two kids - a daughter aged seven and a kid aged lima - to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine in China. Hsu, however, feeling that untuk merencanakan was too much trouble and also decided to stay placed in Taiwan instead.

Mr Wang posted on Weibo soon after berita of the divorce surfaced, writing: "I was really worried about my household so I claimed some points that menjadi not really nice. It"s simple to gain agitated throughout this pandemic periode and I mengharapkan my family members will it is in safe and sound."

Hsu"s manager said Apple Daily: "They hanya had a fight. Which couple doesn"t fight? It"s no a large deal."

Hsu and Mr Wang met in 2010 and tied the knot the year. Their marriage made headlines as she has long to be a famous actress ketika he was kemudian known as among the four Young masters of Beijing - a term used to describe sons of 4 famous and wealthy business man in the city.

Mr Wang"s mom is a effective restaurateur who established the luxury South beauty beauty chain the eateries.

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The couple celebrated anda 10th wedding anniversary in March and also he posted pictures of the celebration on Weibo. 

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