Barcelona's Lionel Messi celebrates after scoring his side's opening goal throughout the Spanish La koalisi soccer match in between FC Barcelona and also Athletic Bilbao in ~ the Camp Nou stadion in Barcelona, Spain, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021.AP



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The leak of Lionel Messi’s multimillion dollar contract has carried attention to the high lot of taxes soccer players salary in Spain, prompting the league to progressive concerns around the departure of its optimal stars.

Details that Messi’s 555 million euro ($671 million) contract over four seasons dulu released through the El Mundo newspaper top top Sunday, upsetting the club and also instigating the promise the lawsuits.

The contract made headlines everywhere, and also Spanish league ketua Javier Tebas took the possibility on Monday to underline the high lot of taxes owed by Messi. He noted that the argentina great needs to pay about 270 juta euros ($326 million) in taxes for his contract, nearly fifty percent of that value.

Tebas said that in Italy, because that example, a player with a similar contract would need to pay around 135 million euros ($163 million) in taxes.

“We will have actually an exodus that talent to other countries,” Tebas wrote on Twitter. “The (league) will lose players who membantu generate 1.37% that the country’s GDP and an ext than 180,000 jobs.”

Tebas has long criticize Spain’s tax requirements for soccer players, saying they put the organization at a disadvantage in ayunkan negotiations. He has actually pushed for the Spanish government to change some that its taxation rules that might scare some players away. Rules in Italy and France are considered less strict on players 보다 in Spain.

Local tax authorities in spain have been going after ~ soccer stars in recent years, accusing numerous of lock of fraud over just how they have taken the local laws, especially regarding image rights. Authorities amped anda monitoring of players’ tax filings and also have been produksi a allude of bringing fist to alleged irregularities.

Messi self was convicted of taxation fraud in spanyol in 2017, receiving a 21-month suspended prison sentence that ended up as a fine. Cristiano Ronaldo and also Neymar juga were among the numerous players target by authorities. Neymar left for perancis club Paris Saint-Germain and also Ronaldo for Italian team Juventus. José Mourinho to be investigated too for the moment he to be coach of real Madrid.

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